Hey guy's,

here some portrait studies I’ve done today. To use color is very hard for me at the moment.

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Can’t sleep so I sketched a bit. 

Beside all my fundamental things I have to work on right now. I have to get more into costume design too. 

It feels like everything I do is generic and boring, there are no fresh designs or cool ideas. :/

 Aaaarghh so much tooo learn!

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Hey guy´s,

I began some visual Dev. for weapon designs. This one should be very organic and with a flow, action-line movement.
At the moment it's just about flow, shape, colors, form ideas. The Next step will be the function concept, how to use the weapon.

After that I try to model one of them in 3D at the end. 

Want to use them in my portfolio.

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Hey guy's,

I tried to rework the values on this painting.
It's far from finish but I think it goes very well.

Thx again Mr. Who for giving me all the good advice.

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No problem. It looks much more considered and focused. I'm not going to add more feedback as you develop it, I think you should just push it as far as you can yourself and see what results.

I will suggest that the distance between bottom of nose and top of lip on the main guy is in reality much smaller than we tend to instinctively draw it. I still suffer from this problem myself. Either the nose is too short or the mouth too low. You might want to have a look at that before you develop the render since I believe you're going for a more realistic and less stylised outcome. Reference the rib cage and abdominals of the torso. That bottom of rib cage landmark we can see is very bulky, too low and looks swollen. Reference what you can't resolve before you render further.
Keep it going

Hey guy's

long time no posts here.

Just paint at my spare time on personal projects at the moment.

For this post I have a new painting I did the last days. Inspired by the Black Metal Band "Asagraum".
I don't call it done yet.

The second one I redraw the whole center Character. I thought the old version were boring and didn't transfer the feeling I have in my mind.

Both paintings are not finished, hope I can get some advice from you.

greetings Max

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"Spreek ik in vreemde tongen
De woorden van het kwaad" -Asagraum

Portrait inspired by Hanna van den Berg

Full size at my Artstation

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Didn’t post here anything for a while. 
So here some of my latest works.

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Hey guys,
Just experimenting with aqua graphite Pulver. I really like the handling of it. 
I will definitely do more of them in the future. 

Also I tried to carve a stamp with my logo to sign my future pictures.

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