Sketches of a rambler
Hey guys! 

Zorrentos: Thank you! Yeah I'm trying to just draw and have fun when I'm not aiming at finished illustrations. So to not lose steam. Haven't been drawing actively in many years, so just trying to keep at it. 

cgmythology: Thanks! :) 

Rottenpocket: Hey! Thanks for the feedback much appreciated! I went out and bought an eraser pen actually and I have to say it makes a biiiig difference. Can't believe I never used one before. 
I like ballpoint too, but mostly as practice because you can't erase so you have to be careful with your lines and so on. I do prefer pencil sketches over ballpoint though, just think it looks prettier. :) 

Ben Nissen: Hey! Thanks for your comment and feedback! Much appreciated. I think Bridgeman's cool, great method, I just don't like his style much, but I need to learn to structure like that. 
Yeah shadows are tricky, I'm so lazy I always second guess them by not deciding light source heh

Here are some sketches from last couple of months. I haven't had too much time to draw because of life but I've at least kept it going. 
More to come hopefully. Starting to miss digital painting a little bit, might give it a stab soon. 
Sry about the phone pics, I don't have a scanner any more. :/

[Image: februaridump20.jpg]

Hi guys, 

Decided to experiment with ink a little more anyway. :) 
I wish I had the same intuitive sense for drawing people and things in general as I seem to have with tentacles. hah
[Image: februaryink.jpg]

There no such thing as intuition and if it exist it not as been significantly demonstrated yet.

So listen to this what is necessary to draw anything is to understand how to simplify anything to it most basic geometric equivalent.This mean you need but a few skill such as drawing straight line ,curve and ellipse and an understanding of perspective and being able to choose the closest geometric form to be use to start extrapolating from.The artist as already been stabbing at the problem of simplification for a long time now .Take a look at this sketchbook for that the kind of dedication to simplification that will make this thing a walk in the park for you.You can find different method of simplification if you know what to look for and take the time to look for it.It not going to fall from the sky let me tell you that.

You already show that you understand this so just don't get frustrated those are not easy subject matter the human body morph as it change pose the muscle specially so they are the thing i would say are very important to understand from a behavior point.You want to understand what part will strench and what part will bludge.The rest is mileage and logic.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
May I proffer a solution - people with tentacles.


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