Jeremy's Sketchbook
Hey everyone, I'm back after a many-year hiatus from drawing a lot. I started my journey on the old conceptart. org forums and now I decided I need to push myself forward again and get the rust off! I look forward to all of the feedback you all give me, and I can't wait to see how much we all progress together.

Here are a few of my older sketches and pieces for reference of where I'm kind of at right now.


I'll probably post about once a week in here so it's not a shit-ton of smaller posts, but this post marks my first post of new studies; getting back to fundamentals to get the rust off.

I notice especially in digital drawing, my hand-eye coordination and line fidelity is really rusty more than anything, so my lines and perspective and stuff are pretty rough and wonky. Hoping a lot of drawing will amend that soon. In these two sketches I'm mainly focusing on refreshing my understanding of form basics. Thinking about simple lighting, halfway to black, etc. Really just trying to get command over simple forms again before I try tackling more complex stuff.

Hey Jeremy, glad to see you resuming your craft again.  Really great stuff here, love the variety of studies and subject matter covered so far.  The last two studies in particular are very nicely done, excellent tones and values there, and lighting is on point as well.  Keep it up, and looking forward to seeing you progress even further!

Hi and welcome to CD,

I was a ConceptArt forum dood for quite a while too. Glad to see you back at it.

Looks like you're very capable and I'd bet it won't take long to shake off any rust.

Looking forward to seeing you grow

Conceptart gang unite! Gonna be fun to see what you post, great stuff so far.

Another old soul from the times finds his way back! Nice selection of diffirent art styles! Hope you'll keep it up!


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