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Over a million years ago I had a sketchbook here with a different account. I can't remember email or username or anything haha, so since I've started lurking again recently I figured it would be appropriate to recreate my sketchbook. Kicking it off with a sketch from tonight and some other studies. Any comments and critique on things is greatly appreciated so don't hold back if you have any thoughts.

Best wishes! ^ u ^

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Nice studies. Really enjoy the way you solve edges!

Wow awesome stuff so far, the portrait is beautiful. I can tell you have some good drawing skill

Nice painting, I love the colors
Great studies here. Love how you handled the skin tones with the portrait painting, very impressive!

@one-two: Thank you!

@JosephCow: Many thanks Joseph!

@Kilillian: Thanks!

@Cgmythology: Thanks man!

I continued a bit on my latest portrait and somehow it's turning into one of my world of warcraft characters. Been way too deep into that game recently heh.

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Ooh i like where this is going a lot! The firey pauldrons are *chef's kiss*

Great precision and a good result!

@JosephCow: Thanks man :D They are referenced from World of Warcraft.

@one_two: Thanks dude! 

Some recent tings. I never draw women pretty much so it was a fun challenge to attempt it. Attached is also the beginning of a Sargent study with the preliminary drawing as well. It's hard to not fall into the just-copy-what-you-see-mode and not really reflect upon what you're actually doing. Oh well. For this one in particular it's been mostly how to efficiently take something from a sketch stage into fleshing things out a bit more with full values and color which felt quite intuitive. Hopefully I can do this with my personal work as well.

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I really enjoy what I'm seeing so far. Really nice brushstrokes!

Lovely Sargent portrait. Not familiar with that one. Were the values that light? I know there's more contrast to his works.

Looking very nice here. I love how you have that aesthetic of a classic painter fused with fantasy elements. Looking forward to more!

The bad thing about what i am seeing is only good comment.To me that mean you gotta push harder i don't blame the people here for the sked welcome but i understand people want to make you feel welcome same for me i am just straight to the point.You voiced yourself that drawing more women was something outside of your wheel hourse so consider continuing on that path.I don't see any drapery so it might be a nice addition to the sketchbook. Lastly since you seem more into character than anything less so far i think working on costume design can be something that would add more reason to see more of the body no need to do full character if it not your thing but like let say from hip to the top of the head.

What ratio would you say you spend painting vs sketching?
What rato do you spend studying vs drawing?

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Great updates! Your images are nicely constructed and I'm really enjoying your confident brushwork, gives them all a very professional feel. Your warcraft-esque portrait is coming out quite nice, loving the armor design and choice in colors there! Keep it up!

@one_two: Thanks! :) 

@Ballpoint: Thank you! It's Sargent but this kind of work wasn't as commercially successful and I think he did paintings like this mostly for himself. Search for "Sargent male study" and you'll find tons of sketches and paintings of quite sensual male subject matter, and most people have no clue. As for the contrast it's really hard to find good resources on this one. I did find one after some more searching and according to that one I messed up the colors quite a bit and contrast was actually even lower hehe

@Damien Levs: Thanks Damien, I think some of my training is shining through.

@darktise: Thank you for your thorough reply! Yeah drawing women is definitely something I did more of previously, but since like 2 years i've exclusively drawn men and so it would be good to kind of pick up women where I left off. As for drapery, I definitely agree with you about that and costume design. Damn, design just in general is something I need to work on. As for the last two questions, are you asking how much time i spend on a preparatory drawing before I move into the painting part? Many thanks for the words, I really appreciate it! 

@Cgmythology: Thanks man :D The shoulder pads are directly stolen off of World of Warcraft. Been spending too much time in there... 

Posting with a little master study, same thing as with the sargent painting up there where I'm trying to find a good workflow going from drawing/sketch to actually painting and I'm finding my way in there. I also appreciated the subtle edges and values around her profile and wanted to capture that. More will come !

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''Are you asking how much time i spend on a preparatory drawing before I move into the painting part? Many thanks for the words, I really appreciate it! ''

No i am asking what proportion of your work you spend purely sketching vs purely painting.

That mean in a way do you consider yourself a painter or someone who do alot of work they don't necessary think as finish and we never see them post the content in there far as it shown so far i would say you are a painter more than a sketcher.

So the idea of the question is to see where you have to balance your craft.Sketching and painting both have there own strenght.

In people sketchbook we generally see study so far i wouldn't consider what presented as study but rather observation study the difference is that observation study are about reproducing something will study are about understanding art principle and apply them.What i am saying in a sense is that i have no metric to understand what are the intent.The progress is slower once you start to paint because you spend more time rendering and less time will seem to be spent trying to study about the principle of design it the trap of painting it make the viewer  thinking more about the rendering that let say a bunch of sketch where you can clear see a principle being apply.

But the problem is not necessary that you are not thinking about those principle but that the viewer as no information that you know those thing it for use to assume.

In my sketchbook for example i have a serie of environnement that showcase i been applying a principle over multiple thumbnail.( From page 11 to 16 if you need to better understnad what i mean.

All i am trying to say is a description of the goal of each piece and a bit of what you were thinking along with it goes a long way to get feed back that are going to help you push to the next level.But also that sometime it easier to understand what you are trying to do with quantity over quality.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Wow! Your portraits are beautiful — Keep up the great work

Great work with your recent study, very confident linework and brushwork as always!

great job with shape design and simplicity of your rendering.
your paintings look very organic and natural, and the lighting is working well.

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