Varbas new sketchbook/ still a noob
New sketchbook as I can not login or reset password to my old account, and Id like to start from start.
I will try to be consistent but mostly use this to motivate myself to do some more studies and stuff.
Now I'll just post few studies, I might post some imagination work some other day.

Welcome back! Have you been away for so long that you can't reset your password?
Do you have a particular goal in mind with your artistic trajectory?
I like the twisted rocks on the first image, especially those that I read as faces and people.
Still trying to process the three-beak bird...

Solid rocks (pun intended)! You seem to be getting a good variety of studies in, I don't have much to say besides keep up the good work + a couple of software tips in case you use PS to extract more knowledge, more quickly, from the studies.

When you want to push the light in a piece and don't want to accidentally ruin it, two soft light layers work wonders. Use a lasso tool for speed, and ctrl+h to hide the selection border so it won't distract you,keeping in mind the gray in the middle of white <> black range equals to 0; It won't change anything. Example:

It's also possible to quickly push the pose by using the same lazy lasso tool technique, but with Transform > Warp. This is not something you'll want to do every time or it'll become a vice, but it's useful for quick corrections and acclimating yourself to seeing your art with different flows and steeper angles, because sometimes they're scary.


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