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Full Version: Nat's Sketchbook
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Those life drawings look great! Do the people running the life drawing not use direct lighting?
@StardustLarva Thanks, I'll watch out for that, I often have trouble with making the head too big or too small.

@Orthrandir Yeah I had to do it, obvious influence is obvious ; )

@Adam Lina Thanks a bunch! It's usually a mix of natural light through large windows and some overhead florescent on only one side of the room vOv

Had to take a break in order to not fail my degree, but I'm back on point now I think : D Going to try posting daily again as it's great motivation. Anyway, here's an assortment of stuff from last month, mostly doodles and comfort zone stuff I tried to fit in around work, and a Rubens study from today.
Today's stuff! Some gestures, finished the master study, and some life drawing. Life drawing session was an animation-focused one so kinda out of comfort zone, but fun (especially the arms).
Battling a chest infection, lots of fun. Some life drawings (proportions are really off, was off my game today), and start of an illustration based on the master study. Was planning to finish it today but hopefully can get it done tomorrow morning instead.
Awesome. Rubens is one of my favorites. Wish I was in London because he has a huge exhibition going on at the moment. Really like how you turned your master study into imaginative work.
Loving the new stuff! Especially the master study! Keep going with those anatomy studies, they're definitely paying off! :)
@naive.super I wish I'd known that, I was there just last weekend!

@Othrandir Cheers man, I'm doing my best : D

Got a chest infection and had to rest, here's some stuff from the last week. Bit of a mixed bag including what was /kind of/ a study of Klimt.
It's been a while, I've been drawing a bit but not in a very productive manner, been swamped with uni work D: back to studies as soon as my project is over!

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I've managed to do.
Love the characters and the life drawing sketch! When are you going to try a full illustration?
@othrandir Thanks a lot : D This week I think! It's on my to-do list, has been for a while, been doing too many characters & portraits.

Here's a couple of doodles from this weekend.
Cool stuff! :) Watch out for proportions though :) The neck is a bit long on the first one
@Othrandir Ah yeah, I thought that while painting but didn't bother to fix it, thanks : D

Another doodle, uni work consuming my time, should have some more interesting stuff soon
a portrait and some wips \o/ feeling rusty on the illustration front
I'm back! Here's some anatomical stuff, a master study and a bunch of WIPs
Another WIP/sketch and a painting of myself for a Tumblr thing, was surreal to paint myself
Keep forgetting to update, here's some more stuff! need to get out of comfort zone
Nice stuff man, really like the colours you choose for these.
I just found on tumblr, I recognized instantly <3 Lovely faces! Rock on!
someone's faces are on FIRE!!!
@Triggerpigking Thanks! Colour is probably my fav part of painting : D

@Ursula Dorada Aww amazing! Thanks for following, love your work! <3

@Fedodika Aha, not literally I hope! (but thanks!)

I am in a horrific art slump/block, need to get my ass into shape. here's some comfort zone stuff, a gesture and a commission
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