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Full Version: Nat's Sketchbook
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Great work on those studies :D Keep it up <3
Loving the faces - very nice colors.
@Ursula Dorado Thank you!! <3

Welp, it's certainly been a while since I've updated, a tonne of stuff has been going on but I've found myself with a job at a game studio, doing 2D art, so I'm pretty busy! Here's a dump of personal/comfort zone stuff, need to get to grips with challenging myself again.
Sweet portraits/faces! Congrats at working at a game studio, that is SO cool! I can only dream that one day I'll end up somewhere like that.

Keep at it. Don't be afraid to explore your horizons! Thumbs_up
@Bookend Thanks a lot! Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll make it! : D

Here's a coupla WIPs... both these images are bothering me (particularly the portrait) so any crit is much appreciated!
Well it has been a while! A lot has been going on for me in life and work, but I'm not dead and I have updates! 8D I've been doing a lot of practise still, but not organised enough to post here, that is gonna change.

So here's a batch of studies from today, trying to deconstruct my subject matter, practising hair using Gurney and Sargent, and well, hands. Lemme know what you think, I'll be back soon!
Coupla bits and bobs from today vOv
In your earlier posts the foreheads look a bit small, but in the latest two posts that seems better. With the hands I have the feeling that most of them have a bit short fingers.
But overall good work, lots of studies!
@Eyliana Thanks for the comment! Yeah I think I'm working past the forehead issue, will keep an eye out for finger length though, thanks for the heads up :)

Some stuff from today; warmup self portrait, figure drawing, material studies and a face from imagination. Back again tomorrow!
Hey Eristhe,
Really like that black and white portrait! It's got a ton of confidence in it! Really impressive, it's the stuff I still can't do to this day.
Also, material studies did wonders for me, I highly recommend you knock out like 5 more of each material and it's like night and day.
Have a great day!
@badbaddog Thanks a lot! I still struggle with from-life stuff, I tend to be quite hestitant, but it's a great learning process. Gonna bump material studies right to the top of my list, so helpful! Have a great one yourself (:

Time got away from me, here's some bits and pieces! Trying to nail that line efficiency and confidence, painting with no eraser/ctrl-z, it's a challenge. And another material study + steps which might be helpful to others. Ciao!
Stuff from today! Another material study & process, some gestures and a sketch for a piece vOv
Forgot to update again, oops! All studies and some sketches. Feeling really dissatisfied with my line quality/ability so need to buckle down and work on that. Trying to push outside comfort zone.
Been ill but did a piece to apply some of my studies! ( :
I like your material and texture studies.

I saw somewhere some studies of some minerals of how to look like when the are still in the stone, when they are mined and how they look like when they are polished into a product, which could be a ring or a necklace or something. Maybe something you could try as well, if you like the idea of course :)
@Eyliana Thanks a lot! I'll have to try that out (:

Today's stuff! Studies, watching lots of videos about figure drawing, and a half-finished portrait with lighting experiments vOv
Finished that portrait & a couple more figure drawing pages!
Very cool stuff. The draperiestudies are amazing :)
@ketchup13 Thanks a lot! They were loads of fun : D

Stuff from today! Tried out the 8 minute drawing thing, was pretty hard, need a lot more practise. 1-2 minutes is optimal for me, less than that and I struggle to finish, more and I get fussy with line and accuracy. Other than that some wobbly hands, did some more work on that WIP from last month, quick material study from life and an unfinished face study vOv
Today's stuff! Trying out a new method, doing 4 drawings per ref for figures: study -> memory then study -> memory again. And for environments two studies then an imagination drawing. Otherwise did some more work on that study from yesterday. Did some hands too but on paper so can't show 'em. Seeya tomorrow!
moreee studies, finished the skin tone study. trying to really go for the study -> memory -> study method.
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