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Full Version: Nat's Sketchbook
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Still banging my head against a commission but couldn't resist a quick doodle for recent events : )
Wow, your improvement from page one till now is amazing. You made quite a leap!

In your last post, I love the colors and the texture of the skin. I'm not quite sure of the proportion of her right arm though, it seems too short somehow.

Hopefully your commission doesn't give you too much of a headache, so you can post more of your cool work. :D
@Baoto Thank you! It's been a while since I started the sketchbook, hopefully I can come further and faster soon :D Yeah her right arm is too short! Need to watch my arm proportions, they always seem to end up off.

Commission kicking my ass. Here's the WIP, and another sketchy thing. I have no idea why I have such a block over it but hopefully if I just keep working I'll break through
Hey man, I'm loving your stuff! Especially your brush strokes, your portraits are pretty strong although there are times where the anatomy/proportions are a little off. But otherwise I really like your stuff, and I'd love to see more.
hey milady ! just checked out almost your whole sketchbook, really loved how hard you work!
your gestures are so clean , you seem to capture it with simple lines , wich is very hard to do with the tablet. also loving your life drawing stuff. i really need to do one of those. its just that im unable to find some life drawing sessions here at my place. can you recommend any alternatives?

as for your Personal pieces. try to change it up. when you get stuck at something try working on the other wich i think youre already doing. always have references for inspiration. your sketchy style looks good try to have focal points sometimes though to acheive more dramatic effects.
@ZombieChinchilla Thank you : D I hope to be able to post more! And to work on that anatomy ha, it's a never-ending struggle

@KurtJeremy I'm glad you liked it, I try my best! If I remember correctly there are some on-line life-drawing resources, and some good videos on youtube that are made to imitate life drawing, though it isn't quite the same experience. I sometimes paint my own face as an alternative vOv

So at the moment I'm working on improving my line quality! And still on that other piece, hopefully it will be done soon.
Line quality is coming along nicely, keep it up.
Awesome sketchbok man.
About the asian girl (?) in the last update, give some extra time to rendering the forms that happen around your mouth and cheecks when somebody smiles, I know it's a girl and you are trying to have as few lines as possible, but you don't have to straight up draw the folds in the skin, you can keep it simple, because without those forms it feels like there's something lacking between the smiling mouth and the squinting eyes. Also not sure if it's intentional but the upperlip is generaly more concave, when you keep it straight it kinda feels like she has underbite.
Good job m8 :)
@crackedskull Thanks, I try! : D Need to attempt imagination stuff soon, but don't have the patience yet, ha.

@Gliger Thanks a lot! The advice on the girl's face was great, starting to tackle it, it's an uphill struggle and will need to do some studies I think : D

So I did a test portrait for smiling, oh boy was it hard. I think I got the mouth but looking at it now I need to look at the cheek/eye area some more, need to deconstruct some photos and study them. Did some more work on the other piece, feels like I'm moving forwards a bit more now. Still working on my lines and tried out some style stuff on an earlier sketchy portrait. I think I should probably do some drapery studies soon as I feel like I'm lacking (and just generally with my form, i've gotten lazy)
Today's stuff \o/ Standard figure and hand lines, screenshot study, portrait from imagination then another screenshot study for the lighting \o/ Feel like I could re-paint the portrait better now. Might do a piece based on my first study too, really liked the colours
Studies look great. It's nice that you did studies with minimum amount of lines :)

I kinda like the first painting of the chinese girl because it looks softer :D
Keep it up Eris.
@Prabu Thanks a lot : D I will do my best!

Here's a bunch of sketches, from life, from ref and from imagination. Need to address some of my proportional errors :')
Some stuff! \o/
Here's some stuff from today! Trying to make more of my figure stuff 'sink in' by doing 4 drawings of the pose, first one by eye, the second one measured, then two from memory/without the ref. Doing well at picking up my problem points : D Other than that just did a quick doodle for a friend and painted over an old portrait from a month or so ago to see how much I've improved, doing a lot better with value nowadays.
Hey, your stuff is looking pretty great! I'm especially liking your method of studying figures, I may have to a similar method. And your last portrait is especially impressive, very clean and nice. Keep posting!
@ZombieChinchilla Thanks a lot! : D The figure studying method is pretty fun, helps point out issues too

Studies from today c : mountains!
Some of your paintings are done with facsinating style. Keep posting more.


Nice work ! Keep going.
@crackedskull thanks! : D Will do my best!

@vini thank you! c:

It was my friend's birthday, painted her some booty. First time for everything. Serious posts later :')
A bunch of doodles and WIPs from today \o/
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