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Full Version: Zizka's Sketchbook (Nudity and Vulgarity, NSFW)
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Man I love your crosshatching, it's so clean!
Mucho thank you sir.

Today, I've tried to rework the walking animation of the crabigator based on Pocket's feedback. Added more frames whic had the result of slowing things down:

[Image: Lw4jN4c.gif]

and reworked the Kappa as well:
[Image: NNsOOCv.gif]

Not sure if having the head going sideways was a wise decision all things considered.
[Image: Jw8W0yG.jpg]

[Image: FeBLPch.png]

[Image: cgvE9BJ.png]

[Image: lIVHecx.png]

[Image: ziQB2oE.png]
[Image: NwMmGCM.png]

[Image: 1rnKnpf.png]

[Image: Hg6b7sI.png]

[Image: AwuFJl0.png]

Can you identify the cartoons used as references so far? You'd need to be a connaisseur as some of them are pretty obscure.
Those sketchbook pages are just amazing! You got a great sense of line control and cross hatching!
Thank you sir.

[Image: uLiHf9I.png]
[Image: eQOicMr.png]
[Image: 7M8pjYS.jpg]
[Image: QOZPEMr.png]
[Image: tkOqrK8.png]
[Image: mlKOYQf.png]
Dang that's some really cool calligraphy! At first I thought it was printed, but then I noticed the slight differences in letters (and the word squeezed in at the bottom of the first page lol) :)
(and the ink bottle bottom printed on the second page because I left it there after putting it in water...)
(07-20-2021, 01:48 AM)Zizka Wrote: [ -> ]July 19th is with Clipstudio. I haven't figured out how to rotate my canevas (without pressing keyboard keys) but I'm sure it's possible. I'd say the rendering is more accurate than Krita for now.
(On desktop) there should be two buttons at the bottom left. They're circle icons with arrows. There are also magnifying glasses to enlarge and reduce the size.

Edit: My bad, they're +- signs. But there are sliders and buttons down there to rotate and magnify.
Woah that some really awesome writing there
Thanks to both of you. Some cursive Russian and some Thai. And a poem from Shakespeare.
[attachment=123398][attachment=123399][attachment=123400][attachment=123401][attachment=123402][attachment=123403][attachment=123404][attachment=123405][attachment=123406]Hey how come my sketchbook is on top of the thing like stocked or something? Are my bribes finally paying off?
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