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Full Version: Zizka's Sketchbook (Nudity and Vulgarity, NSFW)
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Eh yeah it's a bit late on the color idea I guess! It's just an idea anyway. I imagine you could hit your mock up with a color layer just to see how it would look before changing anything.

I think the gesture of the new hand animation reads well. I kind of think the opening of the glove (the bottom) would be bigger in C and D based on the size in A and B. That would actually be easier to evaluate if it were animated.
As an animation, it currently looks off. The opening of the glove is still off (although I've tried to make it bigger). I think it's because my pivot isn't executed correctly.
[Image: 4UyIEMP.gif]

Another try:
[Image: sY77UoA.gif]
Yeah true you can see the opening kinda jiggles where the shape is inconsistent. It's almost there though
Hey Zizka i thought about you when i saw this studio if your looking for work maybe you could apply there.The great thing is you do pixel art.Maybe you just do drawing for funny anyways you can still check them out.
I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! Please help!  Shock

Here are the individual frames:
[attachment=124265] [attachment=124266] [attachment=124267][attachment=124268][attachment=124269][attachment=124270][attachment=124271]

@Darktiste: Thanks! Not sure my pixel art level is up par with the competition but it's good to know.
Sadly this isn't readable nor show anything.Next thime use the preview post function.
Weird, it's showing up when I press preview. I'll try again. Thanks for letting me know at least.
[Image: 7mnRgad.gif] [Image: kmevcQ0.png]

[Image: Ukj9LMx.gif]

[Image: 1tRPeSK.gif]

[Image: 1ADqtyO.png] [Image: ipKRopZ.gif][Image: ASWqqe4.gif]

Test, is this showing or not?
(04-20-2022, 05:13 AM)Zizka Wrote: [ -> ]Weird, it's showing up when I press preview. I'll try again. Thanks for letting me know at least.
[Image: 7mnRgad.gif] [Image: kmevcQ0.png]

[Image: Ukj9LMx.gif]

[Image: 1tRPeSK.gif]

[Image: 1ADqtyO.png] [Image: ipKRopZ.gif][Image: ASWqqe4.gif]

Test, is this showing or not?

You can try to view your post using an other device it might be better if the preview is misleading.Honestly i don't use much of the option offered just because of how sensitive the formating was during my experimenting.It seem they just added the insert into post option which might be link to the problem here.My best advise would be to keep it simple after all if we use forum it to communicate with other i suppose.
It works, that happens to me sometimes when editing and I have no idea why really. Welcome back! We should add some of these emotes to the forum lol. I would definitely use the fish, and monocle devil one.

I kinda agree I'm not so sure how the razor edge is working
Hey Joseph!

Yeah, I'm limited to a 22 px height. Depicting metal is also hard for me due to my lack of experience. I'll keep going at it. I wouldn't mind making smileys for Crimson Daggers. We don't really have a mascott though.

* * *

Another one:
[Image: 3Xz7TvO.png]

Regarding the fish, any way I could make it more readable? The shading on the back looks off to me, not very 3D. It's supposed to be a carp.

My issue with the razor blade is to render the metallic texture accurately.
[Image: F4MlkNt.png]
[Image: zEAAQs9.png]
[Image: uhvVjch.png]

Breathing mask:
[Image: nqdBlPQ.png]
[Image: PEhpvuJ.png]
[Image: QWQV9Oz.png]

Stop Sign:
[Image: bTxDmlE.png]
[Image: l26i5NZ.png]
[Image: sa03Pku.png]
[Image: LhZltSg.png]
[Image: C4yyTPh.png]
[Image: paR4H0s.png]
[Image: 4lThYvk.png]
[Image: Q2uUQrK.png]
[Image: 7907ItS.png]

[Image: 7eLa6Pw.png]
[Image: uCmAdwr.png]
[Image: r5ms4YE.png]
[Image: URjLYXZ.png]
[Image: nm7FkHz.png]

[Image: H02tCxk.gif]
[Image: 60mawTv.gif]
[Image: nf667oQ.gif]
[Image: Ti3kS2M.gif]
[Image: YUY5d9T.gif]
[Image: 5XElPzS.gif]

[Image: fEytVZP.png]
[Image: MXzUz58.png]
[Image: muS3g1k.png]
[Image: Wjl8NtO.png]
[Image: lfs8cay.png]

[Image: fv6E7db.png]
[Image: CUNtJ0W.png]
[Image: jtMwA06.png]
[Image: ygI1eqH.png]
[Image: l6O5sLZ.png]
[Image: mqYs3iX.png]
[Image: Fqpb3DM.png]
[Image: k8Llmu4.png]

Various style research:
[Image: Z6v3uNk.png]
[Image: qaJGAUX.png]
[Image: sTUaMxa.png]
[Image: XObcqA6.png]
[Image: myXR6j8.png]
[Image: 8mgGKGS.png]
[Image: 4fgNvVU.png]
[Image: ygGRffA.png]
[Image: OXecgRY.png]
[Image: kX8dDqm.png]
[Image: trEd3iO.png]
[Image: mYOTY6p.png]
[Image: JNCZdfp.png]
[Image: n6rgDKo.png]

[Image: lyE5Ejf.png]
[Image: 0uT4Ikg.png]
[Image: fEk2ej3.png]
[Image: mAs89gL.png]
Bump, ok, everything is there. Rip it apart!
Reworked the fish some:
[Image: QFil1zx.gif]
New Animations:
[Image: RuyAaxi.gif]
[Image: HUEk6X0.gif]
[Image: Mpzw8tk.gif]

This is a vulgar cartoon animation and may be shocking to some people so viewer discretion is advised):
Really dig the last animation you posted! It reminds me of a neckbeard arguing on reddit for some reason :D

Not much else to add except I think your pixel art is just gorgeous!
Thank you!

Anyone, feel free to criticize anything, always willing to improve.

Alien (there's a guy running at the bottom which is lost on the black background):
[Image: hM12Nit.gif]

[Image: KMUSdNw.png]
[Image: TucsEnH.png]
[Image: AAcmSrG.png]
[Image: 8K2x80p.png]
[Image: 2lXKBdx.png]
[Image: RiBzuXn.png]
[Image: InuJeqE.png]
[Image: yfLIid3.png]
[Image: e7uIyne.png]
[Image: Q99mZHI.png]
[Image: fdEN6Ww.gif]
[Image: tJYLnsk.gif]
[Image: 3CdY8bN.png]
[Image: PMrjccg.png]
[Image: k8Dv6bd.png]
[Image: Ow8a4ON.gif]

[Image: cgez6Pa.png]
[Image: tHyDpIo.png]
[Image: ntc1V5n.png]
[Image: JdXrBEe.png]
[Image: jJCQGHA.png]
It so small it hard to critic just make sure to use contrast and make the silhouette read it more and advice than a direct critic of what you are doing.Also try to avoid silhouette that look like letter for example the bait can look like a J
It might be an issue with contrast, yes. I can see what's going on ok but then again I made them so I guess I'm not bery objective.

Another version of the Alien:
[Image: 2zIo8eO.gif]
More stuff:

[Image: DYBMRo6.png][Image: cTZhnAu.png]
[Image: Inu3cDx.png]
[Image: jc8sG9u.png]
[Image: 2skndBV.png]
[Image: d1aG855.png]

1.[Image: IzIy0J2.png]2.[Image: ibtMeml.png]3.[Image: wKd6GAY.png]4.[Image: ygeFyEm.png]5.[Image: WNagXXy.png]6.[Image: Y6ZOctR.png]7.[Image: TUh3X9b.png]8.[Image: jnyVijf.png]

And a new version of eyes-bleeding:
[Image: qXoZiE8.gif]

New version of It was Aliens in order to make it more concise:
[Image: zaAuVGn.gif]
Hey there, long time no see. I don't think Pixel Art is really the best place for Crimson Daggers but here's something I'd like criticism on:
[Image: MeOJzkO.png]

It's still wip of course and the reference is the angel of despair (the statue).
Hey, you're back! I think you're probably the only one doing pixel art right now, but it's okay. It looks good, is the angel crying blood, or is it a trail of blood leading up to her? That's the only thing I'm wondering.
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