Pushin' though hard times.
Oh boy it's a sketchbook.
[Image: 96534305.jpg]
[Image: 81779479.jpg]
[Image: 62309084.jpg]
[Image: 22680580.jpg]
[Image: 45262594.jpg]
[Image: 93210408.jpg]
[Image: 76144516.jpg]
[Image: 62118679.jpg]
[Image: 11441848.jpg]

A comission I did. It is just silly...
[Image: 93256451.jpg]

Wonderful work. :)

@M-rahsart: Thank you :blush:

[Image: 79845852.jpg]
[Image: 83972934.jpg]
[Image: 31622825.jpg]
[Image: 19673743.jpg]
[Image: 38916842.jpg]
[Image: 66859240.jpg]
[Image: 62555801.jpg]
[Image: 19841209.jpg]
[Image: 73862451.jpg]
[Image: 62091637.jpg]
[Image: 51342678.jpg]
[Image: 75548681.jpg]
Some new stuff.
[Image: 21512439.jpg]
[Image: 71482742.jpg]
[Image: 10402381.jpg]

[Image: 69220423.jpg]
those dragons are awesome! are those studies from pictures or something?

@Kike Rdz: Thank you :blush: The first three are movies scene from Harry Potter because I'm a huge loser. The red one with the gold is from my imagination.


[Image: 77458693.jpg]

[Image: 55037516.jpg]

[Image: 79096836.jpg]

[Image: 91661151.jpg]
Lololol studies and stuff
[Image: 49212022.jpg]
[Image: 96448451.jpg]
[Image: 29116123.jpg]
[Image: 46972375.jpg]
[Image: 63121859.jpg]

New Piece:
[Image: 22294350.jpg]
I just can't keep a sketchbook going. Even though it's not new year yet since it's so close to it I told myself to no only get this sketchbook going but also invest more time into this community. The Crimson Daggers gave me quite a lot and it's time to give some love back.

Here is the first step: Lets start with two studies:
[Image: qppo.jpg]
[Image: yx0v.jpg]
Today's update:
[Image: rmjr.png]
[Image: 69re.png]
Luna Lovederp
[Image: c23y.png]

And an older image I just wanted to add to this sketchbook. It's kain yo.
[Image: kc67.png]

That's all for today bye
Awesome updates!

That armored skeleton is wicked! Cool armor design, great expression, and the red cloak is really cool.

Really captured Luna's demeanor.

That last three clawed bad guy portrait is really good, too!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


@Tygerson: Thanks for stopping by. Sadly Luna's face is still very broken but faces is perspective is still a hard one for me :(

Clearing zones like indy jones yo.
[Image: dafr.png]
And a quick little sketch before bedtime:
[Image: kyg5.png]
Ooo Ooo, take this one to a more finished level ^^^^^^^

Looks really cool, I like it. Nice studies. Your killing it dude. :)

@Jaik: Thanks maaan :) Also which one do you mean the study or the sketch?

Sorry I've been terribly ill the whole week. So merry christmas to me :(
Carl Spitzweg study.
[Image: qsaa.png]
And another sketch
[Image: 4krx.png]
Also something I've finished I don't know why: ( It's an older piece but I never put it in my sketchbook)
[Image: rzmi.png]
Long study ohmy still not finished but I did what I could:
[Image: zyur.png]

And something I started but I just don't like. I'm going to redo it with a better composition and anatomy (hopefully):
[Image: aoe7.png]
Quick update: A short sketch
[Image: b3bw.png]
And some lion man knight whatever:
[Image: 1rkm.png]
Studies of major failure :( So much shame.
[Image: l9mg.png]
[Image: aejo.png]

And a personal piece yo:
[Image: orbb.png]
I got some nice advice from some internet people. So today I was focusing on my weaknesses
HANDS D: Can't show my pencil stuff but atleast here is a bernini study
[Image: ip4o.png]

I also did some logo and sketch designs awhile ago here is some of that: A skullgun thing and a biker bunny :)

[Image: wv1q.png]
[Image: w2wt.png]
Bernini study:
[Image: 2was.png]
And a character sketch:
[Image: vw89.png]

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