Waahh nice goals for the year! Do you count one page of hands as one anatomy study or each hand as one? And wtf you are improving with such a speed. I have to get back to drawing right now haha

thanks noodle :D

the hands don't count because i drew them last year which means
like 2 weeks ago ^^
but yeah, i will count them one hand as 1 study.


[Image: jo06mRT.jpg]
[Image: dQMx9aW.jpg]
[Image: hA34arg.jpg]
[Image: kRlQyK4.jpg]
[Image: 5PFAtI8.jpg]
[Image: HQbdsAu.jpg]
[Image: hMleNCU.jpg]
[Image: q1gtJAu.jpg]
[Image: LK9OhtZ.jpg]
[Image: T2hgXnn.jpg]
[Image: yg09Mvd.jpg]
[Image: OHAk6bC.jpg]
[Image: jWkuNy9.jpg]
[Image: fz22yUU.jpg]
[Image: jDxAURV.jpg]
[Image: bo1KnSs.jpg]
[Image: hpGjpKN.jpg]
[Image: 7xdXpzR.jpg]


[Image: Cf7cniu.jpg]

environmentdesign 2 3 and 4

[Image: 3UPpHgp.jpg]
[Image: XGyy4Zg.jpg]
[Image: bjvNuOX.jpg]

Nice studies Leonard, they look really useful for improving colours and values. Are you colour picking or guessing or doing both?

Keep it going fella!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

thanks man :)

most of the time i am not colorpicking,
i only colorpick if i really have trouble guessing the right color/value

some creature doodle inspired by chuvabak (Oleg Vdovenko)

[Image: Tyemqhe.jpg]
[Image: VxrAzLz.jpg]

That new creature looks pretty cool. It's kinda tripping me out tho O_o. The environment designs you did are looking great too. Keep it up :D.

I would love feedback on my Sketchbook
Wow! You have a really badass sketchbook. I'm really digging your environments. This makes me want to go study more environments! Keep up the good work, man!

thanks guys, really appreciate all the comments :)

here are some more studies, an environmentdesign, some lifestudies and a sketch of
some weird knight guy

[Image: CZR8uHH.jpg]
[Image: o0VDUSY.jpg][Image: 6QrOIDH.jpg]
[Image: C6r3P9A.jpg]
[Image: rlgmy7A.jpg]
[Image: TF1FMtF.jpg]
[Image: VZ3ijdf.jpg]
[Image: wxlqKwL.jpg]
[Image: yG2NTbf.jpg]
[Image: AYtCxfg.jpg]
[Image: KEGmHhK.jpg]
[Image: azkDAUT.jpg]
[Image: XkkKNTO.jpg]
[Image: IPvQBJz.jpg]
[Image: 34OgbmU.jpg]
[Image: 9WrBgKb.jpg]
[Image: yvv13tq.jpg]
[Image: VULL4Hi.jpg]

'entrance' :
[Image: ppvVkZY.jpg]

[Image: ofQQkND.jpg]
[Image: yBLgvie.jpg]
[Image: 7hbTLM1.jpg]

[Image: wxYru8J.jpg]

verehin gumroads 

[Image: pi06OjS.jpg]
[Image: SiTrXXU.jpg]
[Image: Z2FmKg9.jpg]

almost daily studies:

[Image: W9p5u3V.jpg]
[Image: Evp8Jua.jpg]
[Image: HpJxx0E.jpg]
[Image: RZqSRLA.jpg]
[Image: dlTKMfB.jpg]
[Image: L3VCmcD.jpg]
[Image: aWQIKVQ.jpg]
[Image: XcgyuCl.jpg]
[Image: HvOWj9v.jpg]
[Image: wlcMelP.jpg]
[Image: VCsLV88.jpg]
[Image: Q4MuyCx.jpg]
[Image: DKGyM8K.jpg]
[Image: NgV9nhk.jpg]
[Image: lQ4dh6j.jpg]
[Image: YnqqY83.jpg]
[Image: mmq4fst.jpg]
[Image: lA6LfI2.jpg]
[Image: Kq66d0z.jpg]
[Image: AMKEwS8.jpg]
[Image: OWBDNkx.jpg]
[Image: ZKIrDgp.jpg]
[Image: lnW3SjK.jpg]
[Image: YWKVdJL.jpg]


[Image: 3h2WxhO.jpg]

high res.:

I cant get over how good you have become! So much catching up to do gaahh

thank you :) you got it!

here is some stuff I forgot to upload

new environmentdesign ideas and
more verehin tutorial things, his tutorials are super helpful :)

[Image: c6u65jL.jpg]
[Image: M2sl7xt.jpg]
[Image: SvvexwF.jpg]
[Image: hLGhkvu.jpg]
[Image: Y01hmmW.jpg]
[Image: seQHu2L.jpg]
[Image: ZQvq6IL.jpg]
[Image: h7Dt7e6.jpg]

Damn dude, you've really improved throughout this sketchbook. Keep working hard!

One thing I'm noticing about some of your environment/landscape studies is a flat value range. Not all of what you posted suffer from this, but I see some environments that feel very flat and too graphic. While that's the good for a quick read, I think you'd benefit from slowing down and really fleshing a piece out.

Good work!

Really nice rendering and great character design!

yes , i need to work on that, although i think
a quick read is also pretty important :)

thanks alex :)

[Image: kLRp457.jpg]
[Image: turKMfT.jpg]
[Image: 4pdwhAj.jpg]
[Image: vkae7wR.jpg]
[Image: ftiiNft.jpg]
[Image: g21KpCC.jpg]
[Image: MoA210G.jpg]
[Image: IBGwApl.jpg]
[Image: ugix5Tq.jpg]
[Image: oUIP199.jpg]
[Image: SN4ymx0.jpg]
[Image: hpNha3X.jpg]
[Image: ViiHjCk.jpg]
[Image: dXWBetR.jpg]
[Image: gQsOFDB.jpg]
[Image: 5AjYtXQ.jpg]

some more rendering practice and a quick idea/sketch

[Image: 8zKLKcv.jpg]
[Image: Tq6VHGy.jpg]
[Image: uugpB9Y.jpg]
[Image: Q6T72zC.jpg]
[Image: aGMUQXo.jpg]
[Image: l76IIF5.jpg]
[Image: EQuTR7E.jpg]

some dragondesign thing for a challenge :)
got a bit lost in the detail, still not finished though

[Image: 3HVpDdn.jpg]

Wow dude, I'm impressed by the progress you've made since the start of your sketchbook! Keep going!

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thank you !

studies, selfportraits, environmentstuff and a creature/waterdragon

i am also working on a timelapse video for the environmentdesign :)

[Image: a8hw6WV.jpg]
[Image: wcO5O8g.jpg]
[Image: Uv07O8b.jpg]
[Image: VKVFYQK.jpg]
[Image: 5lcQBWZ.jpg]
[Image: iyF2ruU.jpg]
[Image: E0d0Vi7.jpg]
[Image: C5hTX7D.jpg]
[Image: xq7UH8x.jpg]
[Image: UzmqMbh.jpg]
[Image: 1tK5c5b.jpg]
[Image: kDAf3xC.jpg]
[Image: ZdaOC9t.jpg]

[Image: gQhKfjx.jpg]
[Image: rGgPNT4.jpg]
[Image: yfa5YzI.jpg]

[Image: VvUr7oB.jpg]
[Image: 2z21O70.jpg]

[Image: mpcZ4Zv.jpg]
[Image: hsnWp2n.jpg]
[Image: cdWA9kz.jpg]
[Image: wU3cVWt.jpg]

high res:

That rimlight is sexy as hell <3 ne im Ernst super Update. Bin immer wieder beeindruckt wie viel du schaffst. Ich sollte mir mal n Beispiel an dir nehmen.


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