Leo's odyssey into becoming a concept artist
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i haven't been productive lately
and i need to take responsibility for myself, i have a clear goal of 
entering the concept art and illustration industry this year!
There is a lot of stuff i need to learn and implement and every minute that's
spent being unproductive/procrastinating bugs me.

I need to work on my time management,
youtube has been more a waste of time than a good use of time for me
the internet in general is full of useless entertainment, social media too has become vaudeville.
I think i'm just gonna invest in spotify premium and use podcastsites instead of yt while working.

Next goal is to create my own project and use it for my portfolio.
3d is also an interest although not as much as 2d :)
almost forgot an important point, reading books!

I will post my progress on these goals here!

Thanks a lot, i will!

The hardest step is to close all distraction.But if i can advice something is to try to do let say periodic work and pause and stick to it.For example you work 60min you give yourself 20 minute .But the risk is to procastinate and not go back to work so best is to avoid youtube my advise is in those pause go to artstation.com and look at those people who are kicking your ass now if that doesn't motivate you to go back to work i don't know what will.Of course there a chance you get discouraged and procrastite looking at the amazing work but you cannot think you will reach there level without working your ass off.There also job opportunity on the site idk if you know that website.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Looking forward to seeing you fill up this sketchbook! :)

Just a small tip with distractions/procrastination - I found that logging off all social media on my computer has helped me so much. It really eliminates distractions. Also investing in Spotify is a great idea... you'll never go back once you've got it haha. If you haven't already give listening to classical music a go. It's easy to listen to and is supposed to help with focusing.

Anyway, best of luck!
@darktiste I used to track my time, that way i saw exactly how much time i spent drawing and painting
maybe i will start that habit again :) and yes thats very true, going down the rabbithole is very easy on youtube.

@chubby_cat thanks! that's a good idea i've never done that actually, yes spotify is nice allthough i like the playlists on youtube more but i think it'll be worth it!

starting with a little speedpaint for a facebookgroup, the theme was 'planning a heist'.
It turned out ok for being a 30 min painting. I'll post some of the concepts and ideas for my
project next week, some of them are still in early stages and i also want to take some time off on
the weekends so i don't burn out as fast.

[Image: eOdmaRF.jpg]

some designs for my project, spent time on the rendering the first one today

[Image: t5y6rXN.png]
[Image: YwjCrrh.png]
[Image: CIrfBFK.png]

Well that wonky anatomy i would say.Also the leak of foreshorting inform me your will be stuck with limited posing option.Like i heard in the past no amount of polish can fix a piece that isn't grounded in realism.I mean by that you need to know the rule to bend the rule.Such as anatomy cannot be simply invented it as to be the result of transforming the structure from pre existing skeletal structure muscle structure.Just take for example super hero no human can have those type of muscle but we still believe it because we see it as anatomically acceptable.Without the support of an anatomically correct underdrawing the rendering slide into improvisation.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
I know, like the whole arm area is still a mess on the masked creature :/
been working on this mouse warrior for the current characterdesign group challenge on
facebook, the pose is definitly challenging and i'm still not sure what type of
robot design i'm gonna give this little mouse :) but this one has been fun.

also did a little overpaint for a friend.

[Image: 6d2qUJu.png]
[Image: EWi58rP.png]
[Image: czsa4wu.png]

[Image: LYu9rxB.png]
[Image: EpNB7SP.png]

some zombie designs from last year i refined

[Image: G0GauMa.png]

Some personal paintings and an old piece i want to improve/change.
The last image is an old sketch i will maybe take further
also posting it here so i don't forget it haha

[Image: qnZ7MoS.png]
[Image: OD5kU59.png]
[Image: ETIOO7R.png]
[Image: BcTxfPx.png]

forgot to post this portrait study and the traditional drawings i've been doing for the last month,
it's fun and uncomfortable at the same time to draw people in public haha but i'm getting better at it.

[Image: su6sXFA.png]
[Image: bjNz2rt.png]
[Image: bt3FRoQ.png]
[Image: drtYA4t.png]
[Image: Cy0j7BD.png]
[Image: 8v1t8XG.png]
[Image: UULsxbi.png]
[Image: AcuA74f.png]
[Image: k9Yd1Vt.png]
[Image: SFCw3jo.png]
[Image: Yt9iXYx.png]

Lines are looking good man - really liking those observational sketches, but your depiction of form could use some work. Consider doing an extended value study, maybe a cast painting! Those work miracles
thanks! yes value studies are alway a good idea :)

just finished this speedpaint (30 min) for a fb group, time kinda ran out,
i painted the flowers in the last 3 or 4 minutes haha but im pretty happy
with the colors :)
[Image: ZEMbd37.jpg]

Don't got too much to post, there is a lot of stuff that needs to be finished.
Anyway, here are some sketches from imagination from today.

[Image: DEECrJ3.png]

Interesting painterly feel.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.

here is stuff i worked on today, haven't painted/drawn this much
in one day in a long time..

[Image: 8ubtqyq.png]
[Image: ZvGpVtk.png]
[Image: VYQdWa9.png]
[Image: ukxhklj.png]
[Image: tF3S6Zj.png]

new stuff! from last 2-3 days, mainly design practice

old mutant designs i touched up for my portfolio
[Image: k3tYhhr.png]
[Image: S9m7QuZ.png]
[Image: bfJC8EC.png]
[Image: H9IFNAO.png]
[Image: SMlt0O1.png]
[Image: ZcFIsme.png]
[Image: Pu2k6nB.png]
[Image: bq0T2am.png]
[Image: KGxDcE5.png]
[Image: PzYoA7w.png]
[Image: 7oysIQi.png]
[Image: U5R2Lpe.png]
[Image: mXEBg2F.png]
[Image: nriSrEs.png]
[Image: uEqcSbT.png]
[Image: bjJe1e8.png]
[Image: V6UL4pD.png]
[Image: wVhx27F.png]

a selfportrait and new version of an old characterdesign (2015)

[Image: yyBrMUN.png]
[Image: GvHmYHv.png]
[Image: VViCbgV.png]

First freelance job! got to paint this famous dancer for a shirtdesign,
no nda so i can post :)
and worked on my linework process and a new personal piece.
Also check out this little challengethread i created recently:


[Image: WCujzyt.png]
[Image: rGGremS.png]
[Image: HZePVzq.png]
[Image: 9Wskkxe.png]
[Image: txO9MNC.png]
[Image: ykVFlki.png]
[Image: wiEdKAi.jpg]

amazing color choice on the last one


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