Sula's Sketchbook
Always a pleasure to my eyes to take a look at your sketchbook : D

Those faces.... <3

Hey nice work since my last check-in! That Hunger Games study - there are some issues with widening (I do the same thing all the time!) and it shows up most in her right eye (our left). Just something to keep an eye on ;) - Oh man... I hate myself.

Anyway, keep pushing it!

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Thanks for the love. I have nothing to post since I am still working on coloring that comic book, but here. I got myself a mirror today, so no more photos - working from life now, like its meant to. ALSO you guys will get to see my face a lot.

@Pierce: haha yeah, I woke up the next day asking WHY I did even post it haha.. Anyway, taking less than 24h to see it's completely messed up must be an improvement. I hope. Anyway, I can SEE it now, and that is good.

@Rama: thanks for all the support <3

@Isra: haha thanks man, it goes both ways :D

@iCi: Thanks man :D Will do!

Screw it, I don't think it's right to update this without posting anything so here is something a little old. I kinda like it though.

[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-15.jpg]

Good work Ursula! Keep doin those heads like that last one with the planes when you can. They'll get better and better once you start figuring things out. But ya, you're doin great so far. Keep up the good work :)
Like the devil piece, would like to see how it progresses

WOW! I Adore this last one. I was going to comment about the rest, but that just blow my mind. And it's only a sketch by now! Please, continue to do this xD The whole composition works pretty fine, it's attractive and the values are doing fine =D And about the rest, your studies are bloody evoluting. Congrats. About that Katniss portrait, there are some misplaces, and proportion mistakes specially on the eyes, they are afar and the lips are a lil' bit downer, try to lift them, just a little, it might make a difference and enlarge, a little to, the upper lip =)
But the color and values are awesome! Loving her hair by the way *0*
Keep on the good work! o/
Hey guys :D

@Dennis: Thanks man! I am trying @.@
@James: Thanks! I am kinda surprised it got such a good reaction!
@Leele: hey girl, thanks! Haha yeah, that Katniss study is a wreck - aaand again, thanks! I may want to give it a shot to finish that sketch them, I wasn't really planning it.

Aaand okay.
Some sketchs from here and there. To break it down: I am still knee-deep into freelance stuff. Chris Oatley classes are AWESOME and there is so much stuff to think about. And my faces borked down at some point, so I didn't scan a LOT of stuff lol~ I need to keep pushing it.
Oooh and I got that mirror. There is a self portrait there... my husband said I look much better than that haha

Its hard and fun to draw from a mirror.

Here it goes.
[Image: SB-72.jpg]
[Image: SB-73.jpg]
[Image: SB-74.jpg]
[Image: SB-75.jpg]
[Image: SB-76.jpg]
[Image: SB-77.jpg]
[Image: SB-78.jpg]
[Image: SB-79.jpg]
[Image: SB-80.jpg]
[Image: SB-81.jpg]

[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-16.jpg]

So. It's 4 AM right.

Ohh, Sweet stuff Sula. these pencils gettin better and better. Love the girl with the long fingernails. Good start on that Zelda piece as well.
Great progress going on in here Ursala! Some dexter and nintendo love, what's not to like? Your pencil sketches are very nice to look at and read well. Keep practicing with the faces, you're already improving a lot with them, the last elf painting is excellent and I love how you use the dragon's form to guide the viewers eye through your zelda piece and keep it from leaving the page and it's head looking at link mzkrd the eye always coming back to him, very nice. Keep up the hard work!

I spy a thor <3 <3 <3

Keep pushing lady, these are looking awesome!

mmmmmmmmmm love the latest pencil stuff! The zelda piece looks promising too. Now i need to work harder, thanks for the ass kicking ;)

Woot :D Thanks guys!
@Laura: mwhaha I have been drawing a lot of Thors lately. I love his hair. When they start to look like him, I'll scan them!
@Jon: Yay, thanks! I'll keep pushing, can't drop the ball now, right? (actually I can, just pick it up and keep going haha)
@Warburton: :D Gogo and kick some ass too!
@Dennis: Thanks man! I am finally feeling a bit more comfortable in doing my own stuff again. Let's see if I can actually make it fly this round.

Omg help, I am having way too much fun with this but I am supposed to be SLEEPING RIGHT
Its like 1h20 AM and I work tomorrow and all that.
[Image: Volvagia-02.jpg]

And it's officialy a WIP. It's even in print resolution now.

And oh, I have packed my most used brushes and shared them on DA:
Feel free to use and give feedback, I love this small technicalities photoshop gives us to tweak.

Sweet stuff Ursula. Love your Zelda piece. Try working more on the dragon. He seems to bit a bit flat on the top curling part. I'm not sure of that. But perhaps introducing some cool complementary tones here and there will result with stronger piece in the end. But yeah. Love <3

Nice catch Rama, I'll look into it :D I'll try and cooler tones, and also fix the scales on the neck to make it actually round for one. thanks!

And here is today's. The mirror thing and all. Untied my hair - but I won't be able to this every time because we need to practice ears too right?
[Image: SB-82.jpg]

Your pen portraits/studies all look sooo good, I assume you have a background in comics?

Woa, nice portrait Ursula! Zelda piece comin out sweet too, hope you finish it.
Your pencils are great, keep it up Ursula

Zelda piece is looking good :). And love your pencil work. Really nice stuff. I definitely need to find more time to use a pencil again, cheers for the inspiration.

Btw, just saw you're doing Chris Oatley's classes, how are they? Saw him post about them a while ago, but never really looked into it. Take it that they're good then?


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