Anatomy of a Pinup - Class Closed
Thanks was a nice session :)

Did you see how AlejandroMirabel is posting his classes. A seperate thread for each class. Do you think it's a good idea to keep things more organised? Could be nice for others wanting to complete and post the assignments. Once we post up work for the next assignment in here, others may not want to post past assignments due to messing around with our current class?
Can't wait to start the next one! Remember, Dusk til Dawn!

hey that sounds like a good idea, i hope its ok to do that..maybe we all can post our all artworks in the same post and delete other posts?
oh yes, Dusk till Dawn :D

Could do. It would make a good presentation of the class for others to see and motivate them to join in. I think it's ok to do that since Alejandro is. Maybe ask DennisKutsenko? I'm really going to sleep now haha! Thanks again!

Truly some amazing work uploaded by all.

This has been a blast for me. Learnt alot. Really enjoyed it.
Never managed to get all the work done due to RL time constraints.

Tally ho!!!

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Hey guys :)
I'm not in the class, but I thought the assignment fit quite well into my schedule today, so I got out my new skull and did a few studies as well as one of those master studies. And now I'll fall into my bed :D

Thanks so much for doing this, looking forward to maybe studying a bit more along with you.

Assignment 2 is updated in the first post of the thread !

nice work everyone, thank you for posting your works..Nele Klumpe your master copy is really cool !

ok, i was thinking about lewislong's suggestion about making different thread for each class/assignment..i think it's going to be too many threads and might become a bit confusing so maybe we can edit our posts and add all the artworks in a same post and delete other posts which are unnecessary..what do you think guys? please let me know your views.

Good job on the skulls and master studys guys!
I think it's a good idea to update a reply with all the stuff from an assignment, so I'm gonna do that and delete the pics from the other reply.
Saw the stream on demand. It was great, you did a good job explaining the flaws in everybodys studys!

@Nele Klumpe - Wow! your Master copy is smooooooth! Since I'm doing a Bouguereau next I'll change to a soft round brush!

@Razvanb08 - Such a nice post! I like how you tried to get some of the stroke economy in your master studies. The first Sargent one in particular! Can't wait to see your colour master study!

Fixed this up a bit. Still not great but I've got to move on to the next assignment!

I'm going to do this for Assignment 2 - Colour Master Study.

On the topic of thread organisation. I think it's a good idea for us taking the classes to collect our work in one of our replies but after deleting my other replies I felt like it ruined the flow of the thread. Really sorry for that guys. I think it's best to leave all of the discussion intact and just have an epic thread for people to enjoy in the future! I'm a living contradiction at times! =/

razvanb08 - great job man..lovely line work on those skull drawings & the master copies are also cool !
thanks for posting !

lewislong - much better, thanks for your efforts..the painting you have posted of William B. is gorgeous..its one of my fav. painting..actually i tried to draw this few years ago..will try to fix the issues and finish it soon :)

[Image: mastercopyWilliamB.jpg]

about the posts in this thread..yes, we can post all the assignments again once we have all finished pinups.

welcome to the class razvanb08 !

Welcome razvanb08! It's going to be.... Sexy

This is a sample of what this class will be bringing to the forums

Thanks guys! Gonna get sexy ! :))

hey everyone, please feel free to post your wip images here...and please try not to use grid method :D

Here's what I've got so far! Please crit but "You lovely guys should know, you know, I'm tryin' ta' correct this". (Name that quote/lyric).

Gooooooood eveningggg all!!

Bloody challenge and a half this one =/

Heres the outline for this monster task...

Still need to tighten and refine some of the lines. Will be starting the painting tonight.

Bomb voyage (name the movie that has this charachter)!!!


(10-24-2012, 04:36 AM)lewislong Wrote: Here's what I've got so far! Please crit but "You lovely guys should know, you know, I'm tryin' ta' correct this". (Name that quote/lyric).

Looking pretty amazing Lewis. Who ahm I to crit!

On the "name that", I have no idea =p

take it easy.

Damage o7

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Still bad with lineart. But- practice, practice, practice.[Image: Liney.png]

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Good jo so far guys! Here is my wip :

@Ravanb08 Ahhh I envy your lines great construction. I never use that method, and there are soooo many different ways to measure. I'm partial to just the general angles, comparing things with my eye. I should do that method next week. Never been great at it.

Had a bit of time in between work and studies to paint a little. I'll have even more tomorrow :D
[Image: Painty_1.png]

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