Anatomy of a Pinup - Class Closed
I always wanted to finish a Bouguereau Study. Already started some but never got to an end. They're sooo detailed!

Here's a WIP. I'm struggling with the face, and I'd be sooo tempted to use a grid. But I wont :) Still just measuring with a stick.

@lewislong: I actually didn't use a soft round brush. I don't really like the texture it makes. BUt a hard round was too hard for my taste too, so I made my own brush for that purpose. I uploaded it, use it if you like :)

Finished.... kinda


@Nele Klumpe Wow that looks great! Sweet job on the likeness! it looks fantastic.

As for me the characters are mostly done here, If I update it again before it's due I'll finish the persons and add a background! :D
[Image: Painty_2.png]

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Hey! I'm very late on this, but can I join at the 3rd Assignment? :S

You are your only limits!

Great going everyone !
Nele Klumpe - your study is quite nice !
LaleAnn - ANYONE can post their work ANYTIME here :)

@LalaAnn Yeah it's the same with all classes! Thats why we post, so everyone can come by.
@Shyam Hey man sorry I'm not going to be able to catch the stream this saturday! D:
I'm going to a concert out of state saturday night and have to leave before the stream starts. Can you still critique my master copy? i'll rewatch the stream afterward. I'm dying to hear what you guys think

I'm calling it done.
[Image: Classic_Copy.png]

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Zesiul - thanks for informing in advance & thanks for posting your assignment..there are few issues but, we can discuss that later.

Assignment 3 is updated in the first post of the thread !

@Shyam Hey in the assignment 3 it says "5 Drawings (no sketches please)" what do you mean by no sketches? Like you're just saying you want construction lines and not just sketches or? Sorry I misunderstood.

edit- I'm pretty sure he just meant he wanted them all to be digital and not pencil

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I don't really get what Shyam meant by "no sketches" either..?

You are your only limits!

sorry for the confusion guys..i just wanted to say 'no loose drawings' XD

@Nele Klumpe - Wow, really great proportions and colour! Inspiring. Do you stream at all? Would be cool to see your process with this. Did you start with a line drawing or just straight in with blocking in colour/values? Thanks for studying with us!

@ Zeisul - Too bad you'll miss class this week! You won't miss out though! You're study is quite tight with your line drawing! Good work man.

Got a couple more hours to put into this before class.

@Shyam I just did these today, these aren't "loose" right?[Image: female_face_studies.png]

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@lewislong It's actually quite easy: Just copy what you see ;) As for my process: I start measuring out the angles and shapes using a stick holding it in front of me and when I got that, I block in the colors. Then I start rendering :)
I do have a livestream Though I don't stream very often... and all the older videos were deleted.. hm...
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Soooo - awesome first class and set of assingments ..... even awesomer studies for round two! Crazy people crazy!

@zesiul , too bad about tomorrow, study looking good though - transitions go in too dark @ times and shape definition not always soft enough
@lewislong , beautifull start, like your choice too, lovely colours to work with
@simoquin , where you @?
@razvanb08 , you had some great work from the start, great to have you with us!
@nele , wow! do you have a handle on reproductions, crazy! - tonal range is still too light in several areas, and seemed like maybe you lost some of the nice colour variations from your process post (in the legs/knees?)

I'm at it all night tonight - had a crazy week surprise me - but here's my basic rough. Be interesting to evaluate process approaches - I know I prefer not to use any line work when doing this.

This one is also by Bouguereau. Intention with first pass is to set shapes and relationships (action lines and proportions) as well as set background colour - that way could help me pick proper colours for subject (colour perception of course can change dramaticaly when different colours are next to each other) Going to start working side by side now, adjust relationships that aren't correct, as well as colour correct (my second screen is much cooler than my cintiq)
I'll be posting process through the next few hours - so crit away friends!

Shyam - looking forward to tomorrow!

PS - found this site with some great samples, thought it might be of interest later.
Also - google image search using a low rez sample pic of my painting made it easy to locate a high rez sample (using search with image upload option)

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Great work again everyone !
Zesiul - yes, those are loose..will try to post an example after few hours.

when i said 'drawing', i was expecting something like this (you can avoid the values if its too much for 5 drawings) -

[Image: assignment3_HeadStudyD1.jpg]

i just spent 1hr 36 min. on her..of course, you can draw more tighter if you like :)

here is the process -
you can check the video on my livestream channel too.

Example of study in colors -
[Image: NatalieFinalForWebsml.jpg]

again, you can paint more detailed than this if you want.

see you soon everyone !

Awsome work on those studys guys!
Here is my master study :

That study is looking sexy Shyam!

Updated my last images for this assignment - took a look this morning and adjusted a few things - face is still quite far off, but spent too much time last night on it so I figured I'd leave it for next time.

Things to get better for next time:
-still some proportion/shape issues (notebly the face)
-better representation of saturation in transitions (across terminator, with sub surface
and with bounced light)
-better transitions in skin tones (notebly warm and cool)
-stop accidentaly saving at low rez to allow for better detail work!

Great job everyone can't wait to discuss these
Ok ready for class!

WOAH! Almost missed it! To the class!:P

Zesiul, your latest post is really cool! I wish I could do portraits so easily..
Shyam, your two portraits are!

Here's what I've done so far, drawings are what I have the most issues with compared to paintings. Lines never forgive mistakes, whereas painting give more space to mistakes and readjusting. That's why I began with drawing :P

Those might not be the best ever, but I'm really happy because I've been able to make "believable" portraits, when I actually am never able to paint people the wy they look on photos/in reality.. :D This is already starting to help! ^^

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You are your only limits!


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