WIPS! - Bloodsports 6 - Monster Hunter Challenge!
Little update, looks like obiwan, =(

[Image: monsterhunter4.jpg]

Some studies:
[Image: study_glowa_osy.jpg]

[Image: Bug_opal_study_2.jpg]

[Image: Ara_study.jpg]

[Image: Kogut_study.jpg]

[Image: Mantis_head_study.jpg]

And my first concept for hunter. Not final version, I'll make some changes.
[Image: MH_concept_A_smallcolor_3.jpg]

And initial head design for monster, I'll be a bird-like creature with chitinous exoskeleton.
[Image: Monster_quetzal_head.jpg]
Some of my silhouettes for the hunter I did yesterday/ today... as you can see I'm going more for a knighty approach. AND IM HELLA LATE. not sure if I'm gonna be able to do it as I take too much time rendering stuff... Anyway maybe next time I control my time better cuz I think I did too many studies

I'm gonna use number 6 for the hunter before and maybe 4,8 or 9 for the last one...

For the creature I did some silhouettes but I saved something on top of it accidentally and all I made today ( cuz I werent happy with my last ones) but I can still save them from the livestream saved video I guess...

update :

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1169]

Cutting it close with this deadline D:

[Image: c1f2d6827ef4233b63b51546534fee97.png]

[Image: 3cfa0282b0a6561997bcf2f9be8c239a.png]

[Image: fedeecbf5ec2b7b793f814b6745b6973.png]

[Image: VjomR.png]
[Image: wunR3.png]
Just a progress update, did the back views too but I forgot to shrink them down to size to match the creature.
[Image: monsterhunterwip.jpg]

This is it so far, I'm probably going to change the weapon, I realize how unfitting it is for what we are trying to achieve.

[Image: monsterhunter6.jpg]

sorry it's so big

Unfortunately I won`t be able to finish before the deadline :(
(Carnival in Brazil took all my time haha)

Well, that was my concept:
[Image: Kayan%20or%20Padaung%20women%20also%20-%...0women.jpg][Image: 1447710927_71546b0459.jpg]

These are women from the Kayan tradition, in Northern Thailand. They are also known as giraffe women, due to the neckrings they carry since their childhood, that seem to make their necks longer.

[Image: scaled.php?server=38&filename=kayann.jpg&res=medium]

I imagined a tribe of women that would be trained in hunting since they were little girls. The tribe would have as main enemy a specie of mutant snake able to do vorpal attacks, so the neckrings would serve as a protection. As they kill enemies, they would substitute the original rings for spines, as a strategy to scare the enemies. That would be also a sign of status inside the tribe.

Good job everybody!
I don't think I'll be able to finish in 5 hours but I'm gonna try, here's my yeti so far!

[Image: monster1.jpg]
[Image: monster2.jpg]


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