WIPS! - Bloodsports 6 - Monster Hunter Challenge!
Post your bloodsport 6 WIPS in here!

(So people don't have to go through too much chat)
(You can post your comment's in their sketchbooks)

Anyways here is my ortho template. I'm going to try out different costumes and props on top of this.
[Image: ortho-template.jpg]
Here is a poacher idea. He's got a whole british imperialist thing going on.
[Image: ortho-poacher.jpg]
This is a witch doctor. He just wants to fly.

Here's a beast trapper

I'll do some beasts next. I'll have to keep them compatible with these characters.

Made some quick hunter sketches before creature kill.

[Image: Hunter.jpg]

CA Sketchbook: Paul's Sketchbook
Legend of the Three Brothers

Info as it comes.

Not really focusing on the actual design yet, just kicking around some poses. I'll finish these up proper once I have a design figured out. Probably go with a variation on the first.

First Round of Designs

I had the most fun drawing the poacher so I'm rolling with that concept.
I created a "black griffin" It's just a strange black lion with six legs that is carried by a big ass crow. I might throw in the witch doctor if time allows.

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Here is my entry so far. Will continue to update with studies and comps.

[Image: dunkleostudy1.jpg]
By icius69 at 2012-02-13

[Image: creature1.jpg]

Here is a concept sketch of my hunter. Anatomy may be weird as I didn't use reference. I will for the final though.

[Image: hunter2.jpg,]
I thought about what Dan suggested for the Bloodsport and opted for the natural predator relationship of creature hunter vs creature beast option.

I decided eventually to go for a tribal African inspired mongoose hunter vs snake creature.

Here's the initial sketch:
[Image: 20120214-dcaeu5ga26u99w1hdge5rrrb7m.jpg]

I want to do some more research into which mongoose species native to Africa I wanted to use, match it up with the local African tribe of the area and then make the beast a mutation of all the different creatures a mongoose eats- snakes and centipedes to name a couple I know off-hand.

I'm trying to figure out ways to inject more personality into the mongoose creature. Also, I wanted to conceptualise the beast more before figuring out what the final mongoose hunter outfit would be after slaying the creature, but I'll have to do some research and studies first.

Great challenge!

Rough draft. Have to go back and actually study the animals I based it off of.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=1422111&stc=1&d=1329220982]
Shoe soles have always been my Achilles heel. I think this study was a bit of a fail, but it's a better fail than my previous attempts.

The Blunderbuss was fun to draw.

I usually have a hard time getting tatts to look natural. This was suspisciously easy.

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studies so far into my entry. Still need to scan in my pencil sketches of my ideas...[Image: Komodo_dragon.png]
my stuff so far, scroll right

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Unarmored Hunter Front: Done

Unarmored Hunter Back: WIP

Armored Front: WIP
Armored Back: WIP

Creature: WIP

Seein' a couple other lizard creatures so far! Sweet! Here are my studies so far, plus a quick sketch of the monster. I already have changes in mind for him.

[Image: shoulderarm.jpg][Image: mohawkstudy.jpg][Image: lizardeye.jpg][Image: monstersketch.jpg]

2/16/12 Adding armor sketches
[Image: MHarmorsketch.jpg]

[Image: monster_sketch.png]

[Image: goat_hunter.png]

A goat hunter vs. a mountain lion/ wolf monster.... Still gotta do some studies of goats and mountain lions etc...

[Image: goat_hunter_concept.png]

quick color/ costume try-out
If you guys need some inspiration for the monster, you can find it from here
I'm just going to edit my post as I add stuff :P

I figured I might as well experiment with isometric sprites for this challenge.
I still have to fix this design. I think I need to add leather straps and shit to the backpack, because he's just looking like a fat dude right now.

A couple studies for this week's Bloodsports challenge. Going to try and go for a Rhino/Pangolin creature and have my hunter be set in the roman era.

[Image: b7c06c10850f080bdc5905e2ede4b4f8.png]

[Image: 49b40227d5d5b9031823a1e4e2ff1619.png]

Wow, really cool stuff everyone. Heres my concepts, sorry if if the pictures are a bit big.

[Image: monster1.jpg]
[Image: monster2.jpg]
[Image: design1.jpg]
[Image: design2.jpg]
[Image: design3.jpg]

Decided on the white-tailed mongoose for the hunter. Here are some mongoose studies:
[Image: 20120217-r3ncgr76iwpmmtxjqc1afm366d.jpg]

[Image: 20120217-dnn5ws79dwpg2gjkc2f5pspmjy.jpg]

And I picked the Zulu tribe to base his outfit on. Here's a study from that (more to come):
[Image: 20120217-t66bhymegchutpk3y1sajbmx4p.jpg]


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