Eddy´s Sketchbook
tiny update today, just another sketch, but i have something cool in the making. :)

Beck is on my favourite animes of all time, so today i decided to turn one of my drawings from imagination into a beck fanart.
I know i have enlarged her breasts, but she never looked like a 14 year old anyway.

This has to be done haha.
Last piece from imagination for NB art camp. Well, everything from imagination except the specific details of the character, because you know this is a Beck/Mongolian Chop squad fanart.
(The same character above)

i really want to get better with values, so i did this value study from photo before i start with still lifes tomorrow. I only used the brush NB used in his demos for the art camp (which is a really awesome brush btw) and a aerograph brush for some shadows.
And really tempted to work on it a bit more.

awesome work man! :) can't go wrong with Zelda + Dark souls haha

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thanks Matt! yeah that would be enough reason to buy a WiiU hahaha

Also, i just finished the study of the last post, i´m really interested in this approach to digital painting, so any feedback on this one is most welcome!

Wassup Ed, admirable workflow since my last visit. I'd totally rock me some Zelda: PTD too, but I can assure you I'd have no 0's on my screen!! Especially after I fucked that monster up. =) Some nice posts man, love the Bloodsports entry most recently, and #283 is tits!! I also really digged that switch in moods in 290 and 291. Pretty good expression on the latter, watch that anatomy though, eye could have moved out some (I think). Still good job!! And this most recent stuff you did has great mood, I think you should push it some more. I think bring some things more into focus, clean some edges up. Zoomed out on the image looks great, I like it!! Keep it up man!
Thanks mate! yep, i´m a huge dark souls fan, completed the game 3 times, back then when i wasnt to focused on drawing, lets see what they do with Dark souls 2, but i´m not sure if i will have time to play something that hardcore again. xD
The expression you mention was real hard, because i couldnt find any reference and i was dumb enough to try to make it from imagination instead of taking a shot of myself, lesson learned. :)
Also, yeah i should try to develop things more, i will focus on that on the coming weeks i think.
Again, thanks for the visit and the feedback sir.

And now, some practice from today, i wanted to draw some more, but its friday! time go out and socialice just a bit.

Loving the lines man!

Thanks Sula! i just found an awesome pencil like brush, and it feels glorious, almost like an actual pencil.

So, more practice and the preliminar sketch for my new value study.
I´m feeling kinda melancholic today, dunno why, but i had to listen to Nirvana for some reason.

Hi man, Well done, and nice pencil brush! It seems to be very similar to a real pencil!
Keep it up with the hard work!!

Figure is coming along nicely, dude, keep owning it!
That study came out pretty good, I like the way you solved the hands :)

Thanks for the comment, man. Good amount of work here (seems to be the case with most people here, which I love and is why I joined the site). For understanding values there are a few pointers that have helped me mucho. Always separate your lights from your darks. This seems like a no brainer, but I didn't really get this until I understood that if you have a form in the shadow side, its highest peak, or the part that receives the most light naturally because of its form, will never receive a value lighter than your light side. Also edges are super important. When doing these studies, try and take special note of what's a soft/hard/missing edge and try and understand why. Typically cast shadows will have your hardest edges, as well as occlusion shadows. Hopefully some of this rambling helps. Keep working hard (as if you're not already by doing the NB camp!). :)

Holy shit dude, how have you done so much since i last dropped by!? Making me feel all lazy and shit lol. Great work dude, keep um comin!

EnricoCamerra: thanks! yes, that brush feels really comfortable and has a nice texture.

iCi: thank you! yeah, i like how that study ended too, i was inspired that day or something haha.

Warburton: thanks mate! but i still think that i should organize my time better, i´m also wasting too much time sketches and studies that are more or less, worthless. :S Starting from tomorrow i will try to change that.

In other news, i was really surprised today after being contacted by a japanese company to do some work for them. I still have to hear something from them, but if everything goes well, you will be the first to know guys. After all, i dont think i could have come this far without all your feedback and support, you rock! :)

Aaaand some shitty randomness from today.

Very cool on the offer, man! Hope it goes well. How did they find out about your work?

thanks man, and sorry for the late reply. They contacted me in deviantart, thats why i was a bit suspicious at first. But both their website and the way they talked to me looked very professional.
We already agreed to work together, so i will probably be doing something for them in the future. ^^
But the best part is how much i will be able to piss off all the pretentious manga wannabe kids in my hometown. (i am refering to all those people who cant draw for shit, but think they are already pros just because they can badly copy a character from naruto/one piece/whatever)

But enough ranting, here is some practice:

Some more practice from today, some old dudes faces (which are really fun to draw!)
and studying from Hogarth. Now i will relax watching some mech anime and go to sleep.
Good night!

Awesome news about that company dude, i hope it all goes well for you!
That deadpool blonde chick is really sweet too dude. Her expression and pose are spot on, keep it up with those studies, it's coming through in your latest posts how much their paying off.

Thanks for the advice in my sketchbook! I'm spamming poses and gestures as if my life depended on it.

Warburton: so sorry for the late reply mate, thank you for your support and kind words, i really appreciate it. :)

Mannyhaazt: no prob man! glad you are working on it, i promise you that it works! it really works.

Im so busy this week, i have to deal with some freelance stuff with pretty scary deadlines XP
But next week i will return in full force. :)

In the mean time, here is a drawing i did today, another artwork for The Sacred Flame.
Really tempted to work more on it...


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