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Hey, guy. I'm aliveee. I'm busy as fuck lately. Hope I'll get more time soon. So I'll be able to reunion with all you awesome people. For now. Here's some stuff I've been workin' on. Sorry for a big dump ;<

[Image: 3_zps1c32d352.jg]
[Image: 7_zps4cd0df09.jg]
[Image: q_zpsfda26492.jg]
[Image: 1_zps786e8514.jg]
[Image: 53_zpse438ed05.jg][Image: 6_zps2eb6d1f2.jg]
[Image: 4_zpse1038500.jg]
[Image: loadingcopy2_zps605250c1.jg]
[Image: wwysocki_cow_zpsd2240c6f.jg]
[Image: tramwaj_final2_zpsc313fd9e.jg]
[Image: elf_wwysocki.jpg]

Talk about improving like a madman! Do you even look at your own progress? My socks? Knocked clean off. You bad, bad man. The very last one especially... damn. DAMN! DAYUMMM!
[Image: dayum-dayum-dayum-better-speed.gif]

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wow i am speechless your newest pieces are a whole New level. keep working like that, i shows awesome results.

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Dam dude, it's great to see you back! Where've you been!?!? You been a the top of a lone mountain training like a mad man? lol

I like this new style you've got goin too dude, especially in that red robot piece. How have you done that? Getting those edges so crisp and the rendering so clean and polished? I see it sometimes, especially in indoor sci fi environments and it always puzzles me.

Once again great to see you posting again dude, and best wishes <3

welcome back man! ;O

Looking hawt, man :)! Keep it sexy!

Awesome sketchbook! :)

Thanks mate <3 That meme is always killing me xD

Thank you <3

Heey, it's good to be back. All my time is occupied by work and gym, I'm trying to get in shape xd. I found that when you make this hard surface techy stuff. Selections and big soft bursh are your best friends ;).

Thanks <3

Doing my best. Thanks ;)

Cheers :)

Hey guys. Good to be back, however it's really difficult to maintain any study rutine, when you have like 3 hours of free time in the day. I need to change my schedule in order to get more time out of the week, hopefully, I'll manage to figure something out in the next two weeks. ;) Probably gonna start a new deathline to help me with that. Think that would be cool. We'll see. For now I'm posting rough bouguereau study. Learned some usefull stuff that i'm eager to try out in my new painting ;3

[Image: studycopy_zps9c01873d.jpg]

Amazing illustrations! anatomy looks pretty good on that new painting! keep it up.

That latest study is looking really good man! Feels very true to it's medium, especially in the skintones. Can't wait to see how you apply it :D

Whoa Rama! Haven't check in a while, and whoa what progress!
Keep it up man, awesome work!

You've done immense leaps since I first saw your stuff back in CAo. Kudos.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa man, awesome work! Loving the elf archer and the bouguereau study! ANd the little cow is just...too cute!
Worth repeating: DAYUM!

Damn Rama that study is nice as hell! I hope your successful in changing your schedule around, really want to see more of your progress :D

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Thank you guys. You all make me feel all warm and fluffy inside =D

Hah, thank you mate ;D Saw your stuff and so do you. It's a long ride and I hope we'll all improve even more, cheers.

I have an action plan figured out. Just waiting for proper time to make it happen ;D I can't wait to have more time for studies streams and giving feedback in your awesome sketchbooks

Here's some more cartoony action. This one took a lot of time to finish, but it was fun.

[Image: Untitled-22copycopy2_zpsb29b2f53.jg]

Love those anatomy studies (with the colored areas) a few pages back. I need to do some of those myself (especially legs). Really nice master studies too!

Thanks mate ;)

Here's a quckie before work. Gonna wake up earlier and try to do one a day

[Image: studyphonecopy_zpsa99ebc8f.jpg]

Hey man, immense work on this last page of your sketchbook! The girl character design turnaround , love it! Reminds me of the Zelda wind waker art style. Awesome stuff.

One crit if I may, the last study you did the perspective seems a little skewed, I think it's something you would have seen anyway as it was just a quick 30 min study, but thought I'd mention it.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing more :).

Thanks mate :) yeah I've noticed that perspective is a bit off, but after I did a painting. Thanks!

Here's something I did really quickly. Trying out new technique.

[Image: Untitled-1cop2y_zps55edcd4e.jpg]

Photoshop just corrupted my personal piece I was workin' on for a week. No backup fille. Did a random chick study to show you my sorrow.

[Image: lask_zps19a6d1ca.jpg]


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