Martijn's book
Good stuff! Sometimes I'm missing some clear edges in your work. Also I'd love to see some Non-Speedpainting of yours! :)

You've got a lot of really cool stuff. In terms of your personal style, it's come a long way. All of your stuff has that really cool flavor that makes it stand out as your own, I'd definitely see myself looking at art on a card, or something and say "That's Lumen's stuff!" Haha.

That one post of the guy holding the girl in the red dress is awsome, it be cool if you were to go back and finish it, there's a lot of feeling/mood that come from it. You've most definitely got a strong grasp of color and form, it shows through in almost all of your pieces. If I could offer a bit of critique, based off of most of your things many of them tend to be loose, some looser than others and look unfinished. You've got a few landscape paintings in here that capture that looseness and still look finished, so you could possibly use some of those as a point of reference.

Great stuff; beautiful works, I'll be coming back to see more. :]

Wow ! Loving your colors and you got soo dynamic brush strokes !

Keep it up :D !

Thank y'all for your honest feedback.

I feel the need to clear some air, get my priorities in order.
A year went by without having done anything for my portfolio.
It's like im stuck as a broken record just painting for study's sake.. i believe Dan Warren rightfuly dubbed it study sickness. and its burning me out.
I find it inmensly difficult to break away from it and explore my own ideas.

on the other hand theres the fact that i cant sit still with any one painting method.
experimenting is good but only in moderation, actually this is the source of my ranting, perhaps there are just too many influences for me. maybe i should stay off the internet for some time and work in isolation?

Every time i've tried my hand at gestures or anatomy i freeze up after a couple pages and crawl back to my comfort zone. painting without a purpose.
So my goal is to get over my negative thinking and self doubt, learn how to draw, every day till its just a normal activity.

I suppose consistancy is key. The way i see it learning to properly draw is one of the most valuable things for an aspiring illustrator or any other field for that matter.
It's time to dust of my loomis book and break out mivhael hamton's design and invention.

as always i still fuck up the eyes, jawline and so on. time to have another look at Naythan Fowkes portrait demo.

Being an artist is a tricky trade dude. Everybody can offer suggestions and advice on what you should do and how you should do it but in the end these sort of puzzles are yours to solve, as a creative unique individual. Though note, we all go through these struggles, and it's all part of the growth.

This might not relate to you, but something I found a while back was when I was doing my studies, a part of my brain was conscious of the fact that it was going to be posted and judged and i therefore tried to reach some skill level with them and almost neglected what I was learning. The reason i bring this up is because perhaps you are going through something similar, and that's why your afraid to go outside your comfort zone, in the off chance that the things will look shit and won't reach this 'level' you've set for yourself. Or maybe not, and i'm just being judgemental and you should ignore this lol.

Your path is your own, and you know deep down what's best and right for you, but you must always tackle your fears. It's what makes you progress. And to be honest, I would love to see some portfolio stuff from you dude. Your stuff is amazing and the way you handle colours, marks and values make me drool. (Those skin tone sin that latest portrait 074 )

Whatever you choose to do, I look forward to seeing it! Stay strong dude, and keep it up.


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