Toxicpanda's Death Note
Sorry to see your kickstarter didnt work out. Hopefully you still got paid for all your work. It'd be nice to see more updates from you but I know you're busy.

i challenge you to do 500 gesture drawings, spending a minute on each, you gotta get energy into your characters and poses; i like your designs and stuff, but you always draw like a face three quarter, face forward, face profile, etc. your enviros ain't bad, but i really think you could take alot more risks and try something really ambitious say multiple characters or even drawing a nude to see how much you really know about anatomy

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Got some promising stuff, if you want to add fluidity, then look at Jeff Watts gesture toturials and study them, also look at Marco Djurdjevics and Frazettas bodies.

Some of your Illustrations are quite serene and charming, Id like to see more of that kind :)

Thank you guys, my exams are finally finished and I'll try to do more studies and stuff, thank you for your suggestions.
[Image: 9h3rR4Tl.jpg]
[Image: UVHFjbkl.jpg]
[Image: O3PARKzl.jpg]
[Image: 56xLkJ7l.jpg]
[Image: cQFlZZxl.jpg]
[Image: fWARmF3l.jpg]
[Image: P4MP1hwl.jpg]
[Image: CpRDxNzl.jpg]

I love the bunnies and that pink batman. I wish I knew the story behind it!

I have just looked through your entire sketchbook and you have improved a lot.
A very cool sketchbook. I can't wait to see more!

@ZandraDragon thank you. Hmm story behind pink batman- my client is a very sweet person who wanted to make a great gift for his girlfriend (or just friend), and they were talking about fabulous batman something- so this came to his mind- And this was birthday present for her.

Some randoms from today.
Unfortunatly, I've got sick again, so I can barely work few hours a day. Here are some sketches inbetween work. ( I suck at lineart),but going to listen Fedodika.
[Image: XJ6r4hel.jpg]
^ trying fractals
ˇwhat is this
[Image: 6aYB98fl.jpg]
[Image: Kks4b5ul.jpg]
[Image: 7qARUIPl.jpg]
[Image: 0AFgCZtl.jpg]

Hi toxicpanda , I looked through your thread and i think you should try and practice more drawing before to paint. I Believe it's good to separate each problematics in drawing till you understand it plenty. I would suggest practice sketching, lines, drawing in sketchbook, from life, from imagination, doing masters studies, reading books such as juliette aristide, scott robertson, loomis..ect . Then maybe get back to values, volume, and then colors and illustration!
That 's what i'm doing currently at least, trying to break down each problematics and it has been helping me a lot because my painting skills are very weak.
Also with your style, you might be a big fan of the work of legend of the cryptid and all ? If i'm right, you could do a little folder of all these illustrations you love and try analyze them, perspective, colors, light, anatomy, everything! keep the work flowing and it will get better and better! :)
Hi meeko thank you for feedback and suggestions , I don't think I need to practice drawing before painting because that could be done at the same time and you can learn a lot from both sides. Acually I started painting traditionally too on canvas and paper. Separating problems is a good thing tho, thank you for suggestion. But that's what I've been doing for the past two years. I'm not quite a big fan of legends as I used to be, but I do have a folder of those analysed works. Thank you again for taking your time : )
[Image: KiY7lXal.jpg]
[Image: hSfX3IRl.jpg]
[Image: 44nI5APl.jpg]
[Image: adqDYecl.jpg]
[Image: KCFQm3Jl.jpg]
[Image: Bq3PjULl.jpg]
[Image: BShPrg5l.jpg]
Cover for RPG Wanderers 
[Image: OCqjoVVl.jpg]

You have a lot of potential, and your work will only continue to get better! You are very good with values, and that's one of the most important things.

I'd love to see some anatomy studies in here, though. That work you finished of the knight holding the elven girl is definitely very wonky in terms of proportion and anatomy. :)


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you will become fucking amazing! :)
Thank you guys : )

Here are some studies
[Image: QX4E3qOl.jpg]
[Image: wipY3zGl.jpg]
And my own mood sketch.

Some more explorations

[Image: 11947945_1063917616952607_1075324463095353308_o.jpg]

You really do fantastric environments, I think. Great ambiance. Keep up the great work, but don't forget those studies! Grin Thumbs_up


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some recent stuff
[Image: 1d334wP.jpg]
[Image: QnuwMxF.jpg]
[Image: 6lcfTcs.jpg]
[Image: FxdLw4a.jpg]
[Image: JyM1ry6.jpg]
Something for my new painting
[Image: pNoBL3O.jpg]

Nice Kristina, I saw the Crystal Painting on Art Station, the Brush stokes just make me want to drool

I love the perspective piece with the angel on the water and that big block-- It's really dynamic and interesting!

Keep working at it. You're just getting better and better. Great sketches in the sketchbook too! Thumbs_up


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[Image: neUysap.jpg]
"Proelium pro Spes"
~Ille vincit qui se vincit
Life seems like an endless circle of battles, one starting after another. Just when we thought that the sky will open, and everything will be over, another raincloud filled with thunder appears. That deep drums following our heartbeats are warning us, that the battle is only starting. Even when they cut your wings, even when you can't get up and fight, there is always hope, there is always that little light shining through the clouds giving you courage to move on. Don't be blind. Reach out, stand up, and fly. You don't need wings to fly... just believe that, one day, another white crow will appear.
[Image: HMGUhfL.jpg]
[Image: eYcNtyN.jpg]
[Image: YqiEoaR.jpg]

[Image: w7A2Prsh.jpg]
[Image: 8Zcv1uGh.jpg]
[Image: jL9xvwTh.jpg]
[Image: 5vr2k3mh.jpg]
[Image: QHnE08hh.jpg]
[Image: LEzItUoh.jpg]
[Image: P0FzoF6h.jpg]
[Image: RqKjYQ6h.jpg]
[Image: Ga8hHSch.jpg]
[Image: jci4GB8h.jpg]

[Image: EtEpSuwl.jpg]
Portrait of Tiana Maros,
I will soon start making live portraits.
[Image: ItKX7wEl.jpg]
And some spitpaint.
[Image: 923abY2l.jpg]


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