Toxicpanda's Death Note
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Lots of derpiness from sketchbook
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Here is my submission for IFCC challenge - character design.

Outsiders often called us crazy grandmas, but we are just regular old ladies fighting to protect homes while our loved ones are far away on the battlefield fighting against those weird monsters. I've been raised to become a wife, mother and a warrior.

This character is influenced by Croatian traditional costumes, jewelery and weapons- I wanted to bring a piece of our history into fantasy design. Also, I was very influenced by works of Even Mehl Amudsen and his amazing dwarfs. The headpiece she is wearing is also a part of tradition where Zvončari (the bellmens) are wearing them on special occasions in Croatia but mostly on carnevals. The primary task of Zvončari is to scare away evil spirits of winter and to stir up new spring-time cycle. So our Zlatica character is going to scare those evil plastic chairs away...oh wait O_O

[Image: ThGRMyo.jpg]

[Image: UAjIreC.jpg][Image: kcT4eH2.jpg]

[Image: 26qTW5X.jpg][Image: 6QnSsuw.jpg]

Love the idea behind this character, how much thought you put into her design... And the fact that she's a kickass grandma!! Hahaha awesome
Holy crap, I really wish could flip through that charcoal sketchbook,
And you killed that spitpaint... How 2 even paint?

Glad you're updating your sketchbook again!
Keep it up :)

Love the idea for Zlatica, Toxicpanda - I thought of Even's characters when I saw it. There´s something exciting about linking your characters to a story, especially when they draw from other cultures. This custom reminds me of something going on in Bulgaria, too. Love your sketchbook stuff so will be keeping an eye! Keep it up!

Oh oh Oh! Great stuff here. I especially love the yellow raincoat piece and the one after that. The white and black

And yeah, the inspiration from Even can definately be seen in this last one.

Big improvement from 6-10. You are figuring things out and your work is reflecting it... nice job!

[Image: lJoNzDph.jpg]
[Image: 4AITN7uh.jpg]
[Image: i3gRK9Xh.jpg]

Awsome work with every new post, keep killing it ! : )

Shin's Sketchbook ▼ ▼ ▼Patreon ▼ ▼ ▼ dArt
There is nothing I'm allowed to post >_>'
so here comes even more nothing
5 minute portrait sketches and 30 min master study
[Image: mine29al.jpg]
[Image: d0CaK6il.jpg]
[Image: sOTsKtEl.jpg]

[Image: LWPKQVzh.jpg]


[Image: c9NJBiEl.jpg]
[Image: bKc9ZsMl.jpg]
[Image: v46aNeul.jpg]
[Image: 7n7ptcRl.jpg]
[Image: 5e31VWEl.jpg]
[Image: xSj77Fyl.jpg]
[Image: ZxZPAoGl.jpg]
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[Image: vtgBnDHl.jpg]

Paintings looks awesome, if you want fully unlock your potentional in drawing, i'm highly recommending to start thinking in terms of forms, eg. box, cylinder, cone. It's not easy, but it's another skill that once mastered it will pay off in drawing and painting alot. The secret behind the forms is perspective first, once you understand perspective, apply it on basic forms, play your logical games by combining, stretching, etc..

Taken from book Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters:

You should practice drawing cubes, cylinders, and spheres. These are the simple, basic forms, the artist feels that all other forms are composed of these forms, or parts of them. Soon you will discover that there are many forms that lie between the cube and the cylinder, between the cylinder and the sphere. An egg, for instance, is neither a cylinder nor a sphere; its shape lies somewhere between the two. In your mind, whittle away the vertical edges of the cube until it becomes a cylinder. Close up the top and bottom of the cylinder and imagine it as a sphere. In this way, you will begin to feel the relationships between these forms, which becomes so important in study of values. Soon you will find you can give the symbol ---- the illusion --- of any simple form you wish. After quite a while, you will realize that you can give the illusion of any complex form by combining the simple forms ---- or parts of the simple forms --- of which the complex form is composed.

There is alot good stuff within the book, it's cheap and awesome source of fundamental knowledge.

One more from The Eye of the Painter:

Art training usually starts with drawing, for the student must first train his eyes to proportion, and go as far as he can with form in simple black and white medium.
Thank you Nymph0 for your comment and suggestion. I should really get back to the basics as soon as get more free time.
More nothingness
[Image: Rkdd3del.jpg]
[Image: u2m20yol.jpg]
[Image: Zeqh86il.jpg]
[Image: prCZirsl.jpg]
[Image: c2GMgChl.jpg]

TUUUUXICPUNDAAA!!! hey i got some things you could try if you want :L Youmust try em!!

1. Do alot of gesture drawings of things you wanna improve at like faces or designs, do lots of them and they will improve your line quality, placement, perspective alot

2. You seem to spend a lot of time on imagination pieces which is good, but i notice you have a comfort zone hm hmm. This would be, but is not limited to a very bright or white form on the page with a muted color pallete, usually with high contrast in the reds of the colors. I notice you're incorperating a big moment of saturation in your pieces and that's good!

3. Your skin tones could use some variation however, as you tend to only paint snow white or quite pale complexions, which is fine if that's all you wanna do! I've cerainly done that too, but i learned a whole lot trying to paint more fair, tan, or even african skin tones, and you can apply these tricks to your pale folks :)

4. i notice when you're digital and you have reference, you can nail the face; so be proud of that, but cmon guh, i wanna see you get something else 100% right. Go to mjranum stock or somewhere and get a huge picture and work on some materials like cloth, metal, or a nude for as long as you would a finished imagination piece or longer. this will help alot with these bold compositions you've been going for recently more in particular on your kickstarter.

5. overall your color and compositions are good, just get back to the fundamentals like anatomy/design. (That's comin from me, the guy who needs to do that the most himself!) I think these things will really help alot; I'd also love to see you do a still life or two, that'd be most interesting!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Thnx a lot Fedodika for this^^ I'm trying to find some time to get rid of everything that is in my way and paint stuff from the beginning. But it's not going sometimes. Too much client work (I try to learn stuff while doing client work), and college...
I'm studying philosophy and it's so hard... And traveling around 4-5 hours a day is not really a good thing. Lately I'm not even sleeping. But I do realise those are just all excuses. I'll be doing some more studies and everything anatomy related soon. I mean, do that stuff, just scanning it is...a pain xD one day I'll just spam the hell out of this sketchbook with scanned stuff^^ But thank you again for taking your time always and helping me, that means a lot.

Here are some scenes for the epic video of our (probably failed) kickstarter project - check videooooo!

Lots of work :/
[Image: 4wkkMgql.jpg]
[Image: Gev6fb3l.jpg]
[Image: LUqa3nTl.jpg]
[Image: iYvBou2l.jpg]
[Image: GvahS1Ll.jpg]
[Image: VvBn9Vml.jpg]
[Image: 2CzTpuWl.jpg]
[Image: cUNp16sl.jpg]
[Image: RQsammDl.jpg]
[Image: abV7HuCl.jpg]
[Image: vN8QIH1l.jpg]
[Image: zeGAnk7l.jpg]
[Image: c1tszAEl.jpg]
[Image: qq51Tghl.jpg]
[Image: Ljjp3gXl.jpg]
[Image: QmgpEqQl.jpg]
[Image: nPGRstWl.jpg]
[Image: GNYy1Wml.jpg]

[Image: SHpNHxNh.jpg]

I never do this kind of studies accuratley where I spend too much time on them. The reason why I do them is to learn the design flow and pay attention to some stuff I didn't before. Some people gave me comments like - but it's going to look better in your sketchbook if you make them all nice n stuff. Whats the point?

[Image: YGZyCh1h.jpg]

Finished cover for Sirius B magazine
[Image: qzyPfcCh.jpg]
[Image: yk4sUFWh.jpg]

Aaand, started doing some altered versions of mtg cards where I basicly expand image- using acrylics and gray base.
[Image: U7SlJJuh.jpg]
Aaand wip of some commission.
[Image: 2mukg8ih.jpg]

Hey Toxicpanda I like your work.So good sense for colour and atmosphere. (A Zlatica me posebno osvojila! :D Bravo!)


Carbonmade portfolio

They have changed stuff around here?
thank you @MarinaC <3
[Image: 7hRLKfLl.jpg]
[Image: Dshk0ztl.jpg]
[Image: U6sAdchl.jpg]
[Image: TSlZPHEl.jpg]
[Image: fWUZdrcl.jpg]

Yeah the layout has been changed, also the overall activity :D.

The magic card stuff is so awesome :O, cool sketchbook pages too.
I can't really say much everything is cool, maybe check the proportions of your traditional drawings because some are a big lopsided.


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