Axrel's Sketchbook
Thanks! :D

Here's a rough final thumbnail for my illustration. I combined a few of my previous ones and I've been working on making the character stand out more. Any critiques and comments are appreciated! I'll get some feedback from my classmates at the atelier tomorrow as well, so I'll most likely make changes to this thumbnail before moving on to my final piece :)

Hey, cool stuff! I like your ideas (and you seem to have lots of them!). I also like the looseness of your sketches. Keep them coming!

I'm digging the diagonals, they're really making the composition more dynamic and interesting. Can't find anything to critique yet, so please update as soon as possible haha

Waahh so much purple *.* no seriously the thumbsketch looks super dynamic. Hope you finish it soon:3

looks cool! i like the comp!
That color comps looks great. Not much to crit :P. Hmm, check out Nathan Fowkes his colors are amazing if you haven't already of course. Might be inspirational or helpful
Thanks! Ya, I'm trying to make this very dynamic and energetic :) I'm glad that it shows!
Haha ya! Purple is a fun color to play with :) Thanks! I hope I can finish it soon too!
@ Cha1r
Thanks man!
Thanks! Nathan Fowkes is awesome :) I still need to check out his color and light class but I've taken his environment design one on Schoolism.

I got a power outage and snow day yesterday so I couldn't work on my digital illustration. I just did some character sketches instead.

Another one 

More work on this :) I took some reference photos of my atelier's skeleton today, so I'll work on the line drawing more and figure out the construction of this guy. I'll probably do more lightning studies throughout this week.

I really like warlock's concepts, they are very loose and there's good variety, you just try to represent idea and don't focus on details. The piece you are currently working on has a cool concept, however it's still in the early phase, so I'll wait for more finished version, because it's hard to say something specific. I would only recommend to use lots of references, especially on hands, which are always painful ;)

you have good line work! Looking forward to pushing that purple guy!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
The purple dude looks even more epic now! Good job on the values too, but I think you should push the atmosperic perspective a bit more. Looking forward for the finished version :--)))

Fuuuucckk you are pushing so hard :O gah need to catch up fast. Keep grinding!

Thanks! For my earliest thumbnails I like to go very loose and then I do a second stage of more detailed thumbnails from the ones I like :) Ya, I have several reference photos, but I need to get a better one for the arm- I'll probably ask a friend to pose for me tomorrow. 
Thanks! :D
Thanks! I'm trying to make it as epic as possible :D Ya, thanks for the critique! I'll try that out
Haha thanks! I usually have a lot of time in each day for art because of my schedule so I get a lot done :) You too!

Some sketchbook pages...

Also, here's a cast drawing I finished today. This was done with black and white charcoal on gray-toned paper. 

And here I was testing some new thumbnail styles for my desert warlock. I'll make 5 detailed thumbnails/line works out of my favorite thumbnails I did.

And here's some more studies for my illustration.

Wow thats a lot of cool stuff, loving the tiny concepts, it seems like you have a ton of ideas. Would love to seem them in more detail !!

Cool works here Axrel :).

Your arm anatomy studies look great and I'm also loving your lightning studies.

Keep pushing!

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CD Sketchbook

Great updates!
Really digging your sketchbook pages, the creature in post #54 is really cool/scary! Kinda reminds me of the monsters from Last of Us game.
The cast drawing is excellent. Looks nicely detailed and very good value use.
Thanks! I'm trying to crank out as many design iterations as possible! :)
Thank you! I will :D
Thank you! The cast drawing took way longer than I expected to get it like that!
Here's some more work on my desert warlock! I narrowed down the designs I liked, so I'll pick 3 out of these 6 and do an even more detailed version.

Those character designs look interesting can't wait to see how they turn out. Perhaps really push one of those lighting studies to get a feel for edges and such, so when you do your finished piece, you'll have that experience under your belt.

I would love feedback on my Sketchbook
*joins in fan-girling over your sketchbook*

Haha, but really, great studies and designs. I really like the top-middle design of your warlock.. it's got a unique silhouette and almost feels like it's the most refined design out of the lot.

Can't wait to see more!


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