Woooah I'm so excited to start a sketchbook on here you guys have no idea! I will update it Every Single Day (this time for real) nd I'm gonna work my ass off
oh btw here's my previous sketchbook http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthr...sketchbook 
alright lets do it

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Welcome. I'll cut to the case - working hard is everything, but you don't need to update your stuff every day. It is about understanding what you learn, not to just draw stuff everyday. Also it'll be good to see some of your own stuff, cuz that's where people can see how much you've learned from that studies. Don't have anything to say yet. So keep up. Cheers.

Welomce to CD! Love the face study of the girl. Maybe try to be a bit more efficient with your brushstrokes but otherwise great start. Hope to see more soon *.*

Sweet, your work is pretty tight for 18. I see others suggest for you to draw/paint everyday - Good! The more you do, the more you learn, and the more you learn the more you can accomplish. Don't fall for that trap though, where you think you need to post every single day. Your sense of achievement should be associated with the work you do, more than feeling the need to post everyday. It's good to set goals and view your progress but don't let it get in the way of making art whenever you want, and taking a break whenever you want.

Hope to see your progress, and welcome!


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Nice studies! Can't wait to see more :)

Welcome to the forum Vennsomn :).

Nice painting studies there - sounds like you're up for some hard work - remember to enjoy it too :).

Keep going :).

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CD Sketchbook

Anton_Fort - yep applying the studies is for sure essential! Thankss 

NoodleInBox - Thnx :~) You're so right about pointing that out bc my brushstroke game is currently weak af lmao. So much to work on ................

RottenPocket - Oh thanks, thats some good advice, I'll keep that in mind :---))))

Axrel - thank you !!  Insane

Artloader - ur so nice thanks !

Sadly had no time for anatomy drawings today but was quite productive nonetheless. The last one is done from imagination with the purpose of showing off my non-existent anatomy knowledge (yay). Also, I hate painting drapery

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I think your "non-existent" anatomy skills are not that bad in the last picture. It's looks good to me for a first try. Maybe compare it to a similiar reference and find weak points, that didn't turn out so well in your image. Study these weak points and then put the references aside and try to improve the picture with the new knowledge you have gained. This is a good way to build muscle memory and to expand your comfort zone.

Aside from that I think the other two studies of your last post look very nice, too. Especially the face of the man. I really like your choice of colors here. The skin looks really nice. The cup with the citrus fruits looks great, too, although the drapery is pretty rough yet. If you study the basic tube and then try again, I think it might be easier for you to draw the drapery next time! ;) 

You also did get a lot of great advice from the others about making progress. Take some time and try to apply it and don't concentrate too much on doing masses of paintings, instead really focus on smart improvement like I have described above. Take one weakness, concentrate on it for a while and then move on, when you feel comfortable drawing it. I had a time in my life where I did months of study work doing hundreds of really quick studies, but barely made any progress, because I rushed through them for the sake of studying only. It was really wasted time and I couldn't touch a pen for a while because of the disappoinment. I also had no comfort zone for a while, which made me feel even worse. 

So take your time and think only about the picture in front of you, until you are happy with it or learned something new from it. :) 

Good luck and happy painting!
Damn those studies are super yummy <3 You always have such nice colors. The only thing that you could look at are the breasts of the woman and her ribcage. The boobies look a bit to stiff and the form of the ribcage seems a bit off. Maybe do some studies of that but otherwise super neat update.

Kaiko  - Thanks so much for the advice! I've never really considered this way of studying, seems much smarter than just doing studies. Going to try that out! <33
NoodleInBox - you're way too nice but thanks omg....... Gotta study some boobs I guess

stuffs. I started the second portrait a few days ago n finished it today (no refs used... u can probably tell lmao)

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Nice still lifes! Also good work on those construcctes gestures. I like it, ANOTHER! ;D

So many studies! I cant say anything that i havent said before, just keep kicking ass cause you are working so much and you are going to improve so fast at this rate. Gaahh need to push harder to keep up
Oh and I love that face. The skin is so beautiful and the eyes *swoon*

Nowio - thanks, I'll do more for sure!
NoodleInBox - yass lets kick ass together lmao

moar things. There are like 20 pages of hampton's book left and I'm soo happy. I plan to study hogarth after that, because I need anatomy the most rn. 
oh and the second portrait is from imagination again (can't paint anything outside my comfort zone :(( )

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today was busy af

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You are pushing so hard damn! I need to go back to drawing now haha

I love your anatomy and still life studies!! Very inspiring :)

thanks guys <33

so I'm still struggling with anatomy from memory, ... um.. yeah it's pretty obvious I guess. At least I can see the problems

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fun fun fun

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Looking good! How long did you spend on that pomegranate still life? Also the portrait you painted looks great!

Good that you include drawing from memory in your practice, that's when you can see how much you learn. Even more though, if you try to do stuff from imagination or just replicate something from memory but from a different angle. Awesome work anyway, keep it up!


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