Hey guys!

Im very excited for this forum. It looks like there are a lot of people here dedicated to getting better, which is awesome!

I figured I would start a sketchbook here so I can try and get in on the action.

Just a few things from the sketchbook for this first post.

[Image: goat.jpg]

[Image: fourarms.jpg]

[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: 002.jpg]

[Image: 003.jpg]

[Image: 004.jpg]

I can't wait to hang around the forum some more and get to meet some of you guys!

cool sketches man, keep at it!

Great stuff so far mate!

Haha gotta love the first sketch :D
Keep it up!

I love the since of fun in this sketchbook. Keep that energy.

Something Cody Miles said to me once that stuck: consider each set of pages in your sketchbook as a separate composition. When you sketch, you're throwing down ideas of all sorts and you should also be looking for interesting shape interactions while you do this.

This applies especially strongly when you work with brushpen or micron, since the drawings themselves are relatively quick. You can spend your time thinking about things other than the basic design, which you'll be able to nail almost immediately.


nice sketches :)
keep going

Shit! It's been awhile! Sorry Daggers! But I'm back.

Here are some sketches hot off the press.

Sketchpost! GO!

[Image: 005.jpg]

[Image: 006.jpg]

[Image: 007.jpg]

[Image: 008.jpg]

[Image: 009.jpg]

[Image: 010.jpg]

[Image: 011.jpg]

[Image: 012.jpg]

Sketches looking dope! Bring on the colour!
Coffee shop study. Battery ran out on the laptop. :(

[Image: rita_study.jpg]

Aaaaand, here are some other WIPs, doodles, and otherwise unclassified work...

[Image: dwarf_barkeep.jpg]

[Image: Falcon_Assassin.jpg]

[Image: RockeyShore.jpg]

[Image: landingZone.jpg]

[Image: CreepyCanyon.jpg]

Here are some random doodles.

[Image: Ackbar.jpg]

[Image: dealwithit.jpg]

[Image: muto.jpg]

And a thing I've been working on a little longer too.

[Image: gen3_soldier2.jpg]

Any tips on making him look more jumping and less crouching?

[Image: lilArmyDude.jpg]

Finished this thing. I guess. Just wanted it done...
[Image: gen3_soldier.jpg]

love the sketches man! keep up the good work!

Been awhile! I'm going to make sure I post more.

Here is a dump of some stuff over the past months.

[Image: knightstudy.jpg]

[Image: uburorc.jpg]

[Image: mechquad.jpg]

[Image: TheHound.jpg]

[Image: victarion.jpg]

[Image: oldpirate.jpg]

[Image: Gargoyale.jpg]

[Image: AD_characters.jpg]

[Image: hunsketch.jpg]

[Image: xesa_barb_lines.jpg]

The guy that's jumping has his feet really close together. Maybe they would be closer to shoulder width apart. Maybe it looks like that because of the style, don't know.

Anyway - nice update. That crazy eyed pirate looks good

Really really really cool stuff man! It's awesome seeing all these crazy ideas and designs, I want my sketchbook to look more like that! Nice colors and rendering too :)
Your gestures can look rather stiff, I think getting some more acting and motion into your poses would make your work a lot better. there's a cool handout by a storyboard artist on Spongebob I like to keep in mind , have a link! have 2 links! 3 even!
Haha, hope those are helpful to you. Keep up the good work dude!

The guy jumping reminds me of those old SNES cooperative games and of course, metal slug.
In a videogame, that kind of movement would be okay, but for a static picture wont work, because as you said, it looks more like he is crouching. You could try a more dinamic movement, spacing the legs like he is jumping forward.
Also those moleskine drawings and crazy ideas are really good, i loled at the old pirate and the gorilla baby haha.
Cool SB mate, keep going!

Ron, I think you're right! I was wondering why he looked like he was crouching and not jumping, and I think that's why. Thanks!

Sam, Thanks for the kind words! And the links! You're right, my gestures suck haha.

Eduardo, Thanks for the comments! I'm not sure why people like my moleskin stuff so much (though I'm glad you do!). I guess I should do more of it!

Anyway, here is some random junk!

[Image: Abstract_Dungeon5.jpg]

[Image: deadric.jpg]

[Image: deaknight.jpg]

[Image: fatknight.jpg]

[Image: xesa_barb_paint.jpg]

[Image: study_birdbust.jpg]

Cheers! Thanks for looking.


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