Will Warburton's sketchbook
i think your lines are really interesting =) i`m really interested in new work

I like the ideas for personal work. A lot. A bit of polishing here and there and you will shine. Keep it up!

Dennis Kutsenko - hey man! Thanks alot, i'm glad you like. Cheers for takin the time to stop by ;)

Ramalooke - You can!? Your eyes are way beter than mine ;p As always, cheers for the support mate.

Nimao - Glad you like dude, hopefully it will get beter. Cheers

iCi - Thanks man! I'm glad you think so, i'll do my best to pushin ;)

Work kicked my ass again, when getting back its always tough to find the will to study. Heres some stuff anyways, been doing pencil stuff again, might scan some of it at some point, we'll see.

Also, my boss is having 10days of on Holiday, so technically i'm on holliday too, which means way more study time Beautifu2

heres some shiiiiiiiieet

more line/ gesture study stuff
[Image: fashionstudy23rd.jpg]
[Image: fashionstudy24th.jpg]
[Image: samuria19th.jpg]

doodles before bed (i now see how bad my values suck, must improve x_x
[Image: orkdudeportrait20thwtf.jpg]

[Image: nvironmentdodle22nd.jpg]

[Image: chickportraitwarmupemosketch20something.jpg]

team chall stuff
[Image: guardianbackandfrontfinals.jpg]

not done this in a while. Self portrait.
[Image: selfportrait83.jpg]

For most the part, your lacking contrast to make your forms pop more. Again try doing some still lifes. They should help. Good upadate btw <3

rama - Thanks mate, your right as usual, i'll keep that in mind and do a ton of still lifes.

pencil skeeeeeetches. Sorry about the quality, i took them on my phone instead of using the scanner, was much less hassle.

[Image: 2012-08-31191850.jpg]

[Image: 2012-08-31192023.jpg]

[Image: 2012-08-31192100.jpg]

[Image: 2012-08-31192136.jpg]

[Image: R.jpg]

more quick studies trying to understand metal =X
[Image: armourstudy28th.jpg]

[Image: knightmetalstudy29th.jpg]

[Image: armour30th.jpg]

takin Rama's advice, workin on contrast and still lifes
[Image: stilllife29th.jpg]

practice practice practice. The design, anatomy, textures, comp, gestures, values, colours all suck.
[Image: womenwarriorpractice26th.jpg]

[Image: womenwarriorpractice26thmetal.jpg]

and some creature design for CA.org COW WIP. Fairy hunter.
[Image: fairyhunterwip130th.jpg]

Hey Will, nice work!

Looks like you live just up the road from me :o

Wow. Nice update. A lot of good studies ;3

Laura H - Thats prity crazy, its a small world indeed. Thanks for taking the time to stop by ;)

Ramalooke - cheers dude, thanks again

its been a while again, time just seems to slip away so quickly these days -_-

Ive been doing this for about 3 days none stop and now i hate the sight of it. I think i'm done with it, not to sure yet....
I ended up doing things like rendering the crap out of stuff which didnt matter and fucking things up which i thought i was past doing so i don't really like the outcome.
Originally for c.o.w at CA.org, but seeing as the site has exploded im not sure if i'll ever submit it, peace ;)

[Image: fairyhunterwipfinallowress.jpg]

damnn, this latest one looks great, awesome work man. I like those armored characters up there to. - Also, not sure how things are now, but I hope they are/start looking up. :)

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Nice COW! CA.org will be back up, they're having some super crazy long maintenance and updating bits/theuploader! You need to submit it when it's back up!

Min Yummm.:heart:

Youve got beautifull line art also. Take care man.
Jonesoda - Thanks alot dude, i appreciate your kind works and support.

Laura H - Yeah it sucks that its gone down, i'll try and remember to post it when stuff is back up and running. Cheers again for stopping by :)

Liberty - Yeah that dude is a beast. I basically want my stuff to look as good as his :s Thanks for the support.

not much interesting

hitting the pencils studies again
[Image: Fh.jpg]

[Image: F.jpg]

[Image: 2012-09-08180646.jpg]

[Image: 2012-09-08180607.jpg]

[Image: 2012-09-08180524.jpg]

wonky broken face study
[Image: portrait5th.jpg]

[Image: leech2nd.jpg]

Warm down doodles before sleep
[Image: womanwarrior31st.jpg]

[Image: antlerdudesketch6ht.jpg]


I can only say I like your sketchbook :)
Great linework

Nice stuff man. Really like your textures. :)

yeah! great stuff lately, keep pushing ;3

warre - thanks man ;)

Jake B - I struggle alot with textures and values, its something i keep meaning to improve on. Cheers for the compliment though, it means alot.

Liberty - Thanks! ;D

Ramalooke - Thanks mate, will do :D

I might post pencil stuff soon,been doing anatomy stuff, and heres some studies

still life late at night, twas kinda dark
[Image: stilllifetoy7th.jpg]

[Image: valuestudy8th3.jpg]

[Image: valuestudy8th2.jpg]

[Image: valuestudyolddude19th.jpg]

took abit more time and patience with this study, it was kinda interesting
[Image: starwarsscreencap10th.jpg]

crap applying stuff and doodles
[Image: knightstudy.jpg]

[Image: wantedratdude11th.jpg]

great sketcbook man im seeing the improvement keep on rocking bro

*He who says he can and he who says he cant are usually both correct*
A lot of nice new work, me like. Lovely anatomy drawings, still nice ideas for personals. Think twice about the placement of the features when you are setting up personals, dont be lazy :P

And ofc - keep it up, man!

Your Darth vader is amazing.
Hes on my todo list too :)


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