Adzerak's book o' sketches
Scans of faces and hands, train people and random doodles.
Trying to apply the Andrew Loomis construction to faces (as far as placement goes, no planestudies yet tho ;P), so more of that later!

[Image: WalterAndMage.png]
[Image: Faces_01.png]
[Image: Faces_02.png]
[Image: Faces_03.png]
[Image: Faces_04.png]
[Image: Hands_01.png]
[Image: Hands_02.png]
[Image: MaceFattieAndHands.png]
[Image: TrainDudes_01.png]
[Image: TrainDudes_02.png]
[Image: TrainDudes_03.png]

So, here's a WIP of something.

Me and a friend are doing an illustration challenge. We picked a theme among many, at random. This one is "Powerful weapon". Gonna add some magic glow effect to the weapon and the cut across the heads later on, to nail the idea of the weapon being..well, powerful. Haven't blocked in a background yet but given the perspective i just want some nice clouds and sunlight going on up there. If ya got some tips or crits, don't hesitate. Gonna be fun to start with color and see how the image develops.

[Image: PowerfulWeapon_01WIP.png]

Some more timed model drawing with coal from school. Think they're from 5-15 minutes, maybe it shows which is which heh.

[Image: Kroki_15.png]
[Image: Kroki_20.png]
[Image: Kroki_14.png]
[Image: Kroki_19.png]
[Image: Kroki_16.png]
[Image: Kroki_18.png]
[Image: Kroki_17.png]


Cool sketches so far! =)
Keep studying Loomis and you'll see some serious improvement!
Beside, I think you could benefit from some perspective studies too, which will help you tremendously with those faces!
Try to draw the skull over and over from every angle for this is really the ideal base to draw a face from :)
I made you a little paintover, I hope you don't mind, just let me know if you do, I'll delete it!
I'm really no portrait expert but hopefully this can give you some directions with that construction thing :blush:

[Image: po_by_prospass-d5xdbf2.jpg]

Totally agree with Prospass dude. Just hammer away on that perspective and practice drawing forms in perspective freehand, it'll help loads too :)

keep it up!

Nice crit there Prospass! Will definitely think more about that and practice it too!

Bag: Ye fo real niggz ^^

Blotchy concept stuff and a wip too.

[Image: Colony_Environment_02.png]
[Image: Colony_Environment_01.png]
[Image: PowerfulWeapon_02WIP.png]

Time to start bumping this more regularly again!

Here's some stuff I've been doing.

[Image: head_to_heads.png]
[Image: steambot_gunman.png]
[Image: Colony_Environment_Hills3.jpg]
[Image: Daddeh.png]
[Image: Summoning.png]
[Image: BountyHunter.png]

A study of a cool lizard head i saw. Want to broaden those monster and dragon designs.
Just gotta keep at it, switch it up and keep pushing.

heads in perspective and construction practice will be posted soon. But you guys can always nag me some more xD The gods know I need it (the old and the new)

[Image: LizardHead_study.png]

Wow, you learn quick! Your sketches are very cool, I loved the original sketch of the dude chopping off the multiple-headed dragon/ mythological creature and was hoping you'd take it further --and you did. :D! It's looking great as well!

Bump this sketchboooook more often!!
keep it up :D!

Thanks for the comment there smrrfette. All I can say is: I will ;D

Here's some head construction studies following the loomis guidelines. Felt good to draw random heads with it, but gotta try Bridgman's approch more too, like that boxy way of doing things.
A wip of a mercenary too, adding color today I guess xD
More to come!

[Image: LoomisHeads_01.png]
[Image: LoomisHeads_02.png]
[Image: LoomisHeads_03.png]
[Image: Mercenary_WIP.png]

Kinda done with the merc dude.

[Image: Mercenary.png]

Wow! Dude, your improvement is really awesome! I like your studies a lot, especially the digital ones! Keep it up! :)
mat04art: Thanks! Just gotta keep pushing it ;D

Creatures studies and some from mind.

[Image: LizardTypes_01.png]
[Image: RandomBeasts_01.png]

Nice work dude, my only critique is to spend more time on those Loomis construction, they look a bit rushed and the proportional flaws shows in your more developed faces, remember that eyes are about halfway in between the top of the head and chin, your eyes rest just about at the distance of where the eyebrow should sit. Pay careful attention to the proportions, you probably already know this but since I noticed it lacking in the heads, the nose is halfway between the eyebrows and chin, halfway between the nose and brows are the end of the eye sockets, half way between the end of sockets and eyebrows is the middle of the eye as well as where the keystone ends through the middle of the forehead, halfway below the nose and chin is the bottom of the lower lips, I usually just divide the bottom of the nose and chin in thirds, so first thirds is the bottom of the top lip or the divider of the lips, second third is where the shape of the top chin is attached to the plane that falls below the bottom lips and the last third will be your chin. Do a simple mark down of these proportions and align it next to Loomi's head illustration and you will see how it holds true =D. These aren't truly set and stone rules but merely suggestions, you can vary however you like but most heads fall in these proportions, lastly, the height of the bottom of nose to head is about the distance to find where your pit of the neck would be from the chin. Keep practicing dude, you will be great in no time.

TNiznet: Whoa, that's a whole bunch 'o frucking awesome critique from you ;D
In my whole life my approach to drawing has been to draw from mind, and thus I've learned slowly over the years. The idea of breaking down and studying something is not really new to me, but to actually do it, is. So these kinds of crits really help to kick me in the ass a little xD Although, the Loomis studies above aren't meant to be a deep study of his technique, I merely looked at the first few pages and started there, so as not to get ahead of myself. Like Yoda on Luke's back when he trains: "No more will I teach you today." ;P The damn "eyes are kinda in the forehead"-problem has haunted me for years, should do some more in- depth studies to bury them once and for all. Next study: face proportions, thanks for the crit man!

Sooo..other stuff!

Gestures and some sketches of nude dudes. Trying to loosen up more while drawing digitally.

[Image: GestureFemmes_01.png]
[Image: GestureBarbs_01.png]
[Image: GestureBarbs_02.png]
[Image: MaleBodies_01.png]

Started as a 2 hour speedpaint, then I worked a bit more at it so maybe..3-4 hours total. Should really keep better track. But it's easy to get distracted sometimes with 5 art people in the same appartment xD

[Image: WatcherOfTheMonoliths.png]

No problem Adz, I really like your sketchbook because you are constantly developing your imagination. It's fun to see what other artists think and imagine haha, something that I feel most sketchbooks are lacking. Just don't be afraid to be uncomfortable and to do some important studies that will be applied to your imagination so it saves you the trouble of trail and error through the years when simply working from mind.

Gestures and figures look solid man. Last painting looks nice too, keep it up man.

Thanks for that comment dude, nice to see someone who has a similar look on development of art skill. I do regret that I didn't start doing studies earlier, but then again, I'm glad that I've drawn so much from imagination. It feels easy to become study addicted, and just do random studies of like...sharks and submachine guns, and somehow expect to magically get better at painting from mind. Think it's important to do personal work to see if you can apply what you've learned from studying and observing real life.

So yea, more studies a-comin'!

but for now, here's a quick one of a bitter goblin guy.

[Image: ForestGoblin.png]

Here's a "finished" environment and a wip of a new one. Think the newer one has potential so gonna spend more time with it.

[Image: RockaDoodleFockinDoo.png]
[Image: SnowRocks_WIPPUDESKA.png]

Back from vacation, now back to drawing and painting!
Here's an update on the snowy landscape. Details, more aerial perspective and color varation up next!

[Image: SnowRocks_comparison3.png]


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