Adzerak's book o' sketches
Hey dude!
These last quick studies are really nice. I like doing those a lot myself, keeping it fresh! I think that they showcase more confident lines. So good job! And you're keeping it real with those awesome values in your traditional sketches :D

I wanted to comment on that giant golem piece from before, but I felt like a douche. You nailed the depth and scale of the guy and it shows that you're getting better at that. You also solved the last critique you got really nice with making him more visible. Plus you handled the bounce light great! I guess one little tool you can use for making things look really big is lowering the horizon and playing with the perspective. By making us look up at him it would further amplify his size.

But the thing I wanted to say is that I think the bent arm is on the verge of breaking the piece, there doesn't seem to be much force behind his swing, nor is it mirrored in his body. The flow of the composition is interrupted. You could probably study MMA fighters or boxers to get that whole-body gesture!
I hope that's useful man, keep kickin' it! :D

Man, these are the kinds of crits i like!
I didn't even notice it that much before you pointed it out, the part about the golem.
This was a piece I just ended up making, started painting in some values for fun and then I was invested in the piece. Surely it has evolved alot since the first WIP, but even so, I should really sketch out things more before i settle on an idea, do thumbnails and try out camera angles and poses and such.

And this post reminded me of doing more gestures too, almost forgotten about that with everything else going on with the color and value practice and the observational things and badabip-badabop!

So! More stuff from school. Felt like doing this helped a lot. Really taking time and analyzing the spaces between the shapes, the perspective and so on. I've been really sloppy when studying stuff from life imo, not taking time to really look and contemplate the relation between the objects. The line ones are quick 5 min warm ups from different angles and the coal-shaded one is obviously longer heh.

[Image: 2013-10-04+13.33.12.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.33.28.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.33.42.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.33.52.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.37.39.jpg]

Handses preciousss!

The ink ones are 30 sec each, felt really nice to do them so quick in order to focus more on the gesture.

[Image: 2013-10-04+13.34.32.jpg]
[Image: Handses1.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.35.21.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.35.31.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.36.06.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.36.20.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.35.47.jpg]

Practicing observation skills and the ability to percieve and understand color.
These are fairly quick, as you can tell by the..."not very complete"-look they all got. The purpose for me however is not to practice rendering or the accurate portrayal of a person, but rather to identify the important color values and saturation, and then put it down there without getting too bogged down. Gonna do more of these cause it kinda feels like I'm learning stuff xD

[Image: QuickFaceStudies.png]

keep up the head studies!

nufftalon: Thanks, I will!

Here's two wips and some quick face sketches of people from school (except the goblin guy and the lopsided bulgy dude)

[Image: 2013-10-04+13.38.01.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-08+11.18.56.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-08+11.19.11.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-08+11.19.38.jpg]
[Image: DesertShipsSketch.png]
[Image: DarkSoul_Wip.png]

A still life. Kinda challenging to identify the right colors, haven't practiced color so much so yea..good practice.
Didn't want to spend too much time on it and render it asunder, but I guess as I'll do more of them they'll look more polished.

[Image: SchoolStillLife.png]

Gonna post some more studies here soon. Been on a sort of vacaction I guess. My home town of Uddevalla, Sweden. The town is like the Wall in Game of thrones, except there's alcoholics instead of white walkers and there's no wall really.
Haven't been that much drawing, still struggling with face tones and values.

Here's a quick one.

[Image: QuickBumguy.png]

Spent a little more time on these, feels like I have an easier time to get the colors right quicker now. Gotta keep at it :)

[Image: QuickFaceStudies_2.png]

Some updates. Dunno if I'm gonna work more on the undead guy, seems like the idea is cool but i don't like the way it's headed. Anyway, here's some small ones too. Trying paint really zoomed out, so I can get color splashes and basic shapes down really quick. Just spewing out ideas really. Might take the green background spellslinger dude further heh, like a new version of the undead above.

[Image: DarkSoul_Wip2.png]
[Image: SmallOnes_01.png]

Moar stoodies.

[Image: QuickFaceStudies_3.jpg]

Came home and just felt like painting, so a Flamekin popped out. Reminiscing about those old MTG days ^^

[Image: FlamekinFiredancer.png]

MMA studies. Learning a lot by doing these, should probably abuse them more with a soft brush. I really underestimate that brush I think

[Image: MMA_dude01.png]
[Image: MMA_dude02.png]

Continued to work more zoomed in on one of those way zoomed out paintings. Felt good to block in the general atmosphere and shapes and then render some. And pretty good when I didn't have a clue on what to paint xD

[Image: Wasteland+Scout.png]

Real nice progress Dude, good mixture of studies and paintings.

Would be really nice if you could show a step by step progress of one your paintings :)
quite curious about how you work on your paintings

Daamn man! That zoomed out painting is looking really rad! Could almost be called finished already, digging the clean and clear strokes, which I guess comes from working so broad. Haven't really tried it myself. But I will nooow!
Awesome concept! Would be cool if you introduced a splash of another color just to keep it varied :D

By the way, noticed that I hadn't checked out your older stuff properly, you've gone a long way since the first page dude. Especially your anatomy and digital stuff. Facking great work :D

wow man, your studies really great, just don't rush things, take your time to observe
Sirobe: Thanks mate! Will keep pushing and I'm even saving a progress of my current painting. It's a neat little goblin mage, so hold on to your roman helmet! ^^

Bjulvar: Ye I think it turned out well for a quick one I did in the evening. That technique seems to help me a lot when it comes to blocking things in and thinking larger.
Hah oh yea, older stuff, specially on DA and CA, some ancient stuff on there haha xD

Rioriorio: Thanks man. Hear ya, trying not to rush while still trying to maintain some kind of flow and avoiding "noodling" around too much. Just need to do more and I'll ger there!

Here's another boxer guy and a kind of quickly painted dwarf pirate. Felt nice cause i tried out this technique by Craig Mullins
Kinda sweet to help one establish a silhouette and then block in the light and basic chunks quickly.

[Image: DwarfPirate.png]
[Image: MMA_Dude_03.png]

Here's my second attempt at a water color study (yea, the perspective is way off xD)
And some sketches I did on the go.

[Image: dwurfface.png]
[Image: Cabin.png]
[Image: Vehicles.png]
[Image: buid.png]
[Image: pirateNsquid.png]

Some more sketches and a water color study stone.

[Image: elfu.png]
[Image: fatpriestNDwurf.png]
[Image: jacketman+copy.png]
[Image: ogredude.png]
[Image: squiddy.png]
[Image: rock.png]


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