Adzerak's book o' sketches
Here's some stuff I've done while on the move, some are a few months old I guess.

[Image: Scannies_01.png]
[Image: Ratman.png]
[Image: Scannies_02.png]
[Image: PonderMage.png]
[Image: Scannies_03.png]
[Image: Scannies_05.png]
[Image: Scannies_04.png]
[Image: Scannies_06.png]
[Image: Scannies_07.png]

nice pencils!

keep up the good work!

DoubleThink: Big thanks!

More scans. Like how the troll guy looks a bit like Mike from Breaking Bad ^^

[Image: Scannies_08.png]
[Image: Scannies_09.png]
[Image: Scannies_10.png]
[Image: Scannies_11.png]
[Image: Scannies_12.png]
[Image: Scannies_13.png]

Snow landscape is done. Onwards to new stuff!

[Image: CloseTheDistance.png]

Haven't really gotten into a study-mode yet, mostly free sketching while riding on the bus and pacing about in school. But feels like good practice in it's own right.

[Image: twodwurfs.png]
[Image: LizardManCaster.png]
[Image: HeadlessOgreGuy.png]
[Image: GoblinNinja.png]

Yep. More scans!

[Image: CoupleOFaces.png]
[Image: SkeletalCultist.png]
[Image: 2013-09-01+22;36;44.png]
[Image: Flopmunch.png]

Huzzah! I love scans.
Great value work mate, you're getting me in the sketchbook mood! Reaally digging that lich-dude in your latest post. His cloths feels very soft and organic in it's shading. You rocked that one!

Some of your figures seem to be leaning or about to topple over. I think it's because the hip and shoulders are going in a parallell direction. I suggest that you contrapose that thing up and breathe some new life into them! I guess this applies more to action poses, but it could also apply to them just standing around.
Keep rocking it man

Bjulvar: thanks for the feedbacks and compliments and crits, laddie! ;D
You're definitely right about the figures being off balance. It's something I'm slowly triyng to mend. A year ago I didn't even plan out the whole figure before starting to detail. Drawing face, armor, arms..and then- dammit! the legs! xD And it always ended up looking like the lower part of the character didn't belong

Following a usual formula for me lately, here's a speedpaint that wasn't all that speed painty. Bashed a few more hours into the bastard 'cause I wanted to mess around with a new brush set and saturation, so yea, felt like I learned something. (like planning perspecive more, if the Lovecraftian tales I've been reading doesn't give me nightmares tonight, that horizon line surely will)

[Image: Autumn.png]

Got a whole new brush set so did a 2 hour speedie to try it out some.

[Image: SpeedieMechMonk.png]

More scans!

[Image: CompilationOfStuffs.png]
[Image: StoutMarine.png]
[Image: JumperBug.png]

And some more.

[Image: Beast.png]
[Image: BlubberNeck.png]
[Image: DevourerOfHumanity.png]

A bit o' WIP. Did this quickly and wouldn't mind changing it around, so crits are always welcome ;D

[Image: ToweringGiantWIP.png]

Making it seem a bit bigger and

[Image: ToweringGiantWIP2.png]

Yet another WIP. It feels like a long time since I spent some time on a painting. Desired to spend some with this.

[Image: ToweringGiantWIP3.png]

Nice sketchbook! I would consider changing knight on your last WIP to bright even white. So he would be much more visible due to a value contrast on shaded body of this golem. If you resize this picture to smaller the Knight is not visible at all, where I think it's important part of the story.

Nice tip Madzia! The knight is definitely going to have some changes done to him. Never thought of making the armor brighter tho, will try it out ;D

Some more scans from me.

[Image: Scent.jpg]
[Image: Skissilainen.jpg]
[Image: ShortAssKnight.jpg]
[Image: GreaserNBoil.jpg]
[Image: RatfaceTroll.jpg]

Done with him!
Felt like I've leveled up some in lighting. Reflected light and color variation and so on. Goota keep studying that stuff ah yea.

[Image: ClayGolemClash.png]

More scans from the travel sized sketchbook!

[Image: TwistedBodyAndFaces.jpg]
[Image: Beastwoman.jpg]
[Image: JacketGurlAndCo.jpg]
[Image: HulkingDeamon.jpg]
[Image: MushroomCretin.jpg]

Some work from school, had a 4-5 min time limit to draw various objects in front of us.

[Image: 2013-10-04+13.31.27.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.31.39.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.31.50.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.34.20.jpg]
[Image: 2013-10-04+13.36.49.jpg]


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