Eddy´s Sketchbook
Purblindd: haha thanks!

So little time today, but i still i gave her a new outfit.


If i have the time, tomorrow i will be sketching a lot and trying to develop this new style that i´m starting to love. :D

Yeah good one ! It remind me the character of MGS.
With a little lopsidedness it would have been perfect ! ^^
i take note Dimitri!
And yes, it is the outfit of Snake in MGS 3

cool stuff, really like the more illustrational pieces! keep it up!
Good work Eddy! Make sure to flip your canvas from time-to-time it will help you fix some issues with balance and symmetry, which is especially helpful when doing a straight-on pose like the character you got up there.
Thanks Dennis, Kevin much appreciated!

this sketch was done today for work, the idea was rejected but i still like it.

Morning Sketch! Just finished MGS3, truly amazing game, i´m in love with the music, the plot, the characters, everything! :)
Drawing in this way was really fun.

Hey no problem! and thanks, indeed anatomy is a tough one, but its not impossible.
Also, more MG nonsense, it is the last, i promise xD

sorry for not keeping this baby updated, i had some kind of block this days :S

Anyway, i´m recovered. Today i was doing some Loomis studies along with some Yoji Shinkawa studies haha.

Like the last one, i´ll do this character in various outfits.

And maybe, when i select one, i can do a complete character sheet or something.

Nice work man. art block is a pain in the ass, happy you've recovered though, looking forward to more work.

also really dig the MGS stuff, I started MGS3 for the first time a week ago so it was cool to see in here.

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Thanks man! yep, i´m recovered and ready to work some more.
Also you completed the game? BEST ending in videogames/movies history. :)

Same character, new outfit.
The theme this time is "Saviour"

Cool stuff in here man!, I really love Yoji Shinkawa too, he does some awesome action and facial expression stuff too besides his character costume design stuff! Maybe head in that direction?
You have a very good sense of proportions and stuff already, you could tighten it up even further by redrawing the characters you are trying different outfits on. I really like whats going on here though. Keep it up man!

Thanks man, much appreciated! I´m in love with Yoji right now, so i think i´ll go in that direction for now.
Today i´ll try to upload a new sketch if i have the time, i´m gonna try the 3/4 view for my characters from now on.

great stuff man
Mr. Toodles: thanks! :D

Here is a female trooper, i will work more on this concept.

Tight stuff man! I mean it's loose and fresh but still........tight! You've got some lovely lines going on there and I'm a fan of the sketchy fastly darks block-in too. I know it's good to practice neat hatching but I like how you let loose on your personal work. Very Yoji and Alessandro Taini (aka Talexiart).

Getting better every post. This one is a pretty big step forward!

Thanks a lot mate! i appreciate your comment :)
Indeed, when doing studies its important to render a lot, but when sketching you can get loose and concentrate more on the movement and "feel" of the picture.
But still, i want to improve her armor a bit more, so i think i will redesign de upper part

Finally an update!

I wasnt completely happy with the last one, so i did it again.
I think she looks much better now.

Cheers! :)

freakin sweet costume design

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