Eddy´s Sketchbook
oo i like the lady soldier and good luck with the graphic novel man id like to see more from that!

*He who says he can and he who says he cant are usually both correct*
Thanks David! i´m still working on the script and the character/mechanical design so it will take a few months i think to really start with the novel.

Hi people! i catch a cold this past weekend, feeling really sick the last days, but today i´m better.
To celebrate, here is a new concept for my graphic novel project.
I planned this as a sketch, but i´m tempted to finish it.

Im glad you are feeling better.. In terms of your concept.. one word Awesooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee.

Thanks man! you like it? then i suppose i could finish it. :)

Please do, it looks great :)
The proportions and the anatomy look great.
Before you do take it further, just a suggestion - consider the dynamic of the action itself - you know that thing where you should pick either the moment that is the starting point of the action or the moment that is the ending of the action? Its mostly used for comics. Should her left leg trip him or kick him in the stomach?

Now it looks like he has a solid balance and she is gently demonstrating some self defense technique.
It can pass like so, but personally I would like to see a more dynamic choice of the moment (either he is receiving the kick, bent and out of balance or flying through the air, swept away)

Uaaa uuuueeeii nice sketchbook mate. I thiiiink I'm gonna follooow to see moar sweetness xd

Vigil: thanks mate!

iCi: thanks for the crit, se was supposed to kick him in the stomach so, i think i need to add some movement to her leg and the body of the poor random soldier.

ramalooke: thank you! more swetness is coming :)

Really nice sketchbook! I like your sketches, you can easily capture the form and movement. I think it would be good if you focused now on studying faces - they are always a focal point. So if you master that, people won't pay much attention to ather flaws (I do not, however, encourage you to slack of in other areas).

keep up the good work :)

hey thanks Piotr! yes, faces are my favourite subject i love facial expressions, also i was going to practice that in the coming weeks, because of my graphic novel project so, expect some face studies soon.

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates.
Here is the sketch of my current WIP.

As Piotr suggested, i will focus on facial expression in this one.

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Looks really good. You managed to establish the face with just few brush strokes. I am, however uncertain about few areas where values are a bit random - is that dirt, blood or something else?

Thanks Piotr! indeed i plan to add blood and dirt but at the moment i only painted some basic values, and some of them may look random.
Maybe i uploaded it too soon :P

Also on a side note, i want to recommend to anyone who read this to visit:
Xia Taptara website: http://idrawgirls.com

and Daarken website: http://enliighten.com/

i discovered this two sites when i started with digital painting almost a year ago, and helped me a lot.

Update! i wasnt completely satisfied with my last illustration so, consider this a 2.0

Finished... i think.

I made a paintover for you. I hope you'll find it helpful.
I changed her face - nose was a little too long and lips a little too low. Adjusted hair a little. Fixed forearm - it was too long. I also painted over some stuff that had too high contrast, I should go further with it, but I'm a little too lazy atm.

hey thanks Piotr, dont worry you already helped a lot with this paint over.
To be honest, i dont want to work more on this, but i´ll keep your advice.
This piece turned into something more experimental, weird results. :D

morning sketch, Sargent reference used, but not really a master study.

Little sketch, after all of this metalgearesque stuff i want to do something dark and bloody. :)


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