Eddy´s Sketchbook
Looks really good, man.

My only critique is about spatial relation in the facial features (Eyes, nose, mouth look slightly off in some way, in terms of placement), and the general head shape. It's looking stiff. I hope you can maybe see what I mean.

I've been studying Wesley Burt lately for his awesome faces-- Maybe if you compare you'll see what I mean: http://edge.alluremedia.com.au/m/g/2014/03/834_max.jpg You can compare the eyebrows, the nose, the mouth-- There is expression even when at rest.

Her bod looks amazing though, really good sense of weight and anatomy. Clothing is great too! Nice work!


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nice tits... fix the face dude it's kinda apelike, kinda round it out on the cranium forehead thingy



70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
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Yeah ditto on the gorilla face, maybe you should use furiosa from mad max for some of the reference, she seems to have a similiar look to what you seem to be going for.

Bookend: thank you! :D i cant believe how wrong i was with this model, seriously. I even feel a bit embarrased now. But its all good, without this kind of realizations we cant continue going forward. :)

Fedodika: couldnt agree more with you there mate, thanks as always for the super crit man! just keep them coming. :)

Triggerpigking: yeah! its a similar badass female character, though this may sound a bit weird, but charlize theron is way too beautiful to suit this character. xD To be honest, when working on this one, my main inspiration was Rin from katawa shoujo, so you probably know what i mean. And thanks for the crit man!

So yeah, i took your advice to heart guys and started a new head from scratch. 
Not sure if i should call this one finished yet, but it sure looks better than the last one... i hope at least now she looks more human and less apelike haha. 

[Image: zitQXKc.jpg]

much sxier haha

it may be tough to dig in that far in 3d, but make sure you get the lower eye lid to jut out a little, it's good you are adding the raw and fleshyness of the under eye


also the lips look kinda melted, remember lips are tight and don't forget the mound under the lips!


70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
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Looks a lot better, definitely! Really great improvements. Agree on Fedo's comments, and also-- Possibly you could arch the eyebrows for slightly more dynamic facial features-- But, that's not necessary. Grin

Well done on taking critiques and turning them into gold, man! Keep it up!


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Dude, you got an awesome game project going on! I stared at that Main Screen test for a lot!
I'd love to help you out on that (maybe I can't even), I don't know why but games' main screens always excited me in some kind of weird way, it's like a landing page on a website and it has its own relevance! (I have a job as a full-time graphic designer, that's the only reason why I notice those things xD)

The overall looks great to me, I'd suggest though to take inspiration from other games' main screen (I know that with all the things going on this is probably one of the last to think of). I'd add more drama to the composition and I'd redesign that Menu (looks a bit poor as of now, but maybe that's intentionally!)

Hope it makes sense, keep pushing!

Fedodika: yet another spot on critique, awesome thanks mate ;D I re-checked the geometry of the lips and i noticed it was mainly a problem with the AO (ambient occlusion) and diffuse textures. But i also modified the geometry of the low poly model a bit to make the lips look more tigh. About the eyelids, i sculpted all those details in the high poly, but translating that fine detail into the game model is tricky, we will see in the next model. :D

Bookend: thanks! :) Today update is about a different set of facial expressions i made for her in blender.  Though in the actual game she is emotionless most of the time, she has her reasons though.  

AlCo: thank you! :D glad you like this game project, actually i feel the same way about main screens. That main screen was just a test to try some stuff in unity. I want the main screen of the game to be dynamic. So it changes depending on your progress of the game. And yeah, if you ever want to give me a hand with the graphic design i would be really grateful! though to be honest i still have no idea what kind of style im going for when it comes to the interface. xD

So here is a little update showing a new hair and some facial expressions done in blender. 
Plus new face textures. 
Next update i will show her in full body, and maybe a bikini or some casual clothes/uniform. 
Also sadly, no eyelids this time, since making those match with the rest of the face without rigging the model first is a pain in the ass. 

[Image: 7YXdbMd.jpg]

Hmm, good on fixing the lips! much SXIER heheh. Yea the eyelids would def help but i get if it's too much werk for sure :)

Yea, her hair is lookin kinda greasy though, which is fine if you want her to be a hippy ;)

I know you love manga/anime, and are incorporating that style, so just look to people who make those crazy anime hairstyles 3d.



Like the hair if it existed in real life, yes would look like that, but if you want it SXY you need to give it volume, meaning it isn't close to the head. You know when someone with long hair don't bathe for a while their hair becomes very flat and it looks gross, keep it in mind, and give me kissezz <3

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
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nice work, this face model is 10 times better then the original and of course your inspiration was Rin, it's always Rin XD.

Agree with Fedodika on the hair, it's looking greasy, though considering the character is in a mech nonstop that might make sense.

Fedodika: now i feel conflicted, still not sure if i want more realistic or more anime hair... i guess i should keep practicing both then decide. As for the greasy hair, it kinda fits her character. But there will be times in the game when she needs to take a bath and go to the stylist (think something like the graduation ceremony in Final fantasy VIII dunno if you have played it haha) so i will try making a new hairstyle next. 

Triggerpigking: what can i do if i love her??! *sheds a single tear* yeah there may be changes coming regarding the mechs! but it still fits her character since she has this warrior like/ anti social personality so the last thing she can think of is her greasy hair. xD 

Now here is her in full body, no feet this time because i want to try a new technique regarding that. 
Also the auto-rigging messed up the texture of the pubis, but since there wont be any nudity in the actual game, fixing its not a priority for now. 
Lastly, i added a tatto, because you will be able to get tattoos in the game, some of them will be story related so i wanted to practice that too.

Her body complexion will also change as she becomes more powerful, like in fable 1 and 2. Also if she becomes a complete monster or a good leader. :D 

[Image: b0HzOzp.jpg]

[Image: RX3Zchu.jpg]

I hope 2015 treated you guys well, and wish you the best for this coming new year. 

This year has been surreal for me to be honest. Around this time in 2014 i was sketching stuff in manga studio thinking about how cool it could be to try making a videogame. So i gave a 3d a try, and to my surprise i started loving doing 3d even more than drawing or painting. To the point that its pretty much all i do now. 

The best part is that even if the tools and the medium has changed, your critiques and feedback are still as awesome as usual haha. 
And i feel kinda bad because most of the time i dont feel like i have the knowledge to actually give back to the community in the way i used to, maybe its all in my head and i just need to be more confident. Anyway, i will try again this coming year to become more active here too,  So lets keep pushing towards that imaginary finish line we all have in our heads in 2016 too. 

Oh and here is the player character of Amarok in a japanese scholar swimsuit and black stockings. Because why not?!

[Image: 6kto6zD.jpg]
More shots: 

[Image: vy9UH94.jpg]

[Image: a2eSgF6.jpg]

Cute outfit haha, she reminds me of this punky redhead girl i went to high school with...

EDIT: you could probably give her less of a man ass, idk lemme find a nice one through my harddrive here...


This girl has a great bum, but(t) it's all up to you whether you're satisfied with her butt, I'm sorry for pickin on ya all the time lol 


The one on the left, the butt just doesn't look womanly yknow, looks like a dudes bum haha



not cute to me...

Ya want every heroiness to have a good booty, idk that's just me bro more curves around the waste, chest are looking good tho

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70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Very imressive animation in the gifs! You've been working hard all this time and it's really showing. Your main loading screen has everything in the very center, and the menu hidden. Have you tried different composition of having the mech and the sword in different part of the scree, foreground, background, etc? Because right now it's really clustered, and somewhat flat.

Fedodika: mate, never change xD and thanks again, happy new year and all of that jazz. :) I've been focusing on learning the basics of UE4 so i didnt have the chance to come back to her butt (i know how that sounds) but i will definitely keep improving her anatomy. 

meat: hey thanks man! i kinda abandoned that idea, im not even using the same engine now. Though im still taking note of your critique. I will probably show a new start screen soon. :D And happy new year!

So, i've been slacking a lot this christmas, playing videogames, partying and stuff. xD 
But i managed to learn the basics of Unreal engine level design (the very basics haha) Only used the materials and meshes of the starter content that comes with the engine. 
Pretty amazing how good the lightning looks in this engine, even a few low poly meshes with basic materials can look somewhat good in this engine. 
More to come! And happy 2016 to all of you daggers!

[Image: RHcUrFO.jpg]

[Image: oxoUckr.jpg]

[Image: aV0aUXG.jpg]

[Image: j9EIaYH.jpg]

Happy new year dude!.
Oh damn that is some nice lighting, interested to know how the outside lighting is gonna look as well.

How powerful Unreal Engine is O_O keep them coming!

Please don't leave out the idea of that main screen, I started to be kinda obsessed with the design of them, not really trying out myself, but doing some research! Kinda frustrated, it seems I'm having no luck with finding out some good references of games' main title screens, but found this:


Triggerpigking: hey thanks mate! yeah yesterday i was tinkering with the lightning and following some tutorials. But what i need first is to be able to properly export my characters into ue4, so before working more on the engine i need to figure stuff like shaders, materials and all that stuff. So i went back to blender to correct stuff i wasnt totally happy about, like the hair and the eyelashes. 

AlCo: hey thanks for sharing that page! looks awesome to get the creative juices flowing. About the main screen, well, i had to ditch the idea because the game itself changed. Those characters wont even appear now. But the idea is still the same. I already know what kind of main screen i want, so once i get better at working on the game engine i will upload a new video. (The last screen was done using Unity now i've switched to Unreal) 

So yeah, between tutorials and experiments with UE4 i went back to blender and tried a new technique for the hair. 
Also, as much as i love swimsuits and stockings i think its time to give her proper clothing, so i will man up and give marvelous designer another try. 

As always, Crits welcome. ;D

[Image: X6t5dxI.jpg]

[Image: p3CSj0O.jpg]

You got far with detailing, far far better than the ones in the previous page! Shiny swimsuit, makes everyone to fall in love ;D

Can't really wait to see what you'll come up with since you switched to UE, gonna look amazing for sure!

AlCo: those swimsuits have a special charm right? xD About the UE4 i also bought a turn based strategy system to get started with blueprints (visual scripting, sort of...) so if everything goes well, i will have a video or at least some screenshots of new gameplay. :)

So, i've been working on giving her some proper clothing and started with the winter military uniform she wears during the game. In the next update i will upload a few more variations of this uniform. 
Textures are also unfinished, but since all of this is going to unreal, i didnt want to waste time making texture maps for Marmoset. 

Also, i realized the flag is waay too similar to estonia, but i still like it. xD though, if enough people complain about it i guess i will make another one. 

Im also thinking about making a fanart, so i dont get burned with this project (I've been working on this character for months already...) So what do you guys think, i kinda want to do an Undertale fanart. 

[Image: ixazlDh.jpg]


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