The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!!

Decided to start a sketchbook here, I also have a sketchbook on Ca

Crits are greatly appreciated

Also I did have a tablet but the pen broke i'm working on trying to get a new one.
Here's some imagination stuff from recently

ALso aware of the arm issues in both of these need to start paying more attention to my proportions on them

Working on form alot recently been watching the observation ot imagination series on ctrl-paint they've helped alot.

These ones were from imagination

Also went to a gallery today

And a draft for a piece i'm gonna work on

Okay done torturing you with my eye burningly bad stuff...for nowTwisted
Have'nt got an amazing amount to show, been messing around with doing traditional painting recently, the reeesults, well alot of yelling and paper soaked in water, don't plan on giving up on it though, would help my digital painting alot and now that y tablets gone for a while I don't really have any excuses not to practice it.
Also not gonna be uploading next week at all, going to a friends.
Okay onto the dump
First some doodles

Ah almost feel ashamed to upload this, been triyng to get better at drawing monsters took some inspiration from silent hill and the suffering but I think I ended up just copying and merging them more then anything else, and even then it looks daft ah well gotta get out the bad ideas to get to the good ones I suppose.

Form work and my greatest fear.. ovals and circles.
Last ones were done from imagination

I'm awful with backgrounds, most of this is'nt probbly gonna matter in the final piece when I paint it as it's all gonna be covered up by leaves but I hate how i've set up the trees here, it's supposed to be the lost woods so I sorta have to smother it with trees but then it ends up looking majorly cluttered and I don't just want it to recede into dakrness behind the trees either as it would mess with the colours in the painting and probbly make it look flat.
I dunno gonna look up a few paintings and photo's of forest's see how I could get around it.

damn!! you have really interesting characters in that head haha , i would suggest some anatomy and still live studies :) keep it up!

Remember that the bottles and the robots are both made up of the same stuff; spheres, cones, cubes, cylinder etc. The robot is just more of them. I recommend you study those basics because once you get good with those forms you can make anything from the water bottle to the space ant army queen's cargo ship! Heres a good exercise ALso check out the rest of his stuff on youtube!

Is 12% hippy
We got this!
Silverkeeper:Thanks I need to get better at still lifes majorly it's the ovals...pure EVIL incarnate, and my anatomy speaks for itself, think im gonna focus on studying only a certain bodypart a week.

Wingal:Thanks for the link
vid's really helpful I have'nt been able to look at many of the other vids yet plan on looking at them tommorow.
I need to get some money and buy the vilppu drawing manual i've learnt quite a bit from some of the excerpts i've found online.
This is all i've really done since ive got back just alot of form work, been really unfocused need to get back in gear and start working hard again.

[Image: wQfyKwc.jpg]
[Image: r8hBIsc.jpg]
[Image: OFGfyba.jpg]
[Image: L37yUI4.png]
[Image: 20G7sj9.png]

Are you using a scanner for some of them or a camera? There are drawings that have high quality and others not so much.
natori:Yeah i've started drawing on a3 paper alot more recently but I don't have a big enough scanner for them, so I use this crappy little phone camera, decided im not gonna upload them anymore actually their such bad quality I just don't see the point.

Been drawing in my a3 sketchbook alot so I don't really have much to upload but here's a dump anyway.
[Image: KyAKwRU.png]
objects from imagination
[Image: 9z8Httf.png]
[Image: 2kSdoRR.png]
[Image: uIi6DOW.png]
[Image: a7HbZ96.png]
[Image: 01AQBHq.png]
[Image: Czuboiy.png]

I see that you are better with objects so keep up studying them like that.
What would you like to do,humans or environments and objects?
If you would like to study about humans I would suggest you to find few tutorials,books online or you can follow classes here on Crimson Daggers.
And about environment and objects- there is also class that started Sickbrush where you start with some basics and continue working on photo studies and so on. Also- studying environments and objects is easier because you can take your sketchbook-sit in the train/bus or in your room and draw whatever you can see. So try that- try catching basic shapes and than do the details.
Keep working and good luck :)

You're showing improvemtn from your CA thread my friend. Keep up studying the structure (draw through) of objects from life. I recommend you practice those ellipses. Yeps, they are difficult, I find them uber hard too, but keep practicing.

Don't forget to break up your studies and have some fun by playing around in your imagination and making a mess with colour. Have fun with it :)

Keep pulling that trigger, Trigger :)

Toxicpanda:primarily i'd like to draw mainly people and monsters, but i enjoy drawing both enviorments and people, i'm leaning towards studying people and form at the moment though as i think they're my weakest spots at the moment.

thanks for bringing that skickbrush class to my attention, looks great, i'm currently trying to get through a bunch of paid tutorials from ctrl paint and andrew loomis's anatomy book, but after i've finished them i'll look into sickbrush's class.

I don't usually draw outside on the bus and the like find it distracting drawing around other people, but my search for a local life drawing class has come up empty and drawing from life is important so I should probbly just bite the bullet and do it.

Damien Levs:Thanks man I think studying form has really improved my drawings
your right about the ellipse excersises, gotta keep practicing them i've been ignoring them for way to long.

Egh have'nt been able to do much recently, i've been getting really bad hayfever and it's sucking the life out of me at the moment so i've had a difficult time drawing and pretty much doing anything.
Also have'nt got any work done on it yet but i'm taking part in the summer project I have a clear idea of what I want to do, my birthdays also coming up so i'll be able to finally buy a new tablet :).

Okay first some work on foreshortening relize how wonky some of these are, but I think i got a pretty decent grasp on how to do foreshortening
[Image: N6GOd5s.png]
[Image: NyjM52G.png]
This was an interesting assignment, imaginary still life's, had a bit of a brain fart and only thought I could put two vanishing points for all the objects though.
[Image: gleLkpg.png]
[Image: JEBfQ76.png]
some anatomy sketches from memory
[Image: 2nnhdWh.png]
and a sketch of a pigman, was gonna put this guy in a background but it did'nt work out well so i've just drawn him like this, gonna go back and draw him in with a background soon though i'm just having trouble drawing building's and areas when the perspective is close up rather then a farther away shot.
[Image: aOTKZCf.png]

Thats all for now hoping I can get back into my regular routine after this hayfever goes away.

Fuck almost a month without updating, have'nt had internet for two weeks and I have been feeling really rough so I have'nt got much done.

Anyway this are my designs so far for my project, I call it:the project which has no name as I am terrible with naming things.

it's essentially a mafia story set in a steampunky world based around the great depression of the 1930's. I got alot of inspiration from pulp fiction a bit of cowboy bebop and another anime set during the 1930's called baccano(whihc itse;f is very quinten tarantino like) there's basically several storys going on at the same time.
Think im gonna work till well after the summer is over as well seeing as I have'nt been able to draw much the last month and i'll have a new tablet by then as well.

First one of the as of right now unamed mob bosses. i'm putting several different races and creatures into this, this is the only one right now I have designed but I plan to have up to 5 of them including humans once I can think of some better designs, also yeah I relize how he looks like a drowzy pokemon XD I only relized afterwards.
I might redesign them actually aside from maybe the nose size and horns I can't think of something that'd make all the people in the species look different from one another.

Drew both of these as seperate designs for the same policeman bot but after looking over them both I think it might be a good idea to just make several diferent kinds of these robots each with different purposes, the first looks more like a rusty worker while the second looks alot more milatarized, so I think i'm gonna make a bunch of different ones.

And lastly one of the villains which without knowing(this is gonna become a thing with this project is'nt it) I named it after a creepypasta my friends reads.
Laughing Jack, might make a more detailed version of his face as I don't like how the mask texture turned out, also think I maybe could have exaggerated his smile and eyes a bit more to make them look mad but I was experimenting with more real looking expressions.

Anyway story with him is he's going around murdering gang members, mafia members and the police for an unknown reason.

Small update
Also don't suppose anyones got any ideas on what I should focus on improving next?

Few random doodles for my project

took a bunch of arms from the internet and tried to match up the muscles on them, think I did a decent job, I have'nt studied the arms on the back of the arm much yet though.

Small update, started folding the 3a paper in half to upload it, it looks a little rough but it's better then before, I've also got the money now to order myself a new tablet D16c4689

Got my new tablet today, started on the sickbrush class, these are a bit rough as i'm still trying to get re-ajusted to drawing on a tablet.

first row are 2minute the rest are 30secs

60 sec

Good variety of faces! Keep it up--you'll get used to a tablet again!

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Thanks Tygerson.
Had friends round so I have'nt got much to show for the last few days.

Attached Files Image(s)

Quick update

indian faces, first one came out looking very native american like could'nt really figure out how to fix it.

Little project im working on, meant to be a women but it's looking too man-like right now.

Study w.i.p first time i've tried doing a digital value study I think.
[Image: nscZ6AM.jpg]
[Image: MCvojz9.jpg]
[Image: VXO1mRi.jpg]
[Image: FixGFJ1.jpg]

Nice progress! feels like you are getting the dimensionality of things, and the value study is good, do more (me too haha, I need to do more of those)

TonariNoPunpun:Thanks, actually think I might try and start doing value study's on a weekly basis or so, finding them alot of fun.
More faces think I may have rushed the native american ones a bit.

Small update on this, finding the tentacles really hard to draw without them looking flat.

also I plan on adding a fire in the foreground and i'm not sure if to use a fire basin(like in the version below) or to extend the image a bit and put a bonfire below her instead). I want to mess around with lighting a bit and I think it might obscure most of the body if I was to use the composition below.

and the value study, think the darker parts are mostly fine but I think I need to lighten the lighter parts of the image at the moment the whole things looking a bit flat I think.


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