Sickbrush "Fantastic Daggers" class
not at all Tul, it's a good observation.

keep going guys you rrrrrrrrooockkkkkkkkk

I'm glad i wasn't the only one having trouble with ellipses. Something we all got to work on together xD.

[Image: sickbrush2.jpg]

that painting is really good, ImSkeptical. :>

Ok here is my try. Construction is not really my thing it seems XD

This is a lizard plushie

well done!
good control there imskeptical.
sushy - let your lines flowwwww let your hand move freelyyyyyy

and heres my painting
vault boy bobblehead!

you gotta imagine the bobble ;)
good going man, try to also pick up your desk color!
unless you're working in a bright white lab, then some color is missinggggg

i kinda cheated i put him on a white paper
Hi everyone! i'm sabina
here's my assignment 1a, it took me ages hence the late and unfinished submission.
[Image: sabina-1a-caucasian-africanamerican.jpg]

I learnt a lot, and i need to practice lots of different races more often. here's my environment study, it didn't occur to me that I could do a environment study with gradients and the selection tool. so this was a big learning curve too.

[Image: enviroment-study.jpg]

thanks for the classes and assignments sickbrush, i'm learning a lot
if anyone has time to crit, that'll be great, thanks :)

[Image: 46351_536027376410595_1404416823_n.jpg]


Thanks for the help everyone! It must not like flickr and the attachment would just refresh. At least it works.

Also, I was asking about the 2nd assignment lasso/gradient. He said he wasn't going to give a due date so it wouldn't be rushed, but i missed if he we choose the photo or he does. I'll re watch the video and see.

You guys did such a great job on your objects/painting. I'm jealous. I have a long ways to go, but I believe the construction seems to help. How do you create straight lines at angles with photoshop? I couldn't seem to get it work correctly.
[Image: straight_lines.jpg]

Thanks!! I'll work on it. I just began the people studies. I'm a bit disappointed on the way they are turning out. Maybe before I get to deep I'll post for a few pointers. I'll try to study what was already posted on here as well. Great tips! I might of been a bit tired to start a new project last night.
@ tul

How dare you point out something that will help me improve?! It's my style to not use parallel lines ;)

But seriously, thanks. For some reason I just didn't think of using parallel lines to construct the top of the lamp. I was just not seeing it like a series of circles.

That was the main reason I wrote out my thought process and provided a step by step, to see if anyone else had suggestions on how to improve/ if I was doing stuff completely wrong.

This class is quickly becoming a frikkin' awesome resource! Thank you everyone!
Thank you for doing this mr. sickbrush

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Weew dog bone white board easer >.>

[Image: 12-10-12-1.jpg]

Hello everyone! I am definitely loving all the stuff I am seeing, and looking forward to watching the student's progress. Thanks so much for making this a public class for everyone to watch, Sick!

PS: The painting of the lightbulb looked really nice!

Great going everyone ! will try to do some assignments and post it here.
Thanks for doing this Sick :)

Man, this was a bad week and this assignment kicked my ass, only managed to get three of the five sketches down, but on the flip side I did a careful construction of the shoe before painting it so that's gotta count for something, right, right? I also tried to go for more of a cell-shading look, only using the hard brush and strong values. Not sure how well it turned out, anyhow.

Everyone's work looks great!

Excited to see the class tomorrow :)

[Image: assignment-2.jpg]

great work everybody, i am really impressed.
nianto asked where i got the pictures of the faces, so check this out:

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook


awesome work everyone!
i'll try giving more feedback im just so damn busy with stuffffffffffffffff arghhhh

p.s. hohohoho mr bigworm.. i recognize that dice


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