Bjulvar's Sketchbook
Wall of text, just wanted to write. You don't have to read <3

Hi guys! Long time and no post. I've been trying to enjoy the summer for a bit (just kidding, swedish summer means rain) and had to prepare before the interview came. But now it's over and I've already received the results! I got admitted!

So I'm going to start studying game art in a town called Malmö just a bit south of where I live. It's going to include a lot of 3D and stuff, but I'm still going to try and do a bunch of art when times lets me, since that's still going to be the main goal, being a better artist all around. I'm under the opinion that all art complements each other. Besides the best advice I got about art is that the road is never straight. Going to be a fun and long journey!

Figured that I might aswell share some thoughts about the interview and how to prepare. Since I did it last year I could reflect on what I did wrong and what could be improved.
So one of the first things I had to get out of the way was that I usuall float away when I speak; it doesn't always get to the point. I can talk about one subject and float into another one. I believe that during interviews like this it is very important that you are clear about anything you talk about. Make them understand what you want for yourself and for them.

Before heading down there I tried analyzing games (since that's what they teach) and explore what my general opinion was about the "industry" and genres. Because I didn't want to get blindsided by questions, which happened last year.
Last year I got a question that went something along the lines of "20 people have said the exact same thing as you, what makes you stand out?"( had to do with me thinking I could be a good concept artist)
It was a tough question to get on the spot, I might've gone a bit defensive, like, "I've sacrificed a lot of time, blabalba" kind of ashamed about it right now haha.
It is a simple question though now that I've thought about it. You just have to be honest and clear about how you stand out. If you like making character, tell them you love imagining personalities. If you like history, tell them you can recall a bunch of awesome story references. If you can take criticism, say that! You see, simple!Woah!

I was so nervous this time too. That was the only thing I really couldn't control. It got better when I was at location of the interview, but still my hands stiffened up like icesticles when the drawing test came. Even though I did gestures of people at the train station.
Someone reminded me of doing sketches before I started the test itself. Damn that was so obvious, and still I didn't do it last year. So I took a piece of paper and drew a bunch of hands (which was one of the subjects) both to get that numb feeling out of my hands and to explore interesting poses. It lead made the whole thing go quicker I assure you, no going back to erase or rework stuff.

Be smart about the whole thing. They want to hear certain qualities about you, but you shouldn't lie about yourself. The unemployment office here in Sweden had a mandatory thing that I had to attend. Which was mostly a waste of time while being souldraining to the core. Though I did learn very useful things there. One thing is that knowing what personality you are and how to express that is key to interviews. Just by knowing simple adjectives you can describe yourself with, you can stand out easily. See if you can use words that people don't throw around that much.
You'll show that you have self-perception which is golden.

All in all, it was awesome to have a goal get completed like that. Tried thinking that if I get in or not, it won't define me as a person. Felt very healthy.

Thanks for giving me critiques and advice guys, it means a lot to me.

Picture inbetween answers to last posts!

Thanks man! It feels a lot more fun to paint him now. I've taken a longer break from it now. But painting something you don't like won't go anywhere, so it was refreshing :D

Glad you like it, always those quick sketches that look good haha.

They are awesome, have to catch up with them too. Only seen like 2 or 3. Love their guests :D

Yeaah I hope so. Gotta get back to him after this long break! That seems to be the most important aspect anyway, having a bad foundation is bound be break the whole thing. Haha I love that you say that, I royally screwed up the face more than ten times probably. Had to bring in different references to get it back on track. Yeah just keep at it man, it'll get better :D

Seriously that's the most awesome part, you really feel like a pirate too! Thanks a bunch dude! It usually works out when it's very simple values. Maybe I will :D

No explanations for these, too much text! Well, I bought some Anthony Jones tutorials, so that will show!

Bjulvar! Welcome bloody back!!
Awesome awesome awesome awesome!! I'm so happy for you, congrats on the interview and busting that goal of yours! Definitely something to be proud of man :D

Also very kind of you to give us all some advice about interviews, that was unexpected and helpful ~

Great update, can't wait to see what comes next from ya ^________________^

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Heya you burly whirly axe-spinning barbarian, you!
Nice to hear that you got admitted ;D I've studied three years of graphics in Skövdes university of game developing. It did teach me a lot, I had only colored an image via paint with mouse before, nothing digital. Didn't know my way around PS, or maya or any similar program. But still, I got bogged down by a lot of academical classes.
Now I guess that the game art school in Malmö differs from the one in Skövde. But hey, if you're curious about something just ask away xD

Smuuurrrfeette! Bloody thanks! And I see that you're back too, that makes me so happy :D
Woah yeah it feels so awesome, didn't think I'd try again after I failed last year! Now I'll have to grow up! :D

Great I hope that someone gets something from it. Interviews can get kind of scary if you're unprepared! Glad it's helpful!

Haha yeaah, going to check out your sketchbook too :D

Haha I like that one! ya skullcracking bear of a human!
Thanks dude :D Oh that's really cool, thought about applying there aswell but heard some negative things from friends. Did you like going there mate?
That's cool, brave of you to throw yourself into that digital world then without any training. You've come a long way man :)

It's probably similar in it's core, they learn by practice, so it's going to be 4 game projects each year. going to be tough I think :P I'll ask if something pops up! Thanks man!

Quickie update! Since I'm heading off to town to paint there I figured I should update here so I don't fall out of it again.

Basic thing just to get creative

A 50minute sketch that I didn't want to stop doodling on. So I continued!

Study of an ancient greek dude and it's application. The application isn't finished, but I probably won't continue because of time. I'm really trying to get a better understanding of edges so I'm using the smudge tool a lot more, like Anthony Jones talks about. Seeing if I can go over harder strokes with softer brushes more often too.
I love scupltures and statues too.

A conjurer of swords, or something like that. Just painting because I love it :P

Aand something inspired by the banner saga, such an awesome game. Get it if you like text adventures and the combat from heroes 3 haha.

Man, so stoked you got in man. All that advice is really good advice, it's not something that people think about often, but at the end of the day, being able to handle interviews is an important skill for any artist to have especially since it can translate well into so many different areas.

You may have already mentioned this (I didn't see it but I could be blind) when does it start?

P.S. Do all dwarves only have 4 fingers?
P.P.S That bow could use some foreshortening like a bawwwsssss

P.P.P.S. Glad to see you posting again :D

Hey Jaik, thanks man, I'm really stoked too! It's going to be an awesome 2,5 years there. My beard will grow at the same speed of my skill! I'm glad that you find it good. It really isn't something you think about too much before you've sat down in an interview and made a fool of yourself.
I guess it's all about expression of though, which can lend itself great into the field of art! It starts the first of September! So there's some time to get better :D

1: Yeah all dwarves have 4 fingers, or less, or more. Depending on height.

2: If I go back to it, i'll foreshorten the shit out of it!

3: Thaaanks maan <3 I'll be sure to respond to everyone soon too. I'm ashamed of myself for not doing it :P

I had a lot of anxiety of what to draw next, painting portfolio pieces or studying. So I brought up a larger canvas page and did what I wanted for a while. Rarely do this myself, seen a lot of other talented people do it. Feels really good, things like these feel easier in a traditional sketchbook for me.

A fabtastic study, not very refined or tight in it's rendering though. But spent more time on it than usual.

Some anatomy studies, trying different things.

Applying that anatomy, forgot the nipples. Realism fail!

Two speedpaints, abyssal terror and death by dungeon trap. Taken from the Super Speedpainting funtimes group! Stopped doing timed sketches a while back since I wanted to spend more time on them. Nice to get back into it though! :D

Don't know, late night something

I made some waffles the other day. Imagined a mighty viking making waffles too. Enemies of the cake orcs probably. I put thought into silly stuff more than I do with serious matters :(

An orc! Rawr!

Have a good day guys!

Hey guys, I like drawing, here's some drawings

Them orcs look so cool. You've got a juicy sketchbook, love it! Don't stop posting.

Thanks a bunch man! You've got an even juicier sketchbook, got all of my juices flowing. Mostly the creative ones.
I won't even if it's slowly! :D

Having fun, just some random stuff. Noticed that it's a lot of fun starting the day with a digital "sketchbook" page, opening a canvas and not having a goal, just flow. Might lead to something!

Got a good lookin' sketchbook here.
I think you can focus a bit more on constructive forms so your characters and things have something more solid to build from.

I've also seen you do some Hampton stuff from his course. Something I found really helpful while doing that is to complement it with Glen Vilppu's stuff. It's a bit more in depth with gestures, composition of the figure as well as anatomy of the body. It really clarifies some things that the Hampton course doesn't fully cover.

Anyway, keep on working and good luck with the stuff in Malmö. I've heard they have some good things. Also look into the stuff in Gotland. I've heard they have decent stuff when it comes to game design and all of that.

Discord - JetJaguar#8954
Tristan Berndt
Hey thank you Tristan!
Yes that sounds about right. Are you just talking about a better foundation before I start painting or an overall improvement?

Ah yeah I've thought the same thing! I own Vilppu's drawing manual but it was a while ago since I studied from it. But they compliment each other really well. Will definitely try and study them both in tandem.

Looked into Gotland before, sadly I've heard a lot of bad and worrying things about that school. But looking forward to starting in Malmö, it's going to kick my butt. Have to stay on track with painting too :)
Thanks for the luck, means a lot! :D

I've been away from a couple of days. Continued painting on a larger piece for some event in town. I have never done anything in this scale before so that was a challenge. Hardly notice smaller mistakes. Plus the place I worked in got as hot as damn sauna! :P
Fun though, got a bit better at acrylics and it seems that digital painting helps out traditional, who would have thought.
Here's a mannequin(?) of the lion in the piece, done with cheap clay. Also including WiPs for fun and the final of course.

Sketch from my mobile phone. It's not done in the bathroom I swear.

While away I stayed at my girlfriends apartment. So worked on her laptop, it's not the best when it comes to color and contrast, so these pictures might look wonky. Haven't used an intuos before either.

Checked out some videos for sword fighting gestures. I recomend this.

Orcs, orcs and orcs

I had a major headache.

Kobold alchemiist, bit stale but also fun to paint

randomy crappy gestures, showing them anyway

I've started doing traditional studies in the morning again. Pen to paper is always so fluid when it comes to gestures and such. Attempted a study in which I tried to built a 3d model of it in head just to the structure better. Made me realize that I forget to think while studying! I guess it's a response to the constructive form critique, not sure how to go about it otherwise. For me it helps with these strong lightning situations though.

A fun sketch, realizing that highlights aren't needed in abundance. So trying to reduce it. A bit of that lion in there, retaining knowledge!

Quicker dwarven sketches. I want to do more characters that aren't necessarily warriors. Even though I ended up taking one of the warriors further, my brain is against me! Atleast there's a goat.

Feeling a bit ill again.
Watched the old Stargate movie and got an instant urge to paint some Goauld type guy. Still think they made the designs a lot more mystic and natural in the original. Though nothing beats teal'c, ever.

Also bought Glenn Rane's tutorial on gumroad! He's such an awesome artist and I recommend getting it. Seems like he'll continue with coloring and such in other videos. Drew along with it.

Link to his gumroad;

Heyo Daggers!

I've been watching, or rather listening to an awesome series while I work. It's called magical egypt and it's really hot food for your imagination. Except the intro, it scares me. Here's a link;

Some fun exploring sketches to warm up today. Can't get rid of that lion, visual library at it's best (worst?) Found the cloud one interesting so I might paint on it later.

Older comission that I returned to. Had it all planned out I thought, with values and what not. Fun thing is that I couldn't continue. Seems like it happens often to me, that when I think the process is all nailed and done it just doesn't work.
Then all the quick spontaneous painting become the portfolio ones. Like everything before is a work up to that. Ah well! I'm happy that I can paint something :P

Continued with one of those other dwarven sketches. Having fun a ton of fun.

A lonely building!

Have fun today guys!

Oh man, if the youtube video is as good as those lions paintings I might have an 8 hour marathon on my hands! All the other stuff is looking great too, definitely those sketches from the gumroad, they are very Raneyi. By the way have you watched it all? This might be the only one I'm really interested in buying.

Haha too kind dude! It is totally as good, if not much better! Definitely puts ideas in your head and you become all pseudo mysterious!

Felt the same way, but there's is only one part out right now and it goes through his sketching. It's pretty short and nothing you don't already know man. I guess the interesting part for me will be rendering and just seeing his workflow. It's so cheap though :P
Love the guy!

Wanted to sketch a comic-thing today. Nothing with story or anything. Another way of throwing out ideas but in a sequential manner. Neaat!

Sketchy faces, the one in the top right kinda scared me last night, maybe i'm up for too long :o

Moviestill, escape from new york. Pretty interesting composition with how it's divided into rectangles.

Just retaining the basics of it

And some progress on the lion dude. Not sure how far I want to take it, but we'll see! Maybe I'll learn somethiing

Simple clothing study, maybe I should do more of these from life. Can't wrap my head around how fabric flows when it comes to the imagination.

Sketchbook pages. Finally something more fun to show from it! Started studying from both Scott Robertsons' and Glenn Vilppu's books. Surprisingly Vilppus gesture book contain some fun perspective exercises, how to build forms together and such.
Here's something inspired by that. Also still need to get better with drawing females. Some attempts below.

Aand something that started out really fun but ended up with me ruining it :P

Good night Daggers!

Hey there mr. Bjul (no cool barbarian sounding title this time, sorry, I'm tired xD)
Nice to see all your new stuff, tons of cool ideas you've got going on man!
Those orcs up there are awesme, the one in front, the planes and lighting on him read real well. Same as that Tealq..Teal'c?..The stargate guy with the golden symbol on his brow (haven't really seen stargate lol), anyway, he has some nice co0lor variation going with that blue tint. Seems like you've upgraded that skill a lot!
Dig the hell out of that lion, leonin or whatchacallit guy :) Sweet dynamic in the pose and it has a nice story to it. I think you could make the cloth on him more swirly in the wind. make it overlap and such!

Nice to see some scanned things from you as well! My only suggestion when it comes to that is to be bolder with the shading. To get it to really pop you know. Use more values on the scale and so on. Like this barbarian sketch by Karl Kopinski, is so awesome.

Sure, it's a personal preference in a way to use more dark, but it's nice for that more dynamic realistic feel imo.

Was a while ago that I posted. Spending some time with my girlfriend as she is moving two hours the opposite direction of where I am going to study. So that's fooooour hours to travel, holy marrryyy. So i'm soon going to paint really sad stuff. Like crying clowns and all that.


Heey Adzerak, the mightiest man ever seen on the northern steppes. Your gaze is as beautiful as your deadly swings. (Giving you something since I didn't get a title, balance!)

Thanks duude! Cool to hear. You have to watch stargate, atleast the movie! Felt like a learned a lot from it even though it isn't as rendered out. Had some help from a photo of him that I brought up when I felt lost. His beauty guided me.
Yeah you're right. I took some quick references photos of cloth to get a sense of why it looked so stale. I applied to the Running guy piece that's done now. So it helped! Hopefully I'll get back to the lion later!

Forgot about that. Been kind of cowardly with that darker value. Will fix that right away! Karl Kopinski is sooo good, need to look at his stuff more :D
It's personal but it's also good to have some variation! THanks man!

Random stuff below. I wanted to finish up that cake orc and the new character piece. There's also a mix of studies and sketches. Planning on doing a longer still life study next. Also want to find something challenging yet fun and cool to do as an illustration. So there's some exploring for that. Had some fun thinking over different aspects of armor and culture. I always fall back to having skull ornaments and such, habits of warcraft probably!
Talking about warcraft, check out the new sick cinematic:

A goofy guy! Wanted to do a different type of character, so a buff dude walking on his hands felt a bit unsual (probably not). Still going in the theme of a non-warrior. Harder than it looks!

First I thought this idea was pretty cool too. Like a guy that looks a bit like a turtle with armor reminding of the animal. Then my thoughts went over to him being a mutant turtle, almost like a ninja. Very original indeed!

WIP of a still life with some different colors. I always have my damned orange desk otherwise.


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