Toxicpanda's Death Note
Great sketchbook! You can really see the improvements in just a short time, I noticed in your face studies you had a little bit of trouble with different expressions, you should try and do some studies of different facial expressions even of yourself or others. Cheers keep up that hard work! :D

Thank you Raz and CJ. I'll work more on that expressions for sure.
Wip of something new.
[Image: sanity2525x768.jpg]

Amazing sketchbook you have here! I really love the horns on your last one :) And the clay model of the panda is cute :3 No crits that I can give, keep up the good work :) Interested to see more.

Rly great work yourself Kristina!
Thanks for stopping by :)
Thank you everyone
This is finished one
[Image: itkSSEx.jpg]

Wow Fantastic job Toxicpanda! I can see a could leap in improvement from the start of your sketchbook! awesome stuff just keep going and never give up i cant wait to see more from you!

wow i am impressed, you have made such a improvement. this is given me a real inspiration to keep going. i am going to sub.

dragon in 137 looks really good.
I saw you this paint live :D
It was fun to watch ^_^
Hey toxic, thanks for dropping by my sketchbook the other day. I like the portraits and characters you've got going on here. You seem to capture alot of emotion in the faces you paint which is awesome.
As a possible crit, i notice from looking and your previous pages you use alot of soft high key lighting with lots of white. It might benefit you to try studying some other light sources and doing some value studies. I think if you explored different lightings and pushed outside your comfort zone you would improve alot. (not that your not already pretty awesome ;) )
If you havent already buy James Gurneys 'colour and light' and read up on that. Still lifes are always good too and try taking objects with different intesity on lights and see how they react to different objects.
oh and read this, it might help ;) -

have fun, hope this helps


hey Toxicpanda..
thanks for dropping by my sketchbook..
you kick my ass at colors..:))
i see that you paint a lot from imagination..that's good..
as a crit..from what i saw.. try to focus more on anatomy... and shadow/ the last image i can't tell the difference between cast and form shadows. try to study with simple things like cylinder/cube.. it helps..
and that armor almost blends with her left arm muscle..
i'm not the best at giving crits.. but i hope it helps...
keep it up..!
Thank you everyone for support. I will try studying more when I get time.
I've been quite busy with painting some cards andI'll soon be able to post them here so can't wait to show them to all of you.
Here are some sketches I did during my classes or while i was in bus >_<
[Image: img55941935x1333.jpg]
[Image: img55972000x1315.jpg]
[Image: img55951765x1333.jpg]
[Image: img5599883x1333.jpg]
[Image: img56022000x1331.jpg]

And few lineworks for card and commissions... I should seriously start studying more dinamic poses. *yawn* this ones are so boring. And hands! hands >_> oh god I have to do hands studies
[Image: 92409582.jpg]
[Image: 30202728.jpg]

Commission for someone on dA
[Image: lightcharchon6.jpg]

[Image: 217392_614144048596635_1196511055_n.jpg]

Great SB! Lovely line-work as well! I like the details on your paintings and especially on the last one!
Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more:)

Oh you bloom under pressure :) Good job and a big leap forward!

Thank you guys :)

Today is 8 months since I started painting.
[Image: kristinatoxicpandaportr.jpg]

Very nice!

how can you progress this fast? Keep going!

these two last artworks, are much better than the previous ones, i agree with the others, you are improving and fast, just keep punching hard!

Thank you Kwibl, Wolk and Eduardo so much :)
Here are some new stuff
[Image: img56081024x683.jpg]
[Image: img56071024x742.jpg]
[Image: spadiekitchenqueen.jpg]
[Image: archerfinished.jpg]


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