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Thought I'd introduce myself here, as well as start my sketchbook. My name is Lasse, I'm a 21-year-old from Denmark. Last year in January I decided to stop being a chef and decided to do something else. That happened to become Illustration. I to do as much as I can to improve, Crimson Daggers has been a massive help and I hope to be able to return the favour in the future.

I'm really terrible at putting together an illustration, which you will definately see in this sketchbook :)

Here is a Skull study I finished today:

[Image: SkullStudydelete.jpg]

Lovely bones!

Here are some life stills from today and yesterday:

[Image: Linseed%2BOil.jpg]

[Image: Jam%2Band%2Bspatular.jpg]

[Image: Light%2BBulb.jpg]

And some figure drawing between 1-5 minutes:

[Image: 1-3%2Bminute%2Bfigure%2Bdrawing.jpg]

[Image: Figure%2BDrawing%2B5min%2Blim.jpg]

for the figure studies I used artsyposes.com (which is actually not great for this) and this youtube channel I found, which was actually quite useful: http://www.youtube.com/user/ClockSketch?feature=g-u-u

I'm pretty bad at both, so I'll be focusing on these kinds of studies for the moment :) As always, any kind of feedback is very appreciated.

(01-26-2012, 05:57 AM)Sprayah Wrote: Lovely bones!
Thank you :) Checked out your portfolio, you've got some nice stuff yourself!
Here are my favourite gesture drawing sites


hope they're useful :)

Great studies, man. Nice way to simplify the figures with straight lines etc. Keep it up!

@Jona thanks that looks great

@alexson Glad you like it. Vär i Sverige är du?
Here are some studies from the last couple of days. I got some super sculpey and decided to do some small sculps and then do some life stills from it..... It was a painful experience :)

[Image: Still%2BLife%2BBrush%2Band%2BKnife%2BCase.jpg]

[Image: Spoon.jpg]

These are two of the sculps I did.

[Image: DSC00555.JPG]

And the study off that torso.

[Image: Super%2BSculpey%2BStudies.jpg]

Last, a random sketch I did that turned out crap :D

[Image: Turtle%2Bsketch.jpg]

It's reallyl great to see everyone posting their work and working so hard :) Hope everyone keeps it up, and as usual any kind of feedback on my work will be very appreciated!
Couple of studies from today. Visit my blog for full-size images: pungyeon.blogspot.com

[Image: Landscape%2Bstudy.jpg]

[Image: Centurion%2BStudy.jpg]

Few studies from the last few days.

Fucked up my hand, so I gave it a rest today, and will tomorrow as well, hopefully it'll get better, hate not being able to paint :(((((

Life Still

[Image: Wallet%2BStudy.jpg]

1 minute gesture studies

[Image: 1%2Bminute%2Bgestures%2B5.jpg]

[Image: 1%2Bminute%2Bgestures.jpg]


[Image: Leg%2BCountour%2BStudies.jpg]

[Image: Legs%2BLoomis.jpg]

Mononoke comp sketch

[Image: PrincessMononokecover.jpg]

Entry for the League of Legends Competition

[Image: League%2Bog%2BLegends%2BLunar%2BRevel%2B...g%2529.jpg]

as always, comments are very welcomed! and if you for larger images go to my Blog

EDIT: A big thanks to 7brushes for the help provided for my League of Legends piece :D!!!!

So I've built myself up some cubital tunnel, which means I have been extremely inactive lately. Which has made me go insane. Anyway, here is some of the stuff I have done in the last week :( I also did try to get a submission for the Bloodsport together, I spent the last 3 days on it, and spent only 6 hours on it (all very painful). Hopefully I'll be back in full action in a couple of days.

[Image: Planes%2BStudy.jpg]

[Image: Drapery%2Bstudy.jpg]

[Image: Mononoke%2BFinal.jpg]



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