Walent's sketchbook
Firstly, I freakin' love those Crocodillian humanoids! The sensible design of the neck to support the jaws as well as the great rendition of their skin. Their design is really well done.

Second, I read you love anatomy - I see that you love anatomy. I do kind of feel like your range of it is very confined. Maybe I haven't been through enough or it was in one of the attachments that didn't load but I don't see much variety of body type, age or form. Even your characters like the Crocodillian pair, and the dwarven/orcish pair are what would be considered 'idealistic'. I understand in the game art industry having an ideal form is part of the appeal, but a believable world and their characters are very diverse. A disgusting ghoulish character isn't going to hips like Scarlett Johansson. 

I'd like to see some diversity - just a thought :)

"Your art has same face syndrome"

"Yeah, and yours has same tits syndrome, you don't see anyone complaining..."
(08-02-2015, 10:34 AM)Zearthus Wrote: I'm kind of curious, but which source you're using for the human body.

If you are asking about reference pictures I use Pinterest a lot, when I open it I get flooded with anatomy pictures.
Basically I would grab any kind of reference I like from any source, be it Facebook, Tumblr, DA or even google.

If you're asking what artists inspire me I could say I watch a lot of Steve Houston's videos. Proko has some good videos too. I also watch Michael Hampton and Glenn Vilppu stuff.
Love Frazetta's stuff (who doesn't?)
But recently I discovered something in Leyendecker's work I wanna "steal" so I'm keeping a lot of his stuff close. I could say he's my most influential artist at the moment.

That's a really good point there. I'm probably thinking that if I manage to master the ideal body type it will be easy to play with it in any other way - fat / skinny
I am indeed missing age variation, I need to fit that into my studies.

More stuff from last week

Wow, those studies are stunning. I especially love how you've got that feeling of weight going on. Are you using markers?

amazingly interesting studies , i actually did a couple studies on your studies shah , keep it up ^^
Freaking awesome man! Dat mouth study HHNNNNNGGGGG. Really love all the studies, they feel like you've got a very solid understanding of the forms in 3d and you're accomplishing a ton with very few strokes. Really cool.

I'd love to see more design stuff from you, or mechanical/environment studies!!

Come tell me how to fix stuff in my sketchbook: Broadway's Sketchbook
Thanks guys. Haven't posted anything in quite a while. So here's a long post.
I'm not using markers, it's all digital. Poses are killing me, I'm having a hard time posing my character, so still trying to capture people doing daily activities.

Love your brush and style, it does look like markers. Lots of good varied work here, love the face designs at the top too! Keep going man, you're all over it! :)

Dang son, I love your work here. *o* Keep on rocking, I gotta take a page from your book.

woha your sketches look so mature! I'm actually blown away by the brushwork! Gotta step up my game now:D

wow your sketches are  so  beautiful i instantly wanna draw :)
(09-05-2015, 05:45 AM)Blaufusstoelpel Wrote: wow your sketches are  so  beautiful i instantly wanna draw :)

I'm glad to hear that. Thanks :)

(09-05-2015, 08:13 AM)Sketchosoph Wrote: Please post more, no post everything you do!

I can't post everything :) some of them are really crappy, but I'll make sure I post most of them

Thanks everyone, here's more stuff:

Hey everyone, long post again, sorry about that.

And btw, if you're having trouble drawing the head, here's a free 3 h video from one of my top artists Steve Huston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T7cDY7YDsg

O O This sis really solid figure drawins man. Especially if you compare it to what you had on a firs page. Keep it up. Would love to see more personal stuff tho.

beautiful drawings !!! love the Snipergirl!!!
It's been almost 3 years since I started posting here and I only started liking my own work exactly 1 year ago, when I found out how I can simplify things into basic shapes.

It's also been a year since I found a style of my own, and haven't changed much since then, just added to it.

It's been a challenge to post in here almost everything I do, since I didn't want to show my failures. But meanwhile I found out that even the masters can fail, so what am I afraid of?

Also found out that doing pretty drawings is not the only thing there is.

And here's some stuff from a huge cover I'm working on.

It's actually a GM screen that will have 4 pages and the last 2 pages on the right will be a book front and back cover.

Will keep posting sketches.

I can definitely see the Huston influence in your figures. Love it. Keep posting plz.

Thanks Adam!

Here's some more:




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