Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Staying Awake
Hi! I'm Vicianus, or Stephany. I'm 18 and going into my sophomore year of art school, studying Game Art and Design ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
I recently took all my art off the net out of overwhelming shame. I still want to improve, though, and need feedback on my work so ~*~*~HERE I AM!!~*~*~

[Image: YjbUrCX.jpg]
[Image: Jq4zIEC.jpg]
[Image: iismgJ0.jpg]
[Image: HXsE2HL.jpg]
[Image: t7sCNXZ.jpg]
[Image: gaDuxHn.jpg]

Here's some of my recent work.
I mostly draw cartoonish girls in empty space. I'm not really sure what my artistic goals are anymore, I dearly love 2D art but I have very little interest in doing concepts, and two dimensionally I think my goals end up aiming more illustrative.
My dream job would be doing up-close renders for gross-out shots in cartoon shows.

I GUESS... I'll try and post here every day, I try to draw every day but posting something is a whole new ballgame! ༼•͟ ͜ •༽

I'd love any and all feedback -- I want to become great!

Hey, welcome to CD.

You've got a nice style! Cartoonish girls and/or empty spaces are never enough, personally love them!
What do you mean of your dream job, like the stuff Dan Luvisi does sometimes?

And my only feedback would be to keep drawing!

I'm so stoked that you replied, Rafa! I was looking at your post here in the sketchbook and I thought to myself, DAMN, I'd like to have as good of a sense of drawing as him. Your line work and proportions are just so good. (I'm a little tipsy now, so I apologize now and in advance for all the stuff I'm writing HAHA) Your work, especially the study sketches have such a nice flow and thoughtful execution! I really admire the stuff you're doing, so I'm really stoked that you replied to me here!
I really dig how you do cross-contouring, too. Even in simple sketches, you're capturing that sense of depth and physical existence.

HAHA really, you dig empty spaces? I love showing people blank pages in my sketchbook and telling them it's a detailed rendering of a polar bear in a snowstorm. One of my goals right now is to at least give a small sense of atmosphere, if it's not cropped enough to negate it. Even if it's just a cast shadow, or something. I do love the look of white space though, too, it's got a real sense of calm and solitude. I do need to practice environments too, though.

HAHA something like that, Dan Luvisi's stuff is really cool. But, I meant something more like [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQwBGK0UxGcsMAlQahGQp2...R1aHgKVsJQ]
when the cartoons zoom in and -BOOM- it's all detailed and horrific, that would just be the most hilarious job.

Ahahah thanks, I'm trying!

Not a problem. :) And Thank you.

I do them like some blank spaces on my stuff too as I tend to detail the characters so much if I add anything else on the background it gets sooo confusing. I learned to make good use of the frame size and the position of the character in it and try to avoid positioning them into the center.

Been so long since I've watched spongebob but I loved those scenes, they were really funny lol.

Welcome here!
Spongebob and Ren and Stimpy had the best closeups haha.

If you want to practice environments, look around for something to study here http://paintingbox.tumblr.com/ ,the impressionists really get temperature and value right.
Hi Stephany and welcome! These drawings look awesome and your style seems to be very interesting. Keep posting! :)

That's a good call, it really does depend on the piece. Doing better compositions would certainly help me out.

Oh, that's an awesome resource! I'll definitely do some studies from there, the colors are truly fantastic.

@Clarisese Silva
Thanks so much! ;v;

Everything I drew today was kind of trashy, but I don't want to give up on posting every day this soon in >A<! So, here are some trashy doodles of a cyborg girl (speaking of poor composition):

[Image: 5oWQsR3.jpg]
[Image: 61G4WIn.jpg]

I even drew some more refined stuff today, but I don't feel like posting any of it, so here's a dood of a bunny
[Image: 2rfyj4y.jpg]

My friend started doing this thing today where she doodles with the goal of not spending more than 10 seconds on any given detail. I decided to try it!

[Image: G1IO9qW.jpg]

Featuring the radiant Carol from Awesome Show Good Job

[Image: YMo5786.jpg]

You have an awesome style. Also is that a hand penis ? Holy Shit
Yeeea, like where this is going, keep it up! Still no real feedback because you have a really nice personal style and the best thing for you to do is to keep doing what you're doing.

Love your characters, you have really nice work in here. Keep it going :)
Hi, thanks for the feed back on my sketchbook. You're stuff is looking excellent. I cant really crit you on anything at the moment. I would love to see you do some of those close ups you were talking about. Those nasty close ups in Ren and Stimpy were one of my fondest memories from childhood XD

I didn't even draw for two days straight. Whoops. Did a couple quickies today:

[Image: gy7xct0.jpg]

She's a found-parts robot. Kekekeke

Ahaha, thanks! I really appreciate your support. I'll try and post something colored or environmental sooner or later, because those usually turn out trashy and I could use advice.

Thank you!

Sure thing, and thanks!
I'll be sure to make one sooner or later. B) I want to haunt children's nightmares. BWAHAHA

Self portrait
[Image: 8iBl73K.jpg]

and an animation from last night...
[Image: BpzhNJH.gif]

I haven't gotten laid in a million years, it's kind of grating on me.

LMAO! You look lovely. Im sure you'll find yourself a great guy to make little penis nosed babies with someday.

It was a friend's birthday today, I did a series of drawings of some of their characters.
[Image: vbCf8AA.jpg]
[Image: mhRRJTs.jpg]
[Image: cSGyd7k.jpg]
[Image: 1MheHUZ.jpg]

I actually tried drawing some of the things ATTACHED to penises today!

[Image: LyeO0nn.jpg]
[Image: piz52SG.jpg]

I have very little experience drawing the male figure, so I finally decided to sit down and do some studies! I did a couple more than these but they're the only ones that are at all presentable pffff

Afterwards, I drew this from imagination:
[Image: CWiqery.jpg]

Your drawing is already pretty rad. Maybe you could work a little more on your painting? But you know there is a market out there for drawing cute girls and penises... :p

Keep practicing :D!

Long time no see. My first semester of sophomore year is coming to a close tomorrow, I'm still working on texturing a 3D prop for my last class tomorrow, but here's a huge dump of (some of) the 2D work that I did this semester.

[Image: Oaq7le7.jpg] [Image: 8gMZAIts.jpg] (original from the beginning of the semester)

[Image: 3hRkS1N.jpg]
[Image: JbazqFu.jpg]
[Image: h5CYAlr.jpg]
[Image: ybM4G76.jpg]
[Image: dH6B8JW.jpg]
[Image: 6iKo9Vb.jpg]
[Image: eGUc4hj.jpg]
[Image: 1j19DLg.jpg]
[Image: iGv9JVh.jpg]
[Image: 9arHwtF.jpg]

[Image: MOWdTw0l.jpg] [Image: LV1UaU0l.jpg] [Image: VVgZcYOl.jpg] [Image: 7CEril2l.jpg] [Image: Sd0enftl.jpg] [Image: OeKYyPkl.jpg] [Image: 2h1vTENl.jpg] [Image: d4FDg73l.jpg] [Image: cFSZfBxl.jpg] [Image: TyTCekul.jpg] [Image: EsIxUxkl.jpg] [Image: bIZTTkul.jpg] [Image: gwcDevvl.jpg]
[Image: DcG0pAOl.jpg] [Image: r82oUAwl.jpg] [Image: c7y0U51l.jpg] [Image: 9sNOeEOl.jpg]
[Image: wVD8naVl.jpg][Image: mpvUKUYl.jpg] [Image: 0lS6DD8l.jpg] [Image: mwyknq5l.jpg] [Image: c2XLZWXl.jpg]

These are more or less in relative order of completion. I really learned a lot this semester! Last year, I thought I was going to try to major in 3D art, but this semester I had a lot of concept oriented classes, and I have had endless amounts of fun drawing and designing for them. I think I am going to gear my studies towards 2D avenues instead; at the beginning of the semester, I knew absolutely nothing about how to design any object or character, and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm beginning to get the ideas of it!

Everything from the red/green set of designs (my take on A Princess of Mars) is done from imagination, referencing only for various kinds of textures.
The paintings of hip hop/street/ghetto characters are done from heavy referencing.

Over the semester, I was focusing a lot on characterization, design, and painting/colors. I want to infuse a lot more character and personality into character designs and renders, as well as solid and interesting shape language! I've been trying to explore it in different ways, and will continue to do so.

Over winter break, I'm working on tightening up my anatomy (studying Goldfinger -- which I started this semester as well, but I want to finish memorizing all the muscles and their forms while also doing life drawing. I found that I could memorize the individual muscles, but it wasn't particularly useful for my drawings from imagination until I've really drawn a lot more from life), studying clothing, and environment drawing since I still can't make a competent one for the life of me.

Comments and crits are appreciated, as always!


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