Lizardman's art journey to glory!
Some more studies and another Leyendecker study. Also working on a Squirrel Mechanic character.

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I think in your study of the man face there proportion and angle measurement issue that take away the likeness you could have captured.I am give you an advice when there a nice frame like this in your reference use it to find negative shape this will atleast give you a much better accuracy for the outside shape and afterward you can work from the outside in.It much easier to compare point that are near a verticale or a horizontal line and mirror it.I recommend going much slower will working on the head due to how organic and subtile the feature are.Alway try to compare your line against your nearest best mark.

Here a fast example of how you can start to lay in some form and map the negative shape .

I recommend to start your observation where you object is the closest to the frame because those to me your starting point.It would be a much harder task to go from middle point toward the outside in my opinion.

A good way to capture negative space is to squint your eye as to reduce the noise of the subject so you can see the negative shape much clearler.

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