Arkane (here in austin) just opened up a contract concept art position. Time to make some dishonored fanart!

[Image: honorableman1.jpg]

Edit: Woohoo! Page two!

I guess I'm done with this? I don't think I'm going to go color with it.


[Image: honorableman2.jpg]I guess I'm done with this? I don't think I'm going to go color with it.

Wooow, I loved your sketches Sublimus, it remember and motivate me to post the pages from my sketchbook too o/. Sorry, too tired to write anything useful right now! i got to go, keep this awesome work o/

Thank for the kind words Rosolino!

Lasso doodles. I think me and lasso might become friends.

[Image: lassodoodle001.jpg]

[Image: lassodoodle002.jpg]

[Image: lassodoodle003.jpg]

[Image: study_demonchick.jpg]

and two other little things too.

[Image: offmylawn1.jpg]

[Image: ol_blindy.jpg]

Hated this one at first, but powered through and I think I might like it? dunno

[Image: birdsnest.jpg]
© Justin Wacholder (client)

Making ALLLLLLL KINNDDS of gains man!! Just keep doing what you're doing, this is a real cleeeaaan sketchbook!

Thanks for the comment man! Cool SB, good mix of observational and imagination work.

Kind of a risky composition there, the birds all have about equal focus. There isn't really a single primary focal point, which I think helps make a good picture. The only bird with a unique gesture sort of stands out but cropping him in the corner looks odd to me. Not sure what you were going for?
Glad everything isn't even and centered though, keep taking risks! I like the color scheme :D

Manny: Thanks!

Sam: Yeah. The composition is all jacked in that one. It has taught me to thumbnail more, haha.

Here is a zombie WIP

[Image: BrightWalker1.jpg]

Another Zombie!

[Image: brightwalker_fireman1.jpg]

Kind of lost it's magic. womp womp.

[Image: BrightWalker2.jpg]

Here is another character. And some client work. I'm going to do my best to keep the big shapes in mind on these ones!

[Image: squido1.jpg]

quarter page interior.
[Image: GP_diplomat_sketch.jpg]

another quarter page
[Image: GP_gardener_sketch.jpg]

half page interior
[Image: GP_rangers_sketch.jpg]

Cool stuff, really nice to see you're focusing on the big shapes! Try to move around the silhouette's shapes to make the action even clearer! You can always push the pose and readability further, and if you go too far and the shapes look funny just dial it back.
Here are a couple really nice handouts on the subject

You got nice work here ! I like the pencil stuff on the first page !

Keep it up ! :D

You're doing good stuff, man. Just keep pushing yourself and continue to compare your work to those you aspire to be as good as!

good stuff mate! those zombies are looking good.
I kinda want to see some finished stuff from you, because the highly rendered part of some of your sketches look real good. :)

Sam: Thanks for the link! I think the poses in the last are especially weak. :(
Izzual: Thanks, I'll have to scan in some more, they seem to be a favorite!
MrFrenik: THanks man! That's what I need! Keep puuuuuushing!!
Eduardo: THanks! I'm gonna try and finish up the zombies! I have one more pzombie planned too. Just gotta knowck out these comissions first!

Anyway! Trying to work on these....Trying to make them suck less haha.

[Image: diplomat1.jpg]

[Image: gardener1.jpg]

[Image: rangers1.jpg]

Update on these fools.

[Image: diplomat2.jpg]

[Image: gardener2.jpg]

[Image: rangers2.jpg]

I think you're getting too caught up in the details, especially in the faces. try and keep the shadows and light sides simple and distinct and don't be scared to lose information in the shadows! Did a quick PO, hope it helps a bit
[Image: 7Wv6sWG.jpg]
nice stuff Sublimus, keep going!

Sam! Thanks for the crit!! For some reason, I am definitely afraid of losing detail in the shadows. Hell, in general. It's so difficult for my to think in big shapes! And I don't know why!


Update...... Rawr. Need to wrap these up.

[Image: diplomat3.jpg]

[Image: gardener3.jpg]

[Image: rangers3.jpg]

Hey Sublimus, you got a nice sketchbook.
As for big forms, may I suggest Vilppu, he has a way of making people see. Also search Proko on youtube, he has some helpful videos too.
As for composition/mood/ton of other stuff I suggest Feng zhu. He post in "FZD" on youtube.
Hope this helps.


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