Been a while!!

Bunch of broken images in here :(

Here are a bunch of new images!

I finally scanned in some stuff. I Finished this sketchbook and two others at the end of the year, so I still have some more scanning to do. And also, here is a orc dude that's in progress.

[Image: Akumorc01.png]

[Image: SB_01.png]

[Image: SB_02.png]

[Image: SB_03.png]

[Image: SB_04.png]

[Image: SB_05.png]

[Image: SB_06.png]

[Image: SB_07.png]

[Image: SB_08.png]

[Image: SB_09.png]

[Image: SB_10.png]

[Image: SB_11.png]

[Image: SB_12.png]

[Image: SB_13.png]

[Image: SB_14.png]

[Image: SB_15.png]

[Image: SB_16.png]

[Image: SB_17.png]

[Image: SB_18.png]

[Image: SB_19.png]

[Image: SB_20.png]

[Image: SB_21.png]

[Image: SB_22.png]

[Image: SB_23.png]

[Image: SB_24.png]

[Image: SB_25.png]

[Image: SB_26.png]

and here is another thing I just recently finished.

[Image: Minotaur.png]

Also, I forgot to post these things. Got super lazy when I got down to the legs, because I decided they were terrible. The shape language for them is not consistent, or unique across the three. I'll have to do better ones!

[Image: 03_meh_zoid.png]

Sorry for the spam, but here's the last of the scans! Like I said, I wrapped up three sketchbooks in a frenzy at the end of last year, and here is the last bit.

All the gestures are 1 min.

[Image: SB_27.png]

[Image: SB_28.png]

[Image: SB_29.png]

[Image: SB_30.png]

[Image: SB_31.png]

[Image: SB_32.png]

[Image: SB_33.png]

[Image: SB_34.png]

[Image: SB_35.png]

[Image: SB_36.png]

[Image: SB_37.png]

[Image: SB_38.png]

[Image: SB_39.png]

[Image: SB_40.png]

[Image: SB_41.png]

[Image: SB_42.png]

[Image: SB_43.png]

[Image: SB_44.png]

[Image: SB_45.png]

[Image: SB_46.png]

[Image: SB_47.png]

[Image: SB_48.png]

[Image: SB_49.png]

[Image: SB_50.png]

[Image: SB_51.png]

[Image: SB_52.png]

[Image: SB_53.png]

[Image: SB_54.png]

[Image: SB_55.png]

[Image: SB_56.png]

[Image: SB_57.png]

[Image: SB_58.png]

[Image: SB_59.png]

[Image: SB_60.png]

[Image: SB_61.png]

[Image: SB_62.png]

[Image: SB_63.png]

and here is a generic alien bust.

[Image: Sculpt_01.png]

and here is some small progress on the orc

[Image: Akumorc02.png]

and here is a little process gif of the minotaur. It jumps at the end because I wanted to have the character separate from the BG, so I had to work on one layer. :/

[Image: ArtPosse2_Color2_anim.gif]

Not much different, but calling this done. Lost steam on it.

[Image: Akumorc.png]

[Image: Akumorc.gif]

and a little still life I did.

[Image: SL_01.png]

Nice to see a lot of traditional stuff keep it up!

@Hobitt Thanks!

Some studies in various stages of completion.

[Image: FS_01.png]

[Image: FS_02.png]

[Image: FS_03.png]

[Image: FS_04.png]

[Image: SL_02.png]

More studies! And I finally drew something creative!

[Image: FS_05.png]

[Image: FS_06.png]

[Image: FS_07.png]

[Image: FS_08.png]

[Image: SL_03.png]

[Image: SL_04.png]

[Image: SL_05.png]

[Image: doodle_01.png]

Nice studies but do look up ambient occlusion some of your studies lack those tiny finishing touches, other than that good stuff keep it up!

@Hobbitt Thanks! I'll try and get some more AO action! :P

Sorry for being lazy! Here is some stuff since the last post. :D

[Image: StoneGolem_Thumbs.png]

[Image: StoneGolem_Thumbs_Redux.png]

[Image: G1_Castle_Window.png]

[Image: doodle_05.png]

[Image: doodle_03.png]

[Image: doodle_04.png]

[Image: doodle_16.png]

[Image: doodle_19.png]

[Image: doodle_21.png]

[Image: doodle_27.png]

[Image: doodle_28.png]

[Image: doodle_29.png]

[Image: doodle_30.png]

[Image: doodle_32.png]

And a master study
[Image: MS_01.png]

That's a lot of nice work here! I see you are working out most of the flaws in your studies, keep it up. Love some of these character designs. Those bots on post #42 look cool.

@Dennis Thanks so much for stopping in! I will keep at it! :D :D

Here is some garbage from the last few days.

[Image: doodle_33.png]

[Image: doodle_34.png]

[Image: doodle_35.png]

[Image: doodle_36.png]

[Image: doodle_37.png]

[Image: doodle_38.png]


Here is the haul of junk from the last week. Doesn't feel like enough....

[Image: OW_Study_01_1.png]

[Image: doodle_40.png]

[Image: doodle_41.png]

[Image: doodle_42.png]

[Image: doodle_43.png]

[Image: KH_Color1.png]

I really like there sketches. Id love to see what your finished stuff looks like.

@Adam Thanks!! I've always had a problem with finished work, but I think I may have figured out what was getting in the way. Expect some finished work soon!

Those designs for the stone golems look quite nice, I urge you to do something further with those. I've been guilty of making a lot of thumbnails and never actually using them. So perhaps you can learn from my mistakes.

@jonas thanks!! Yeah I should probably take a look at taking those further!

This weeks boop.

[Image: doodle_45.png]

[Image: doodle_46.png]

[Image: doodle_47.png]

[Image: doodle_48.png]

[Image: doodle_49.png]

[Image: doodle_50.png]

My humble offerings from the last few days. Going camping for s few days, so I wanted to throw what I had up before I left!

[Image: doodle_51.png]

[Image: MC_White_Angel3.png]

[Image: MC_White_Angel2.png]

visiting this sketchpad ever gets old! ^^
really digging this last one. 3 is good for a complementary scheme, (always good) but I'm excited to see what you'd do with the other ones because they'd me a little less conventional.
*dear upshot jawline; I hate you forever, but I always want to draw you for epic poses.* ;_;
the colors on the devil tongue rule. keep sharpening that skill man, looking good! X)

@Heliux - Thank you!! Sometimes I think no one comes in here, so it's really nice to hear! :P

Went Camping over the long weekend, so no drawing. But here are some photos I took! :D

[Image: 29521489585_c46e17c337_b.jpg]

[Image: 29521494135_2fb3eb5332_b.jpg]

[Image: 29412473592_aba1cb7e0f_b.jpg]

[Image: 29412471792_a796ff3f13_b.jpg]

[Image: 29521501855_c2036b015c_b.jpg]

[Image: 29521506105_7b2d722789_b.jpg]

[Image: 29521498115_81b2a97407_b.jpg]


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