Sketchy lines, and try hard effort.
Waddup, here is some stuffs I have done in the last month, mostly some studies and whatever. Before that, not much to show for anything. Most of it is discussed, or explained what the hell I was doing or trying to do in my SB. Anyways, I've just recently pulled my head out of my ass, and am attempting to create something everyday. Maybe it'll look like shit, but it's better then having done nothing. I suck at sketches, um painting too. So if you see something that just looks awful, it's either because it's ref-less, or timed @1.5hr or less. Both very hard for me to do, but something I'm challenging myself on. Anyways, I'll clean this up laters when I can get around to it. I'll also do my best to show in order of completion as to display progress, I hope, if I fail it's all done recently. I very much want to improve. So if you can spare the time, and offer crits and suggestions it's much valued. Otherwise, thanks for having a peek.

Here's today's and yesterday's BS. Super uninspired ref-less crap, and a still life. I made also a feeble attempt at some sort of landscape, ha.


Here's what went down today. This is all from a Sycra Pencil Kings tutorial,setup as line art, cell shad, stylized. So erm. It was fun,if you like to make Alice and wonderlands from original concept.
Todays second round of effort, as this early mornings was really intended for yesterday, I guess. But I'm super tired and so I just did some face study's with the chalk brush, which was a first, and I really enjoyed it.

Study from today, couldn't finish though. Maybe a wip.
Loomis shit from today.
Sketch for today, no ref except for hawk bird shit.

I like your still-life.

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yep, i like that still life too, my only advice at this moment is: avoid using black when doing shadows.
Keep going man!

#10 those pears :3
especially the right one! nice!
Fantastic still life studies dude and I see imprroooovement!
Keep it up, keep pushing!! :)

What motivates you?

Annamoon, holdkocos, s-mrr: Thanks guys for stopping by and the cool words. I'm assuming you're all talking about the pear one from Pencil Kings, yeah I wish I could slang that on my own. Maybe one day.

EduardoGaray, Thanks also, and about shadows, yeah I've come to learn this, I'll see if I can execute it a bit better. Thanks for the crit.

No updates recently, not that I've been idle, just reading and shit, did this perspective study. Because I really want to learn it, It's laughable but I've spent like 10 hours on this. I'm so stupid. I'm not even close to being done. But I'm going to finish it in PS. Here's some recent stuff the Loomis is crap, but mostly practing pen stroke to clean my lines up. Peace guys.

Here's my first real attempt at some environment. Spent 4 hours on it, and am pretty happy, not so much with outcome but that I actually enjoyed making it. I've avoided backgrounds and environments like the plague, but I had fun, learned alot and hope to do alot more.

This environment is awesome! I need to tackle them myself one day! Keep it up, i see a huge improvement! :D
Thanks Reed. Landscape seems fun and kind of forgiving too.

Some today, well yesterday at this hour. 4 minute frog values during a ctrlpaint vid,some perspective studies, 2 point of the page, and on page and finally a still life I've started, mostly focused on line quality during final pass, mostly freehand so I'm pleased as this is a big big area for me. Plan to render it with some lighting in the morning/afternoon.

that last enviro was really good mate, i also like your perspective work, good practice!

Right on, Eduardo! It's really fun to have done that, I'm glad it doesn't suck too bad. Here's some more perspective stuff from today, also some ctrlpaint worksheet.

That persperctive practice looks like a lot of work. So well done!

I love these worskeets, I think doing that can make much profit. I want to try it too ! :D

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(02-28-2013, 10:05 PM)Mannequin Wrote: That persperctive practice looks like a lot of work. So well done!

I love these worskeets, I think doing that can make much profit. I want to try it too ! :D

Oh yeah, it's so awesome perspective practice! It's like the jelly of my donut! Okay, really someone said it's important so I'm going to study it hardcore until I know it and can wing it pretty good by eye. Which is fine, not like the list of things to learn is near short. And yeah, I'm digging the worksheets, I do the plane one daily for warm ups, and it's like so easy! Derp.

Here's my stuff for today...................perspective, yay! Took the bottle I did the other day, and ran a bunch of lines to it, with some MP and SP and walla. I was actually pretty close by eye the first time, but I think it looks better now. I also painted it from life, and ad-libbed the ornaments cause my light had long gone.

More perspective!


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