Mannequin's sketchbook,
Thanks for dropping by my SB! You've got some fantastic painting skills , really awesome stuff :)

Love those drawings and color in your paintings. You're doing really cool stuff here ;)

wow, you've been killing it since I last dropped by here :o

The way you handle skin tones and anatomy is amazing, gotta love these portraits too.

OMG! Post # 75, I would get paintings 3 & 4 pregnant in an instant.

Soft style & classy :)

Have you seen Range Murata's works?))

Warburton Hah, nice that You see the difference :D

Prabu Thanks ^^ Yes, I saw some time ago his works :) But right now I don't follow his works. But I love his costume designs.

Sooo big news. I left my job yesterday and now I have time for drawing only. Ahaha!Th_101_70bff581King Hope to see a massive progres :D
I do lot of studies to get the anatomy good.

I will post only human life studies from model ;) But I do also animal anatomy studies... maybe will post some scans :>
Big up!

[Image: rmsv.jpg]

[Image: 0pyj.jpg]

[Image: cfko.jpg]

[Image: 3vsd.jpg]

[Image: c8jr.jpg]

[Image: exn4.jpg]

[Image: 6adb.jpg]

[Image: 0vkw.jpg]

[Image: r3gt.jpg]

[Image: wzza.jpg]

[Image: w2ja.jpg]

[Image: dknv.jpg]

[Image: njjb.jpg]

[Image: tsps.jpg]

OH please let me know what You think about this magic girl illustration. I'm not sure about it :>

[Image: 9vsf.jpg]

Probably I posted only a part of stuff I've done . here and here goes most of my doodles :D

Mannequin's Blog :)

Mannequin's CD sketchbook

Deviantart - Add me to Friend list :)

ohhhh that last update! Great linework! The dany targaryen-esq character has great color too! The magic girl piece has some promise to it. Right now I think it's lacking that zing, y'know? mostly in her outfit. I think you could add a lot more to the character to make her actually feel more unique in some way. More clothing, jewelry, patterns worked into the cloth, tattooes of some kind, ect. Keep up the good work!

Awesome update, and gratz on ditching the job for full time art :D

I agree with Atrenr about the magic chick piece. The technical aspects too it are very good, but it's abit boring compared to some of your other sketches. Adding more design elements to show who this character is and what she's doing would probably benefit the piece a lot. This might be a personal preference too but adding another colour to the overall palette of the piece would be cool too, maybe some reds or oranges in her hair or dress to push her silhouette some more.

Looking forward to see what you come up with next anyways, I love this stuff.

To go along with what the two above me have said about your magic girl piece, I'd like to talk about value structure and composition. Take the painting you have now, switch it to greyscale mode in PS and then shrink the image down to about 100 pixels tall. At this thumbnail level, everything should read clearly with no guesses about what's going on in the picture. Your value groups should be simplified down enough to where the design of your composition can be broken down into very basic shapes, the simpler the better. Right now there's not enough pushing her away form the background, because you're using the same values for your foreground and background as well as edges and texture. Your focal point is the girl, mainly what's happening between her face and the magic orb, so make sure that your lighting/edges support this and emphasize ONLY what you what to be focused on. Keep your lighting consistent and make sure it works for your image, and you'll be solid everytime.

Awesome sketch book! Yea I agree with the above posts about the magic girl. I think you need to zazz it up a bit. Just throw in some more zazz, ya know what I mean? Put it on the zazz train to zazzville. But to be more specific it looks like shes walking away from a lighter area and into a dark area. So maybe make the front side of her in shadow with the yellowish glow as a main light source? It might make for a more dramatic effect.


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