Lyraina's sketchbook
hey lyraina,

I did an op of an image of yours.

I tried to get more layers and overlaps and more dark/light contrasts,

hope it helps

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Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

Of course, after hitting your head on the wall at the 100th time, you're a certified Iron Buddha Head, and can finally ascend the sacred mountain of Wulin, and learn alllll those secrets from the Shaolin Temple. Failing is no biggie~ after all, a fail is better than "should've" or "what if", right? Take that magic Wacom wand into your hand and just Bah-be-di-do and Bi-ba-di-do and Di-di-da-da-di-do, swirl it around and what have we got? Bi-ba-di Ba-bo-di BOO! Now sing that song and wave that wand!

Hi Lyraina, I've been observing its evolution for his sketchbook I was impressed with such discipline and evolution. You study alone?

Just stoppin by to say, hey where's the art!
Look forward to seeing new stuff. That photobash of the little chapel on the mountain is real nice.
SO much awesome environment stuff going on in here. Really dig your enviros. Day 30 is beautiful.

"If you want liberation in this life, there is no area that you do not watch. Watch the breathing, watch the posture, watch the flow of energy, watch the texture of the mind, watch the response to objects." - Namgyal Rinpoche
Wow. Nice improvements Lyraina. You´re putting sweat and tears into it.
By the way thanks for your photography stocks, they´re awesome. I haven´t gone through the new ones but the medieval fair one has a lot of juice in it, maneirisms, material and expressions.



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