Wants to get better!
Hi all, I'm the new and boy do I have the need to get better!

here are a couple of older to recent things just to start my sketchbook off
movie stills
[Image: tumblr_mdwmhuF49I1rlavnuo1_r1_1280.jpg]
anatomy study in Sculptris
[Image: tumblr_mdyroteHBa1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
movie still
[Image: tumblr_me0fnqRC8N1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_me20hibzir1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
SHARK! photo ref
[Image: tumblr_me3uqgnUZA1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_me5mt3Lv2P1rlavnuo1_500.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_me9gic8N8c1rlavnuo1_500.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_mebus5abZX1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_mefbae5H9j1rlavnuo1_400.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_megopoAsFg1rlavnuo1_500.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_mejb6zweTi1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
photo ref
[Image: tumblr_mj3e1noWzR1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mjejzp7AkV1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mjg47puitG1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
45s gestures
[Image: tumblr_mji0jiOqFF1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]
30s gestures
[Image: tumblr_mjjy3aNWSj1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

and todays 1min hand gestures to mix it up a bit.
[Image: tumblr_mjm4rzzJZ41rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

that's it for now, see you all tomorrow :)

Wow people in here are really intense. I need to work harder!!

anyway here are some warming up feet gestures. cos i suck at drawing feet.

[Image: tumblr_mjnme413Ad1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Hey! Nice work and nice studies, keep it up!

@ jneumann26: thanks man. I appreciate it :)


[Image: tumblr_mjrjpst1qE1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Wow your studies are amazing-specially that 5 min gestures :O
Great work and keep up with it, can't wait to see more.

@: Toxicpanda: thank you man.

today's studies and some more! :) just to tease you all. :P

[Image: tumblr_mjtiq7Le7U1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

And The Duke for Character design contest on CGhub.

Exploration phase

[Image: tumblr_mjemlauIeQ1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Finish Line

[Image: tumblr_mjk5j6118g1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]


[Image: tumblr_mjt9aq8f3v1rlavnuo1_r2_1280.jpg]

warmups! these were so much fun! i'll definitely do more of these costume gestures in the future! really fun!!

[Image: tumblr_mjv2otvhH81rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Morning daggers! I did not sleep well today, so here's the result of me being in very shitty mood.

[Image: tumblr_mjws8j8iXP1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

evening study. I've decided I really stink on drawing and painting boobs (and values) so. more of them studies to come, I suppose :) Have a nice evening ya'll. I also have a question. Should I just edit my previous posts or can I spam? :D

[Image: tumblr_mjxl3v8b0T1rlavnuo1_500.jpg]

Great work and studies! You've got a very natural feel to your line work. You might want to explore using different brushes your paints to get a bit of variety in the strokes.

oh I suck at drawing breasts too... no worries.
@kindcrayons: Thanks man. Haha funny you should mention brushes. I have just recently started using one or two. Otherwise all I do is painting with different brushes and everything looks retarded. But thanks. I know what you meant though. Different brushes lead to different edges and stuff right?

Here are yesterdays' gestures (forgot to post) and a study I did just now. I have a couple of studies in my sketchbook but my scanner don't work! So for now only digital :/

[Image: tumblr_mjyhkxmTUV1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mk0seaFCSj1rlavnuo1_400.jpg]


Really dig your figure work. Can really feel the pose especially for the shorter ones.
Love your lines too very clean and neat.
Hey ya'll!

@ Tom Seas: Thank you so much. I'm really trying to get cleaner lines lately. I still cant manage it with pencil though. :/ will get there if it kills me! :D

A crappy self portrait (I've been distracted in the middle of painting - had to go to the store >< came back and my bro needed PC so..yeah here it is) I'll post a more serious (and more accurate) one soon i hope.

[Image: tumblr_mk2eh3fBUX1rlavnuo1_400.jpg]

And this is 45min Torso study from this morning before I went home for the weekend.
[Image: tumblr_mk4c7cvDCE1rlavnuo1_400.jpg]

Right. I'm re-posting the work I've done so far for Bloodsports 14! Having great deal of fun so far!

exploration no1 and two lion studies very challenging work

[Image: tumblr_mk83vzwmvv1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mk8boySqTX1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]

Bloodsports 14! at 4:30 am. I'm dead tired. Goodnight ya'll

[Image: tumblr_mk90fnpXNE1rlavnuo1_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mk90fnpXNE1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

Awesome studies! keep up the hard work

OMG your sketchbook is niice ! =O Keep up the good work ! So inspiring ! I love your gestures, i feel you're much more efficient than me ^^

Pardon my english.
@ pnate: Thanks man! Will try!
@ Virid Rain: Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. It's the comments and work of you guys that keep me going, honest! About efficiency I think it's really a matter of how much time you have. I have plenty so I draw until I drop :) If you have time but you're slacking (I get that too) but you really must set your priorities straight! Since I've got on this forum. My working ethic just became ridiculously better. And I love it. So if you have time but you're goofing off for some reason. Stop. Get some projects or something. I was doing a challenge on CGhub and now bloodsports and let me tell you. I love every minute of it. :) So again thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you like my gestures and grab that pencil or stylus and just start working!! DO IT!

Reposting this here! More bloodsports work!

[Image: tumblr_mkagf6ogMi1rlavnuo1_400.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mkagf6ogMi1rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

047 Yes i will do !
The Bloodsport push me finally enough to make some personal things ! I love it :)
Thanks for the motivation words :3

Pardon my english.
(03-27-2013, 11:38 PM)Virid Rain Wrote: 047 Yes i will do !
The Bloodsport push me finally enough to make some personal things ! I love it :)
Thanks for the motivation words :3

yes exactly! Same goes for me. I'm suddenly doing crazy hard work and I'm loving it as well :) And any time ;)

Alright! Some pants studies from today (bloodsports 14!). Still trying to make a good design of the dude. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have it done the way I'll like it + final compositions and started painting. Oh god! I'm so running out of time! No time to chat gotta go!

[Image: tumblr_mkc4k9SHio1rlavnuo1_1280.jpg]


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