molesting virgin moleskines with graphite <3
I'm tessa, 15 yrs old (just turned 16 by now) from the netherlands, and ready to work my ass off.
please crit the hell out of me.

my previous sb on CA: click here

[Image: Pv52YhN.jpg]

[Image: QCZS6yu.jpg]

this one is a mess
[Image: F6mAZY6.jpg]

[Image: eP15xny.jpg]

[Image: iIArgAF.jpg]

[Image: T9QSQqa.jpg]

[Image: 2i11fSZ.jpg]

more will follow soon. It's 02:32 in the night so I have to catch some sleep :/

My goodness... 15!
You have limitless potential! I definitely couldn't draw like that when I was 15 (still can't) haha
Just make sure you keep pushing no matter what!!
You're one to watch for sure. :)

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
I couldn't agree more with smrrfette if you keep this mindset you will achieve beyond what you believe is now possible :D

welcome to crimson daggers!

Workshop enthusiast
Workshop blog
That still life one has impact, keep doing more cool shtuffs, liking the sharp edges in that piece
Cool stuff, don't stop drawing and you'll be reeling the jobs in by the time your 20

thanks everyone for stopping by and the kind reactions (: It is much appreciated ^^

some sketchbookpages.

composition study:

arm shits:


when you've got only ten minutes left.

current w.i.p. , I'll have to draw lots of hands. This is going to be hell.

Ermahgehrd! You are only 15!
So awesome, i hope you know how great you are for your age :D

Hey Tessa :D
Found your sketchbook over your friend Michael.
This is looking really good. I can't believe both of you are 15 and work so hard already. Great job! Keep up with it,and work together. I'm sure you two will make amazing progress in few years. Good luck and I'm looking forward seeing your new stuff.^^

some quick dumb sketches, and some older arm studies. just to keep the workflow going. currently working on a sp in oils, but it's a PAIN(ting) -stupid joke iknowiknow- lol
oh and also a school assignment, oil on canvas, sorry for the bad photo, I'm too poor to buy a decent camera. (I will scan it when I get it back, before that the paint was still wet)

more to follow soon! atm I have some big tests goin' on in school, but I try to spend as much spare time on drawing as possible. also going to buy light an colour from james gurney, so expect some studies from that one. see ya (:
dana and toxicpanda - Thanks for the responses (: I still have A LOT to learn, so let's keep this goin'

quick ballpoint sketch between learning. +/- 25 min, preview for a bigger project I'll be finishing soon because of some contests. Sorry I'm not posting loads of pages, there's just not much time for drawing atm.

I really like the hatching on the last one; the drawing is neat, too. I can see the eyes hidden in that peculiar matter being pulled from the head.

Also, I checked out your progress on your concept art sketchbook. I like the progress you've made. Keep going!

nexuun - Thanks, the progress compliment means a lot, since I feel like I'm not improving fast enough :/ This is motivating (:

Here's some stuff, this week the hard work will be continued. Last week school took loads of my time. Oh precious time.

This week I'll probably work on that larger project I was talking about in the last post. Also planning to do some composition studies.

D: D: D: D:
I'm almostly ashamed to post this one. I'm going to do it anyway, maybe someone's got some nice tips for this horrible thing?
I had one hour before I had to go to sleep, and I was just messing around with my new brush and skintones. Didn't turn out very well.

mrplfplf, maybe I should start using some reference.

horrible thing? i dont think so, the values and edges looks nice to me.
Yeah that ear is in a random place, but problems like that will be gone once you start using reference.
there no reason to not use reference, so, use it! :)

eduardogaray - thanks man (: I should and I will.

so, quick update for now, don't have the ability to scan my sb atm :/

firstly, a WIP selfportrait from the mirror. I want this finished. btw, the right eye looks odd, but it's going to be half covered with hair.

20 min lunchbreak sketch


this is what I'm working on atm, life drawing from model, with a bit of extra fun on top. many hours went into this already, and tomorrow is the deadline. THIS IS SPARTA. I will also upload the link to the speed up proces youtube vid, as soon as the bloody thing is uploaded (1,35 GB AND terrible wifi)

[Image: Xce437U.jpg?1]
Ooh very subtle rendering :00 Keep having fun with these :D
Reminds me of kenpachi xD
I'm pretty exited to post the final version of this one. Over 25 hrs of work, made in one week. Drawing from life, with some extra fun from imagination on top, literally. Here's the time lapse too:

tomorrow I'll try to scan some other sketches.
planning for this week: perspective (especially cilinders), finish my sp, goof around with a pencil, order color and light and a new wacom pen.
on to the next piece, cya fellas (:
some doodles

wow wow, really impressive stuff, such clean lines and precise tones. Keep going, and master the fundamentals!

Couple tips, first you should keep in mind how wide angle or short angle the view you're using is in your scene. What I mean is, the further apart the vanishing point in a perspective scene are, the "longer angle" the camera is, and the more straight objects appear. In a wider angle lense the vanishing points are further together, and everything looks a little more distorted.

In addition to this, everything looks further apart in wider-angle scenes, while everything looks closer to the same level of depth in long-angle shots.

The extreme of wide angle lenses is called fish-eye, where everything is so distorted that straight lines curve around the picture. The extreme of long angle is called telephoto, where lines look parallel instead of like they're all going to a vanishing point, and everything looks like it's on the same level of depth.

[Image: cxRwnku.jpg][Image: KcZnImu.jpg][Image: BuntZmg.jpg]

I'm explaining all this because you seems to be drawing your scenes with vanishing points that are extremely close together, causing a lot of distortion in your images that you probably don't want. This is really important stuff to think about when you start making your own scenes, so I hope I explained it well enough to understand XD

Oh, and about your anatomy studies, I highly recommend you learn the skeleton before you study the muscles and flesh. If you don't know the forms of all the bones and the actions they're able to take, how can you build muscles on top of them?

I hope that helps, good luck with your studies, you're doing great!

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