molesting virgin moleskines with graphite <3
samszym - now thats what I call feedback :0 thanks so much man, I haven't been busy with the distance between my varnishing points at all, but I'll def keep this in mind. and for the anatomy, you're right. and I should spend a little more time on the contruction underneath, even when it's just doodling (like in my last post) I can pick up some bridgeman etc on that. jeez, I should order that book.

today my wacom pen arrived, finally. (I lost the first one :/ )
less sleep, more drawing.

I'm trying to figure out a bit of the fundamentals of photoshop, since I'm quite the newb with that stuff. anyone who knows a link with great explaination or a few great shortcuts or something? sos.

composition sketch, messing around and trying things. probably 1,5 hr, imagination.

not looking too good, but I'm new with this stuff. ah well, let's face it as a challenge.
I like the way you've lit the character in the background

Mm lemme see, you've got ideas, Tess :0 As for the shortcuts and stuff, you'll learn the tools as you do more paintings
It's mainly Lasso tool, Brush, Rotate screen, and Eraser

Perhaps all you'll need to know about photoshop, condensed in short videos

thanks for the feedback guys (: and ya ray, I know ctrl paint, started the photoshop part today (:


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let's put todays stuff up, just for the hell of it. I did lots of 60 sec gesture, but thanks to my chaotic brain these weren't saved. arrgh. woop, 2,5 hrs of drawing gone.
so I'll only have some other stuff to show. it's mostly a bit crappy, but they are studies, so it isn't that much of a sin :p

1 Hr skypegroupchallenge

some dumb school assignment. wasn't really feelin like it.

(04-12-2013, 03:26 AM)Budgie Wrote: dana and toxicpanda - Thanks for the responses (: I still have A LOT to learn, so let's keep this goin'

quick ballpoint sketch between learning. +/- 25 min, preview for a bigger project I'll be finishing soon because of some contests. Sorry I'm not posting loads of pages, there's just not much time for drawing atm.

DAMN... awesome, gief mOar!

i am still learning digital art too, but i got already years of experience in photoshop, feel free to ask if you got questions

The gesture drawing isn't gone! What's important it learning from it, not showing it to people on the internet Xd
cool character! You might want to try tilting the hips and shoulders to make more interesting poses, having them both parallel to the ground looks pretty stiff.

Hey stuffs still looking good. Try and stay away from that low opacity brush setting a bit, and don't worry about photoshop shortcuts. They'll present themselves in time, but the less crutches your rely on in the beginning - the better foundation you will build.

janvonfrusta - there will be more like these (: I won an exhibition with it, and I will be making +/- 9 more

samszym - iknow iknow, they'ye not gone, but I wanted to save them to be able to look back at my progress, so that's a bit pity. and I will think about the pose next time (;

CoreyH- mhh, it's more the pressure sensitivity from my pen, guess I'll do some practise without it and firtsly get the hang of that. thanks!

thanks for the comments guys, they are much appreciated.

random fun with a pencil from imagination, A5 size.

[Image: VPAL0cC.jpg]
dragon thingies. I have no idea what I'm doing, but this stuff is pretty interesting. going to continue this tomorrow.

[Image: wBMxJoH.jpg]
[Image: mWzGMhZ.jpg]

sorry for the shitty quality but I've never drawn dragons before : p
lets do some dragon anatomy. funfunfun
Those gestural dragon studies look like they are on a nice path :)

Make sure you only study real dragons to learn their anatomy.

Cool imagination drawings! I think CoreyH was joking, but from what I've read a lot of people base their dragons on the anatomy of big cats, lizards, and bats, mashed together into one scaly monster. And people make monsters out of many other animals too. So if you want to add some more believability to your dragons (or any creature design really) you should study some animal anatomy!

I've got two books on the subject, Ken Hultgren's and Jack Hamm's, and I highly recommend both.

lol I just googles on ''dragon anatomy'' tbh, and just started messing around with some markers :p

and some 60/15 sec gestures

animal study it is then.

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late night moleskine page doodle thing

[Image: 7rAEPcJ.jpg]
really quick color study before work. not trying to make something pretty, but just understanding stuff. I'll stick to cubes and cilinders next time. fundamentalsss

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gestures got lost AGAIn. ah well. still had the practise, so it'll be fine. some problems with my ps settings or something.

study I did earlier, but now trying to make my digital rendering a bit less messy

[Image: eO3cZ5T.jpg]
great sketchbook. keep up the great work.
cricketts - thank you (:

drawingg. a lot of drawing stuff going on ^^
havent done any 60 sec gestures today, shame on me.

I have a sheet with cilinders on it, which have to be rendered with different materials/textures (its a weekly in my skype sketchgroup)
I'm filling it from imagination right after the studies, trying to apply them. will show it when it's finished.

also some quick-ish doodle which I like. might make that into a finished piece.

oh, and I tried to make a bit of sunset kind of colours on the study in the post before, using only color balance in ps.

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Remember seeing your Sb on conceptart a while back never got round to commenting though.
Really inspired by your sketchbook and for a 15 year old this is insanely good work.
triggerpigking - aw thanks for posting anyway on CD (: it's nice to inspire people, I still have a lot to learn

not been able to do much drawing today because of homework, ugh..
still going to post it because I'm exited about it (:
please crit my head off before I start rendering it D: -sketch isn't finished yet btw-

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