Sketches and paintings and ALLOT OF FUN!
Nice work!! Good to see you doing traditional and digital. Those gouache paintings are sweet.

Awesome work! The improvement in the batman painting is bery inspirational, thank you!

hey guys thank you so much you guys keep me focused on all of it! and zach damn man i love your environments the style is soo original and different keep at it bro!

hey guys!

i though i am not working on my environment skills (which is very low -_-) so i started doing some projecting from ctrl paint! more to come soon!

[Image: 33ia.jpg]

[Image: hf90.jpg]

here is a master study, and again im having really hard time defining shapes and structures without messing around too much .. i really need to get this shit into my head !

[Image: pyuj.jpg]

Nice study dude, the stuff on the last page looks sweet as well. Batman and that dune piece especially :). Keep it coming :)

here is doodle i made today.. diddnt do much today because of school and i was a bit sick..

maybe ill work it out into a illustration.

[Image: nausicaa_sketch_by_danarart-d6kx1yp.png]

id love to see this nausicaa piece complete, the sketch is already beautiful!
thanks man! and maybe i will when i get some free time from school -_- its really ruff man i have to learn html in one week time.. and im keeping up my art stuff aswell ...

here is some anatomy studies. i found out that i love doing studies digitally and i need to step up my sketching aswel!

[Image: g2wy.jpg]

Nice studies. I need to be doing more enviro stuff too.

Don't stress learning HTML. If you need any help with it, send me a note.

thanks man, hah your not the only one:P

btw love your MA ninja turtle redesign man:)!

here is another anatomy practice ! back to basics! i always have a fear of anatomy when it comes to understanding it, but im just sick of working too much with ref, i want to learn more and use my head more

[Image: djvh.jpg]

moar to come!

mmmm Sargent studies.

Nice stuff!

i suck at sketching and females soo did something fun:)

[Image: 559263_10200506400084337_913469313_n.jpg]

Pretty awesome studies and sketches man, I hope to see more soon :)

hey guys!

did another portrait around 3 hours i think..

im not in the mood to color it anymore -__-

back to studies;)


[Image: 530509_10200518297901775_952285339_n.jpg]

hey guys! been doing some more anatomy, beginning to learn more from it and here are some sketches aswell:

[Image: IMG_1964_zps9b699eed.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1965_zps5dfaae06.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1963_zps6587cafc.jpg]

this is one of the thing i really suck at with anatomy arms, im gonna do studies of anatomy the whole week see where it takes me !

[Image: armstudies1_zpsc01277c0.jpg]

That portrait from yesterday is amazing! It looks a bit like piccolo from dragonball =). Also great to see you're measuring out your sketches, i can never stress out enough about how important this is. Waiting to see more from you!

thanks man! yeah it is piccolo :D and indeed man i need to be less lazier to upload my traditional sketches aswell !

ugghh, im not satisfied with my facial stuff at all i have a really hard time painting anatomy or whatever
im not gonna staph till i have it under control!

did a quick study of Anthony btw :3

[Image: mn3b.jpg]


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